Surgery Breast by j60670G


									                             Surgery – Breast

                              Breast service
                                   UHB (BRI)
                            NBT (Frenchay and Yate)
                                    WAHT

Conditions treated
 Breast related disease for those patients without indicators of cancer
 For men and women

Procedures performed
 Fine needle aspiration cytology
 Core biopsy
 Ultrasound
 Mammography

 Suspected malignancy (send via Fast track office)

How to refer
 Choose and book (Surgery – Breast/ other symptomatic breast) – Priority
  must be 2WW

                    Family History of Breast Cancer
      Avon Breast Screening Clinic – Bristol Sexual Health Centre, Tower Hill
                                      WAHT

How to refer
Tower Hill – Fax: 0117 9273043
WAHT – 01934 881015

     Breast Oncology and Radiotherapy (Established diagnosis)
                               WAHT

Conditions treated
 Breast cancers treated with chemotherapy

Suggested investigations
 X-rays as required

How to refer
 Choose and Book (Surgery – Breast/ Oncology (established diagnosis))

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