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									Maurice J. C. Harding, Ph.D.                                       28 Fisher Ave.

Chemical Process Consultant                                 Princeton, N.J. 08540
                                                            609 921-0823
                                                            609 688-8463 (fax)

Providing expertise, advice and input to the chemical process industry:
      Process route selection – making the correct selection from alternative routes

      Process research – streamlining the selected route

      Process optimization – optimizing the levels of key process variables

      Process development – engineering recycle streams and waste streams

      Process scale-up – addressing pilot and production scale factors

      Process problem solving
I have over 35 years experience in organic chemical process research and development both as a
bench chemist, as an R&D manager and veteran of many commercial start-ups.
I understand what it takes to develop a viable, robust chemical process that meets EPA or other
regulatory requirements.
Most of my experience has been in developing multi-step processes to agricultural chemicals, but
I also have considerable experience in developing processes to organic intermediates and fine

Career History Synopsis:
Laporte Chemicals Ltd, U.K.          3 yrs.
       Processes to peroxygen-based intermediates.
Union Camp Corp, N.J.                7 yrs.
       Processes to value-added intermediates from wood byproducts.
FMC Corp, N.J.                       25 yrs.
       Processes to agricultural chemicals and intermediates.
       Processes to proprietary herbicides and pyrethroids.
Consultant to the chemical industry 2 yrs.
       Service to ag companies and other chemical companies.

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