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									                                       4850 Muir Avenue #9      (619) 306-0160
                                       San Diego, CA 92107

Anthony Beville

Objective    Challenging position utilizing software engineering and development

Experience   SAIC                       San Diego, CA                          9/00-2/01
             Independent Contractor
              Worked on a systems integrations project to extend an off-the-shelf
                telecom network management and design package (Visionael) to handle
                inventory receipt and asset tracking. The project spanned several
                technologies including a COM business object library which
                communicated with an Oracle DB back-end using SQL, a GUI written in
                Visual Basic, and a parallel front-end for the Web, hosted as an ASP/IIS
                application and written with VB Script, HTML, and JavaScript.

             Bridge Medical             Solana Beach, CA           5/99-12/99, 5/98-10/98
             Independent Contractor
              Project work involved the architecting and implementation of a COM-
                based business object layer between a SQL Server 7.0 database and
                various clients written in Visual Basic and Visual C++. Job requirements
                encompassed strong understanding of heath-care business, and constant
                interaction with developers of client and DB layers, as well as marketing
              During first stint in 1998, implemented a COM-based interface engine for
                parsing and transferring HL7 messages between hospital information
                systems and a proprietary Microsoft SQL Server database accessed via
                MTS. Development was done with Visual C++ on Windows NT. Contract
                involved extensive work with information system interface vendors and
                clinical personnel.

             Wintriss Engineering San Diego, CA                           2/98 – 4/98
             Independent Contractor
              Worked on a real-time image processing application for the sporting
                goods industry. Duties included enhancing image processing, improving
                live video performance, and porting from Windows 95 to Windows NT.
                Development was done with Visual C++ and MFC.

             Teradyne                 Boston, MA                               6/97 – 8/97
             Independent Contractor
              Ported an NT-based API for digital equipment testing, originally developed
                with Visual C++, to Solaris 2.5 UNIX. Project involved immersion into
                hardware specific details for VXI "Plug & Play" system. Also, started
                process of porting GUI front-end (Soft Front Panels) from NT to UNIX.

             3DV Technology         Nashua, NH                    2/96 – 8/96
             Independent Contractor
              Ported, enhanced, and released SNMP-based Network Management
                products (NetworkPM and HubPM) developed with Visual C++ on
                Windows NT.
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                            Intersolv                 Cambridge, MA                        1/95 – 6/95
                            Independent Contractor
                             Work centered around bug-fixing, enhancement, and product release of a
                               C++ class library for OS/2 PM application development (C++/Views).

                            Various Sites                                                 3/94 – 8/94
                            Independent Product Consultant
                             Work was primarily for prior employer, Liant Software, providing on-site
                               product consultation and training, as well as some pre-sales. Sites
                               included WilTel (Tulsa, OK), Unisys (Minneapolis, MN), and Mammoth
                               Micro Productions (Golden, CO).

                            Liant Software          Framingham, MA                       6/92 – 11/93
                            Software Engineer
                             Work involved the porting of a high-level C++ GUI class library for MS-
                               Windows and Motif (C++/Views), to a platform-independent windowing
                               library for DOS and UNIX, in both text and graphics mode. Also, was
                               primary UNIX engineer for another product, C-scape. Duties involved
                               customer support, debugging, new development, and release

                            Logicon                   Bedford, MA                          5/91 – 5/92
                            Computer Scientist
                             Final project involved the implementation of a graphics-based application
                              utilizing Motif and X-Windows on Sun Workstations. Responsibilities
                              included design revision, code development from design, and creation
                              and execution of unit test plans.
                             Previous projects included the integration of a VAX-based FORTRAN
                              package into a real-time UNIX system written in C.

                            Motorola Cellular         Arlington Heights, IL                  9/89 – 4/91
                            Independent Contractor
                             Projects included development of a load-testing platform for a cellular
                               switch using a battery of IBM PCs. Also, worked as part of a development
                               team on the firmware of an X.25 packet switch, involving test design and
                               execution, tool development, and debugging.

Education                   B.S., Computer Science, 1989
                            Worcester Polytechnic Institute
                            Worcester, MA

Skills                      C++, Visual Basic, C, HTML, PHP, Perl, JavaScript, SQL; Windows
                            (2000, NT, 95), UNIX (SunOS, AIX, and others), MS-DOS; COM

References                  Available upon request.


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