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Co location Internet Solutions




INDUSTRY TRENDS:                               PRODUCT OVERVIEW:

Information security and uptime is             Internet Solutions Data Centres offer unique co-location
becoming       an       increasingly           facilities for customers wanting to host in content rich,
important       challenge        for           high-density network facilities across Nigeria and the
businesses as our world moves                  African continent.
increasingly    online.        Many
businesses have strict regulations             Internet Solutions has five data centres across South
about physical server security and             Africa, two Data Centres in London and three in Africa that
require high levels of resilience to           allow our customers to co-locate their environments in
maintain uptime.                               worlds class facilities. We managed over 6500m of co-
                                               location space in our data centres and 6.5MW of power.
                                               Our environments are all focussed on energy savings and
                                               power optimisation in line with Internet Solutions Green
BUSINESS NEED:                                 Strategy.

Companies require the information              On the back of our MPLS, Access and Broadband
contained in their website, e-                 networks, our media agnostic data centre facilities form the
commerce solution or business                  hub of African online business. This coupled with the
application to be physically secure            communities we have in our facilities, make the IS Data
and       constantly     available.            Centres the ideal location to communicate with both your
Companies need to know that the                network as well as your industry vertical in most
best measures are being used to                geographies in Africa.
maintain uptime, and that their
hosting company understands the                Our solution set offers a variety of co-location options
                                               ranging from standard racks, half and quarter racks, to
various regulations they have
                                               customised vault solution which can ramp up to your
around their server’s physical
security.                                      individual power density requirements. The environments
                                               are fully access controlled and our CRM system is used to
                                               vet customers and provide escorted access through to
                                               your environment.

A       dedicated        co-location
environment in our data centre                 LIST OF SOLUTIONS:
gives you peace of mind. Your
power, connectivity and cooling is             •        Dedicated Hosting
redundant     and    reliable.    By
                                               •        Dedicated Rack Solutions
leveraging our economies of
scale, elasticity and central data             •        Vault Solutions
centre services we can deliver
best of breed co-location services             •        Structured Cabling
to your business to allow you to
focus on your core business.                   •        Remote Power & Access Management 

             IS Internet Solutions Nigeria I 01 270 9800 I I 

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