CIEDRA Craig by 1szbxl


									September 2005

The Honorable Larry Craig
United States Senate
225 N. 9th Street
Suite 530
Boise, ID 83702
Email address:

Dear Senator Craig:

       Thank you for bringing Mark Rey and Rebecca Watson to Idaho for your listening
sessions. It is important for us to have the opportunity to discuss public land issues with you and
administration decision makers.
       I hope that the message you heard loud and strong was that Idahoans want their public
lands managed well. I hope you also heard that the majority of us do not believe that the way to
accomplish this is with wilderness. Idaho doesn’t need more any wilderness. Wilderness is
simply a way to lock the public out of their land and let it slowly die from neglect. (Actually we
seem to be doing a good job of that without a wilderness designation).
       The new and improved Central Idaho Economic Development and Recreation Act
(CIEDRA) is still the wrong bill at the wrong time for snowmobilers, local communities,
counties and the state for the following reasons:
     The BWC is managed today under an abundance of federal laws that adequately protect it
       while allowing an outstanding mix of recreation opportunities that include motorized,
       mechanized and non-motorized uses.
     The Sawtooth National Recreation Area already contains ample wilderness for those who
       prefer a primitive recreational experience.
     CIEDRA is full of promises but only one guarantee—the wilderness will be designated.
       What are the chances that Congress will actually fund any part of this bill now that we
       must rebuild parts of the South and continue to fund our war efforts?
     Forcing wilderness legislation onto us because of the threat of a National Monument is
       wrong. We need to rein in abuses of the National Monument provision of the Antiquities
       Act, not pre-empt it with something even worse.
     Wilderness is not good for economy. If it were, Grangeville, Dixie, Challis, and other
       wilderness gateways would be booming
     If it is deemed necessary to resolve the future of wilderness study areas, once and for all,
       we need an option other than the extreme of wilderness. It is long past time for an
       alternate designation, such as Backcountry. Why shouldn’t Idaho be a leader on this
    On behalf of my family, my friends, and myself I urge you to oppose CIEDRA. Please allow
those of us who responsibly use this incredible land to continue to do so.


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