Academic Perspectives Workshop by WOGu5ZKm


									                       Freshman Success Workshop

What’s the best change that you experienced during your first quarter at Cal Poly?

What’s the one thing you would go back and change in your first quarter at Cal Poly?

              Ranking the Challenges                                    _______________________
    — Difficult or Poor Instructor
    — Not an ideal class schedule—classes too early or late in          _______________________
       the day.                                                         _______________________
    — Don’t Study Enough
    __ Poor Class Attendance
                                                                               Amy Carter ( &
    — Poor Time Management                                              _______________________
                                                                               Carly Head (
                                                                               California Polytechnic State University,
    __ Poor Stress Management                                           _______________________
                                                                               San Luis Obispo
    — Procrastination                                                          Title: Empowering Students to Succeed -
    — Work Schedule
                                                                               Collaboration for a Campus-Wide
                                                                               Academic Coaching Program Code #:
    — Financial Difficulties                                            _______________________
                                                                               217 2012 NACADA Annual
    — Demanding Family Responsibilities                                 _______________________
    — Personal/Emotional Issues
    — Drugs or Alcohol Abuse
    — Social Distractions and/or Extra Curricular Activities            _______________________
    — Lack of personal motivation                                       _______________________
_____________________________________________________                   _______________________
            Free Campus-Wide Tutoring

    Accounting        Writing and Rhetoric Center:                         Time Management:
    Economics            Free, one-to-one consultations for any        What can you do differently this
    Biology              class project that requires an element of:
                          reading, writing, speaking, and developing              quarter?
    Chemistry            visual texts:                                     
    Computer          
    Science                                                                
                       MAP Center- Animal Science,                         
    Math
                        General Chemistry, Math, English,
    Music              Biology, Ag. Business, Statistics,
    Physics            Dairy Science, Soil Science, and
    Statistics         Research Paper Review                           Breakout Room:

               For times and locations, check out:                      Coach:
                                 CAMPUS RESOURCES
                                                  This link will direct you to each college’s advising center website. Click
Academic Advising Services                        on your college’s link to find more information about the advising                     resources offered and how to schedule an appointment with an advisor.
                                                  Career Services can help with career planning, looking for a job or
Career Services                                   internship, or preparing for graduate school. Meet with your Career
     Bldg. 124 PH: 756-2501                       Counselor or attend one of the dynamic workshops or quarterly events.
Disability Resource Center                        The DRC provides information and supportive services to students with
     Bldg. 124, Room 119     PH: 756-1395         permanent and temporary disabilities. Students who suspect that they                          may have a learning disability should contact the DRC office.
Financial Aid                                     Provides help in planning your finances and organizing your resources to
     Bldg 1, Room 212 PH: 756-2927                cover your college costs.
Health Center                                     Provides care by appointment and on an urgent care basis for most
     Bldg. 27 PH: 756-1211                        student illnesses and injuries. There is a travel clinic and pharmacy on                          site as well. Assistance with flu shots is also currently available.
Counseling Services                               Provide support to students who want counseling or just want to talk
     Bldg. 27   PH: 756-2511                      about something such as a new relationship, a recent break-up,                          homesickness, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, substance abuse, and poor
                                                  academic performance. Rather than advice-giving, counseling offers
                                                  strategies to support your personal, social, and emotional growth. You
                                                  might be surprised how much talking with a professional can help.
                                                  Academic and personal advising, as well as a wide range of academic
Student Academic Services                         enhancement services to support personal growth and academic
     Bldg. 81 PH: 756-2301                        achievement at Cal Poly.
                                                  Supplemental Workshops in Science and Math help students master math,
Supplemental Workshops in Science & Math          science and statistics concepts in selected classes. Workshops are held
     PH: 756-2301                                 twice weekly for academic credit and are guided by trained upper division               student facilitators

Academic Skills Center                            Part of Student Academic Services. Offers a wide variety of academic
     Kennedy Library, Bldg. 35                    success programs, including Study Session programs (study groups),
     PH: 756-1256                                 Student Success Seminars and Tutor Referral Services in a variety of                      subjects.

                           Student Success Seminars                                          Study Sessions
                                                                                    BIO 160, 161
                                                                                    CE 204, 207
                                                                                    CHEM 124, 125, 127, 129, 316
                                                                                    CPE 101, 102, 103
                                                                                    MATH 116, 118, 141, 142, 143,
                                                                                    241, 244
                                                                                    ME 211, 212
                                                                                    PHYS 121, 122, 131, 132, 133,
                                                                                    STAT 217, 218
                                                                                    Sign up through your portal.
                                                                                    Click on the “Registration &
                                                                                    Enrollment Tab”, then click on
                                                                                    the “Study Session Channel”.
                                                                                    Also, check to see if your Res.
                                                                                    Hall offers study groups for
                                                                                    other classes!
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