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					                                   Chakra Clearing Secrets

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The energy point in the human body for receiving and transmitting the life force of energy is called
a chakra. It is a word derived from Sanskrit which means the sphere or a spinning wheel. In this
case it refers to the energy whirls in a human body.

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Believe it or not, it is said that in the Hindu writing, you can find much more then 88,000 chakra
points in your body but all of those points break down into a total of 7 main energy axis which go
from the top of your head all the way to the base of your spine.

These seven points are the base chakra, the sex chakra, the solar plexus chakra, the chakra of
the heart, the chakra of the throat, the chakra of the brow, and lastly the crown chakra. These
points on our body take in energy from the people in our environment and also transmit energy to
the people in our environment. Therefore, they also influence us mentally, emotionally, and our
daily activities including spiritual activities that we may do.

Whether you chose to take on a point of view that comes from the Hindus mystical perception of
the external and internal experience of an individual, the modern psychology of explanation of the
consciousness and thought patterns or Chinese medicine, you will find a common thread within
them all. This point is that the chakras are distinct when it comes to their explanations or

It is important to understand that the Chakras in your body are always in motion even if you are
sleeping. They are constantly influencing the metabolic functions of your body as well as the
thoughts that your mind is having. Now you can see why the well being of our Chakras is so
important. If one Chakra is disrupted then our entire body may be affected negatively.

The reason behind this is that each major chakra is associated with a specific endocrine gland
within our body. An imbalance of any charkra affects the physical and emotional processes that
exist within our bodies. Any type of disruption of the chakra can be linked through the endocrine
gland it is associated with.

Many people do not realize that Chakra healing is extremely beneficial for our bodies and that we
can directly control our Chakras. You can positively influence your Chakras by employing
techniques such as Reiki healing, aromatherapy, chakra balancing with the aid of a pendulum,
crystals or gemstones.

Of the main reasons a person may see an imbalance in their chakra, is emotional baggage that
they have held on to since childhood. This can be from a traumatic event that happened to them in
their past. Most people are not aware of the most all toxins that can build up their body when their
subconscious mind hold on to network for memories. This is a common habit among most all
people, to repress memories is natural.

Thus it is very essential to deal with the emotional baggages at once and delete them from your
sub conscious.

Healing the Body Chakras Activities such as Reiki, color therapy, aromatherapy provides balance
by using the healing properties of crystals, gemstones and pendulums.

The performances of yoga breathing and physical exercises are beneficial to maintaining chakra
balance within the body and it is something that many individuals enjoy participating in.

Other methods include meditation to keep the thoughts focused and gain awareness in a specific
amount of time. This can be obtained in a guidance CD or audio tape for enjoying the relaxation
sessions and natural healings for reducing stress and manifesting mind power.

Chakras work without any help and it cannot be perceived by us with our five sense organs.

The major requirement for balancing chakras requires proper feeding of self and good health.
Respective chakras have specific food items for maintaining balance and good health.

The root chakra is nourished with food rich in protein, spices and root type vegetables. Nuts,
vanilla, cinnamon, sweet fruits and seeds such as caraway and sesame nourishes the sacral
chakra that stands for our sexual being and creativity. Breads, cereals, pasta, yogurt, dairy
products and spicy mints nourish our stomach or solar plexus chakra which increases our
confidence, love and esteem for self.

The heart chakra thrives on our intake of green leafy vegetables and green tea. Our throat chakra
needs lots of liquid like water and fruit juices and tangy fruits including apples and peaches.

Eating blueberries, drinking wine, and grapes makes our brow chakra extremely nourished and
much more sharper. It also helps improve our physical abilities.

Our spiritual chakra located at the crown of the head requires detoxification. Thus, rituals such as
inhalation of herbs and incense or activities such fasting helps to a great extent.
We can develop our health through the stimulation of the chakras. Through this stimulation
process one can inspire to be more responsive in their life as they get tuned up with the
surroundings and with the side elements of the physical and metaphysical environment we live in.

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