amended LOI OF RFP for PMS forUpgrade of AZ Zarqa al Azraq Al Oumary Road by 1szbxl


									                CENTRAL TENDER NO.(24/2012 )
                 for Project Management Services
    for The Upgrade of Az Zarqa /Al – Azraq / Al- Oumary Road

                          Amended Letter of Invitation

Dear sir;

    1. The Government of Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan represented by the
        Ministry of Public Works and Housing (hereinafter called “Client”) through
        the Government Tenders Directorate (GTD) , wishes to retain a single
        consultant to provide proposals for Project Management Services for the
        Upgrade of Az Zarqa / Al- Azraq / Al -Oumary Road. Details on the services
        are provided in the Terms of Reference.

   2. This Request for Proposals RFP has been addressed to the following short-
      listed Consultants:
       Saudi Consolidated Engineering Company ( Khatib & Alami )
       Saudi Consulting Services Saud Consult.
       Dar Al-Handasah

       It is not permissible to transfer this invitation to any other firm.

   3. The RFP can be downloaded from the GTD website starting on Thursday
      May 3rd , 2012 .
   4. This RFP includes the following documents:
       Section 1 - Letter of Invitation
       Section 2 - Instructions to Consultants (including Data Sheet)
       Section 3 – Technical Proposal – Standard Forms
       Section 4 – Financial Proposal – Standard Forms
       Section 5 – Terms of Reference
       Section 6 – Standard Forms of Contract

5. Short-Listed Firms are requested to inform GTD in writing , fax or e-mail not
   latter than three days after receiving this amended letter at the following
   address :
       H.E Mohammad Khaled ALhazaimeh
      Director General
      Government Tenders Department
      Ministry of Public Works and Housing
      2nd Floor
      8th Circle / King Abdullah II Street
      Amman – Jordan
      Tel. : 00 962 6 585 8311, 312, 313.
      Fax : 00 962 6 585 75 83 and 00 962 6 585 76 39
      P.O Box: 1220 Amman 11118 Jordan
      E- mail :
   Acopy to the client address :
       Ministry of Public Works and Housing
       (8th Circle)/ King Abdullah II Street
      P.O Box: 1220 Amman 11118 Jordan
      Telephone number: 00 962 6 585 9895
    that they have received the Amended Letter of Invitation and the RFP
       Document; and
    willingness to participate ; and
    Whether they will submit a proposal alone or in association .

6. The two parts of the proposal ( Technical and Financial ) should be wraped and
   sealed seperatly and clearly marked as follows :
               Tender No. ( 24/2012 ) / Technical Proposal
               Tender No. ( 24/2012 ) / Financial Proposal
7. Any enquires shall be received not later than Thursday May 10th ,2012 in
   writing , fax or e- mail , to the Government Tenders Directorate (GTD) at
   address listed above . No enquires will be responded to after that date .

8. Acopy of all enquires is to be sent to a client address mentioned above .

    9. Bidders are requested to keep follow up (GTD) official website as all enquiries
       will be responded to in a form of addenda published at (GTD) website listed
       above .

    10. The Employer has the right to cancel the Tender without bearing any financial
        or legal obligations.

    11. A firm will be selected under Quality –and Cost – Based Selection (QCBS)
        and procedures described in this RFP .

    12. Offers shall be deposited in the Tenders Box at the offices of the Government
        Tenders Directorate (GTD) NOT later than 12:00 hrs Jordan local time on
        Thursday May 24th ,2012 and the Technical offers will be publicly opened at
        13: hrs Jordan local time , at the same date mentioned above , and it will be
        transmitted live at GTD website.

        Best Regards,

Chairman of Central Tenders Committee
Director General
Eng.Mohammad Khaled Alhazaimeh

Cc : H.E. Minister of Public Works and Housing
Cc : Secretary General /MPWH
Cc : Biddings Director
Cc : Central Tenders Committee Secretarial Unit Director
Cc : Internal Monitoring Unit Director
Cc : Central Tender No. (24/2012 ) File


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