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									                          St John the Evangelist CE Primary School
                                       Job Description

                       Assistant Headteacher – Teaching and Learning

Leadership Point 4 – Point 8                                                                Full Time

Reports to: Headteacher

The Assistant Headteacher will be responsible for:
    Leading improvements in the quality of teaching and learning across the school and working
       with all staff to ensure it is consistently good across the school.
    Teaching a Year 5 class until the end of this academic year (in future teach a class in an age
       range to suit strengths and interests)
    Working with and reporting to governors as required
    Finances allocated to support improvements in the quality of teaching and learning such as
       continuous professional development.

Play a major role in
     Raising standards and achievement
     Developing our school mission, “ developing learning and caring within a Christian
     Reviewing our school aims and establishing the policies through which they should be
     Formulating and implementing the school’s development plan and on – going review of the
     Ensuring high quality education is provided for all children within a caring, stimulating and safe
     Supporting, challenging and holding all staff accountable for achieving the priorities and
        targets which the school sets for itself

Main activities:
    Provide an example of excellence as a teacher and lead others to further improve the
       standards of teaching and learning in the school
    Be a member of the Senior Leadership Team and, as such, a role model of excellent
       professional practice for all staff in our school community and of our core Christian values of
       respect, nurturing, reflection and community
    Lead improvements in the quality of teaching and learning across the school
    Manage resources to support teaching and learning
    Identify continuing professional development needs of staff in relation to teaching and learning
    Monitor progress towards objectives
    Take responsibility with other members of SLT for aspects of personnel management
       including performance management of other staff
    Assist in the recruitment of new staff as appropriate
    Play an active role in the day to day management of the school and liaise with outside
       agencies/organisations as necessary
    Work with a variety of stakeholders to improve provision
    To lead school assemblies and meetings with staff and parents as and when appropriate.
    Act as “critical friend” and provide effective professional challenge and support to the
       Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher and other Assistant Headteacher
    Take a lead in their own professional development and contribute to the professional
       development of other teachers and support staff
    Manage the school effectively in the absence of the Headteacher or Deputy Head

Teaching and learning:
    Work with all staff in the further development of effective teaching and learning strategies
       (together with SLT and Senior Management Team).
       Develop effective ways of sharing best practice in teaching eg use of lesson study, learning
        walks, peer observations, partnerships with other schools.
       Provide support through coaching and mentoring to teachers, NQTs and students across the
       Lead the development of successful learning behaviours such as independence in children,
        alongside our other Assistant Head
       Alongside our Deputy Head improve the use of AFL strategies to help children become more
        independent learners
       Ensure agreed non negotiables in teaching and learning are implemented by all teachers and
        support staff.
       Advise the Headteacher and colleagues on the implementation of teaching and learning
       Monitor and evaluate, in conjunction with other colleagues, the quality of teaching and learning
        across the school.
       To have an overview of the quality of teaching across the whole school and write the teaching
        and learning part of the school evaluation form with the Headteacher.
       Monitor and evaluate the current action plan to improve teaching and identify future priorities
        and actions.
       To have line management of a group of teachers, directing and inputting into their planning
        and monitoring their teaching implementation.
       Working with all stakeholders including parents and governors to improve the quality of
        teaching and learning.
       With other members of the SLT support and challenge teachers to implement strategies to
        overcome underachievement of specific groups of children in their classes.

To undertake such other responsibilities as the Headteacher and governing body may reasonably
request which are consistent with the statutory and contractual duties of the Assistant Headteacher
This appointment is subject to the current conditions of employment of Assistant Headteachers
contained in the School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document, the school’s Articles of Government
and other current educational legislation.

Class teacher Responsibilities and duties
You will be expected to carry out the duties of a teacher, as set out in the current School Teachers’
Pay and Conditions Document, or any subsequent legislation.

Teaching: The post involves a class teaching commitment initially of a Year 5 class in January.

Main Responsibilities and Job tasks
    Provide consistently good/outstanding teaching and have high expectations of all children
    To be accountable for the children’s attainment and achievement in your class
    Implement agreed policies and guidelines
    Support agreed initiatives
    Assess pupils work accurately using teacher assessment and tests as agreed
    Plan appropriately to meet the needs of pupils, through differentiation of tasks
    Set clear targets, based on prior attainment, for pupil’s learning
    Provide a stimulating environment, where resources can be accessed appropriately by the
       children and independence is promoted
    Keep appropriate and efficient records, as agreed.
    Report to parents on the development, progress and attainment of children
    Have high expectations of children’s behaviour and adhere to the school’s behaviour policy
    Participate in meetings which relate to the school’s management, curriculum, administration
       and organisation
    Communicate and cooperate with professional from outside agencies
    Lead, organise and direct support staff within the classroom
    Participate in the performance management system for the appraisal of your own performance
       or that of other teachers
Take appropriate responsibility for one’s own health, safety and welfare and the health and safety of
pupils, visitors and work colleagues in accordance with the requirements of legislation and locally-
adopted policies; including taking responsibility for raising concerns with an appropriate manager and
carrying out specified duties in an emergency

The job description is subject to annual review.

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