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									                               Gap Honorary Treasurer and Trustee
                                       Job Description

The Gap
The Gap is a community development project which has operated since 2000 in North Warwick,
managing a community centre and providing community development activities meeting the needs of
the local population. It has an annual expenditure of over £100k funded from grants both restricted for
particular projects and unrestricted, and from income generated by rental of facilities and provision of
services, especially youth work, to other organisations.

The Gap currently has 9 full and part time staff managed by a Director reporting to the Chair of the
Board of Trustees. It is a registered charity which is established as a not for profit company. The Gap
has a part time administrator responsible both for operation of the centre and administration of the
project, including all the bookkeeping. The accounts have been managed by the existing treasurer on a
locally developed spreadsheet.

The Role
The role is to be the Trustee of the Gap who also acts as Treasurer providing overall management of
the charities finances on behalf of the Trustees. Trustee meetings are quarterly, and the Treasurer role
involves some additional work between meetings, including chairing a monthly finance meeting.

Key roles and responsibilities:
  1. To act as a Trustee in setting the strategic direction of the Gap, overseeing the operations and
      resources of the Gap to ensure they are properly managed, and supporting the Gap Director,
      staff and volunteers in the delivery of Gap services.
  2. To prepare budgets and cashflow forecasts, including outline long term plans, in conjunction
      with the Gap Director and Chair of Trustees, for approval by the trustees.
  3. Manage the financial reporting in terms of monthly management accounts comparing income
      and expenditure against budget, prepare draft annual accounts for audit and present the annual
      accounts to the AGM.
  4. Oversee the banking arrangements for the Gap, including being a cheque signatory and
      ensuring that money is held appropriately and soundly in terms of gaining interest.
  5. Support Staff and Trustees by providing advice on financial issues on an ad hoc basis and
      particularly the Gap's Administrator for bookkeeping functions.
  6. Ensure the Gap has an appropriate auditor and manage the relationship with them in preparing
      the annual accounts and submission of annual financial returns to the Charities Commission and
      Companies House.
  7. Ensure appropriate procedures and policies are in place and implemented to manage the Gap's
      finances appropriately.
  8. Have an active role in the management of the Social Enterprise Company, Gap Creative. Assist
      with strategic direction of the enterprise and manage the financial reporting.

   The Chair of the Gap and fellow Trustees
   Director of the Gap, Gap Administrator and other Gap staff
   Gap Creative staff
   The Gap's Auditors
   Funders (in support of funding bids made by the Staff)

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