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Most people are not away that they have a life force energy that is actually run by something that
is called a chakra. The chakra is believed to be an axis point on a persons being that interacts with
their chakra. The term chakra comes is a Sanskrit term and it means a constantly spinning wheel
or a mans aural energy. Each person has what is called, life force energy, and this is run by their

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According to Hindu writings there are more than 88,000 chakra points within our body. The most
essential of chakra points are those that are found along the spinal column and up to the crown of
the head and are the seven chakra points.

From the base of the spine and upward, we have the root chakra, navel chakra, the stomach or
solar plexus chakra, the heart chakra, the throat chakra, the brow or third eye chakra and the
crown chakra which forms the seven major chakras of the body. These chakras are the main
receiving and transmitting energy points in the human body influencing the spiritual, mystical,
emotional, intellectual, corporeal and psychological conditions of the person.

Whether you chose to take on a point of view that comes from the Hindus mystical perception of
the external and internal experience of an individual, the modern psychology of explanation of the
consciousness and thought patterns or Chinese medicine, you will find a common thread within
them all. This point is that the chakras are distinct when it comes to their explanations or

No matter if we are sleeping or awake the chakras are continually in motion. Our actions, deeds,
glandular processes, structure, appearance and any physical disorders are influenced by this
constant activity. An imbalance develops and then makes it known in other areas of our life or
body when one or more of these chakras malfunctions for various reasons.

All this is due to the association of the seven major chakras with the corresponding endocrine
system of our body. When there is certain imbalance in the normal functioning of the systems or
the chakras, it influences the physical and emotional functioning and shows up in the form of
disorders in the normal pattern or behaviour of the associated endocrine gland system.

You can pretty much bet on that what ever ailments or conditions that you have, are related to the
balance of the chakras in your body. It is very important for you too try to keep all of the chakras in
balance. Some people do not see any physical; symptoms but they can see a change in their

One of the major causes of an imbalance in the chakra results from past emotional difficulties in a
persons life. Many people have bad habits where they try and forget about bad feelings that they
had about events previously in their life. These buried emotions release toxins that effect our
bodies all the way down to the cellular level.

This is why it is important for a person to get rid of their unwanted emotional baggage before it
causes them problems with their body. A person can keep these issues buried in their
subconscious mind and end up having emotional toxins which will affect their bodies in so many
ways. By dealing with the issues from the past, you can then learn to heal yourself by way of a
healthy chakra.

Healing the Body Chakras Activities such as Reiki, color therapy, aromatherapy provides balance
by using the healing properties of crystals, gemstones and pendulums.

Some people swear by doing yoga exercises to help with their physical being as well as their
breathing. You can also try to visit the exercises which can help to balance their chakra.

Some other ways to heal chakras include meditation as well as guided visualization. Many times
people like to do this through the aid of relaxing music CDs which help to promote natural healing
through relaxation techniques. This is helpful in reducing stress and harnessing the power of our

It is a fact that we cannot touch or see our chakras, but they are always working to help sustain
the human body.

It is a fact that our bodies must be fed the proper foods in order to maintain our chakras. There are
specific foods that are beneficial to major chakras.

The root chakra is nourished with foods rich in protein, spices and root type vegetables. Nuts,
vanilla, cinnamon, sweet fruits and seeds such as caraway and sesame nourishes the sacral
chakra that of our sexual being and creativity. Breads, cereals, pasta, yogurt, dairy products and
spicy mints nourish our stomach or solar plexus chakra which enhances our sense of self love and
self confidence.

The heart chakra thrives on our intake of green leafy vegetables and green tea. Our throat chakra
needs lots of liquid like water and fruit juices and tangy fruits including apples and peaches.
Eating blueberries along with wines and grape juice are responsible for keeping our third eye
chakra hydrated. The third eye is extremely important because it is entirely responsible for making
our senses and physical abilities much sharper.

Our crown chakra, the center of our spiritual and emotional center needs detoxification through
fasting and/or ritual inhalation of incense and herbs.

When we stimulate our chakras we directly influence our health. We move towards being more
responsive and spiritual as we attune ourselves completely with our surroundings and the
elements of the physical and metaphysical world in which we live.

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