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                      Minutes of Committee Meeting Thursday 4th June 2009

1.     Members Present
David Jones, Barbara Higson, Tony Niblock, Joyce Sumner, Margaret Campbell.

2.   Apologies
Norman Warhurst

3.     Minutes of last meeting
Committee agreed to remove the wording “Two examples were given. Joyce was able to identify
only two people who had complained, one of whom was herself”. Minutes then agreed.

        Matters arising
Item 3 - David had written to Cllr Hale but had no response.
Item 6 - David had contacted Wigan. There approx. 1/3 of sites are managed by the council, 1/3 by
a Trust and further 1/3 are self-managed.
AOB - The secretary of Hoylake has written to the council about the rent but has had no reply.

4.      Accounts
Balance - £736.52. Accounts are finished and with the auditor. The Federation now has 18 full
members and 6 individuals.
Only one application has been received (Dawson). This was considered by the impartial members
of the Committee and approved unanimously.

5.      Tenancy Agreement Update
Still awaiting the council’s legal department, on the issues of dirty plots and keeping chickens.
There was no explanation of why no progress had been made on this for a very long time.

6.      Gateway Review
David had been approached by the Friends of Parks Group to ask if they had been consulted about
this. The group has just had a preliminary meeting with the Consultants and were concerned that
they didn’t seem to have a clear brief from the council. WFAS and the Friends of Parks will
continue to communicate about further developments.

7.       Chairman’s report
It was agreed to include:
- the introduction of grants,
- that the Federation and site secretaries will have joint working meetings arranged
- a forecast of where we’ll be in 5 years time.

8.      Federation trip
It was agreed to try to arrange to visit other allotments. Tony will investigate Knowsley
Birmingham was mentioned as an alternative.
9.      AGM
Agenda - Agreed. Items for AOB should be submitted in advance.
Committee membership - Members of the Committee were asked to consider if they would have
sufficient time to take a more active role for the Federation outside the Committee meetings, or if
they would like to step down and open the vacancy to the membership. This had already been
discussed with the other members who were not present. Roger and Pat had indicated that they had
too many other commitments at the moment, and would step down. Norman would be happy to take
on more. Margaret, Pat and David would be able to take on the additional duties of Treasurer,
Secretary and Chairman again if elected. Joyce agreed to consider. Mike had not indicated and was
not at the meeting.

10.   Steering Group
Next meeting 29th June. To be discussed:
      (1) ADO        - review of actions, and review of proposed programme.
                             - has there been any new society formed,
                             - has there been any new site identified and how is that progressing
                             - have any disused areas of allotment been brought back into action.
      (2) To ask for more information on the Gateway Review.

11.    Any other business
Tony reported that the Park show was progressing nicely. It will include a leek show, craft,
falconry, children’s section, flower show.

Agreed that WFAS would have a stall when Dawson opens for the National Garden Scheme.

David explained about TNG, an agency which works through Job Centre Plus. They have long-term
unemployed looking for work experience in gardening, and are able to come free of charge and give
help with allotment site projects.

12.    Date of next meeting
Next committee meeting 2.15 on Thursday 24th September at David Jones’ house.

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