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					                                          Brian L. Teal
                                      3125 Oak Grove Rd.
                                      Loganville, GA 30052
                             (678) 691-4741,


UNIX System/Applications Administrator, ksh/Perl/expect Programmer, HTML Developer, CGI
Programmer, Systems Engineer, Systems Support


Lake Superior State University, Sault Saint Marie, Michigan 1974
       Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and Associates in Computer Engineering.

Monroe County Community College, Monroe Michigan, 1972
       Associates of Science in Electrical Engineering.

General Information:

         I have 33 years of experience in the computer industry ranging from hardware and circuit
design to system administration and program development. I have done system administration for
28 years and 18 years on UNIX based systems of every variety (SUN Solaris/SunOS, HP-UX,
AIX, Linux, DG-UX, Silicone Graphics). I have build small and large system installations including
OS, disk farms, networking, database and applications. My particular skill is in automation of OS
and application management and monitoring. I am an expert ksh, sh, bash, perl, expect script
writer with heavy experience in text file parsing using perl, awk, sed, grep ... creating logs and
reports in formatted flat files, HTML, database import/export and Excel. I have managed people
but prefer to spend the bulk of my time writing code to automate and report.


4/07 - Present, UPS Supply Chain Solutions, Alpharetta GA. (contract)
          UNIX Middleware Developer. Our group is responsibile for file transfers to and from
customers, between internal UPS UNIX and NT servers, routing to and from translation servers
and various application servers. The majority are ASCII EDI/XML files containing customer
product orders, warehouse stock information, product carrier reports, etc. The primary transport
methods are ftp, sftp, VAN, PC32, AS2, ANX and Frame Relay. Internal movement of files for
translation and mapping is done with MQ Series. As a developer I have two primary
responsibilities. First, to enhance, automate, standardize and improve the utilities and tools used
to transport data both internally and externally. For example, I wrote a drop in replacement for
ftp/sftp in perl using Net::FTP and Net::SFTP. It included proxy, automatic archiving, verbose
logging, local and remote file locks, use of site and quote commands, put and get as hidden files,
failed transfer recovery and several other features. My second responsibility was to represent
Middleware during customer BNA (Business Needs Analysis), design and implement data flow
agents for projects.

9/06 - 3/07, Bellsouth, Atlanta GA. (contract)
         UNIX System Administrator in Post Production Support. Establish working applications
support environment to monitor and manage recent deployment of InfoVista network device
monitoring application. Created utilities for logging, alarms, alerts, ticketing, oncall rotation,
processes; CPU; and file space monitoring. Managed 7 domains running on 72 Sun servers.
Wrote expect scripts to deploy and synchronize support environment across all nodes. Modified
existing perl/java programs to make device discovery of 20K+ network devices a multi-threaded
processes to reduce discovery time. Created batch dependency scheme for cron batch
processing across the support network. Created perl program to mimic InfoVista's web based
user/group management facility for use as a command line tool. Wrote ksh wrappers around
java/Oracle data mining programs to distribute xml to the data warehouse using Connect Direct.
Wrote ksh and perl https access.log evaluation tools to help trouble shoot issues with web based
user application.

12/05 - 9/06, E*Trade Financial, Alpharetta GA.
        Sr. Systems Engineer. Work in Systems Engineering at the national data center
supporting software builds, production code rolls, patch management and deployments. Develop
and maintain tools to reduce time to deploy java and perl code through test environments to
production. Resolve production issues based on batch logs, server issues, etc. with supporting
reports of data analisys. Responsible for perl and ksh programs used for sending and receiving
vendor data using FTP and sFTP.

5/05 - 9/05, MediaOcean, Atlanta GA. (contract).
         Linux System Administrator / Developer, Work in operations developing perl and ksh
programs and tools to support New York WEB, MQ and Oracle servers. Wrote access log
evaluation script to parse access logs and report activity of customer training site. Evaluated RPM
package system to distribute and install CPAN and MediaOcean perl modules. Wrote perl CGI
using DBD::Oracle module to report production site performance statistics. This is a browser
based query generator accomplished by stacking customizable filters.

2/05 - 5/05, The Home Depot, Atlanta GA. (contract).
         Infrastructure Support. Assigned to the deployment group developing scripts to monitor
nightly deployments of java packages to 2000 stores across the country. Became part of oncall
rotation to remotely resolve ftp transfer problems and failed automated software installations on
store systems. Wrote HTML reporting tool to extract deployment schedules from the Ingres
database and produce a two-week-lookahead report to department managers. Enhanced the
nightly probing scripts that remotely log on hundreds of stores to validate the success or failure of
hundreds of down loads / installs.

2/02 - 2/05, Emory University Hospital, Atlanta GA.
         Technical Applications Specialist III, Responsible for installation, maintenance and
monitoring of Cerner Millennium clinical systems at Emory University Hospital, Crawford Long
Hospital and The Emory Clinics. create a suite of un-intrusive monitoring and administrative tools
to insure the clinical system stays up and on-line.Established an extensive UNIX environment
designed to co-exist and interconnect with Cerner's hospital applications. This includes utilities
to automate the configuration, starting and stopping of 120+ software server processes, 24/7
monitoring of these processes with a integrated ticketing system having pager, email and
operations alerts. Developed a scheduled backup system using IBM's ADSM robot tape archive
system. Worked with disaster recovery team to develop automatic fail over of hospital applications
and load balancing for high availability.

2/01 - 12/01, Voicecom, Buckhead GA. (contract)
          IT Developer. Provide support for migration of 200 Centigram voice mail systems
nationwide. Created perl based API to voice mail systems using XML data transfer. Rewrote mlink
data mining application in perl used for retrieval of 400,000 mailbox accounts for management
and billing. Established uniform environment and directory structure for mailbox support tools and
applications Wrote ksh and perl utilities for managing environment and initiating mailbox queries
by billing and support personnel. Develop CGI interactive tools to replace older ascii based user
interfaces and menu systems.

4/00 - 1/01, Innotrac Corp, Duluth GA. (contract)
         Corporate Webmaster for all UNIX based E-Commerce sites. This includes Apache,
SWS, SilverStream and Zeus http servers. Responsible for installation, maintenance and
upgrades to all WEB servers as well as production content and CGI code pushes. Install and
maintain http servers for developers. Responsible for all WEB traffic analysis using Accrue and
my own WEB access reporter/interface. As Sr. UNIX system administrator I created a browser
based “Command Center” for 28 SUN and HP servers running WEB, database, Lawson and
warehouse applications. The command center includes an interactive system inventory database,
applications oncall facility using alpha page and email notifications via TelAlert with hooks to
Netsaint server monitoring, online support logs, SAR collection on all servers with browser front
end, Veritas backup verification, numerous server/application monitors with pager alerts, online
encrypted password vault. I introduced SCCS revision control for all production support programs
with an easy to use front end wrapper. Programmed a means of issuing server commands from
IPS 2 way pagers. All programs written in ksh, perl and expect.

3/99-4/00, IBM Global Services at Lucent Technologies in Sandy Springs GA. (contract)
         Webmaster and CGI tool developer for UNIX administration group. Developed Extensive
application for verification of backup failure analysis for Veritas NetBackup master servers across
the IBM enterprise. Created CGI front end interface for configuration of ITO alert solution. CGIs
written in perl and ksh with extensive use of javascript, HTML layering and style sheets.
Administrated Apache and SUN SWS http WEB servers. Performed UNIX system administration
tasks on SUN E10000, 3000, 4000, 400 and Ultra5&10 series servers.

11/98 - 3/99, COX Enterprises, Alpharetta GA (contract)
        Brought on board to Install SUN ULTRA 4500 and 6000 servers. Installed 127GB EMC
disk farm using Veritas file management. Installed all hardware and software including OS, Oracle
8, PeopleSoft. Cobal and C compilers, perl, expect, nslookup, tcsh and gnuplot. Tuned OS for
maximum performance. Established system operations environment including file system
structure for scripts, logs, configuration and data files. Installed and configured SUN SWS (Sun
Web Server) for use with custom CGI based tools. Performed daily system administrative tasks
such as backups, batch administration and patch installs.

6/98 - 11/98, Bellsouth Intellaventures (IMVI), Atlanta GA (contract)
         Assigned to evaluate and rewrite the access log evaluation programs I had written for
IMVI while with The evaluation programs and it's browser based CGI interface were
re-written in perl. Developed the foundation for the system administration environment. This
included file system layout for scripts, logs, data and configuration files as well as schemes for
batch processing, alarms, alerts, trace logs, monitors and shared profile environment variables for
scripts and sccs source control. Developed CGI driven isql/cpm report generators from a ingres

2/98 - 6/98, NEXTEL, Norcross GA (contract)
          UNIX system administrator, HTML developer and CGI programmer. Worked in IT
Operation Center developing administrative tools to automate daily tasks for help desk operators.
Created an interactive browser based telephone directory with paging and email capabilities for
use by staff and programs. Developed an interactive CGI based menu system able to organize
any number of submenus, documents and CGI tools. I developed an extensive CGI oncall
application to assist IT Operators in identifying who was oncall for any application area, send
notifications to them by pager or email and record all interaction for future reference. Oncall
Schedules were built as shift, day and month modules and maintained by application supervisors.
Also created an FTP/expect facility to propagate cellular switch data to fraud detection

2/97 - 2/98,, Dunwoody GA (contract)
         UNIX system administrator, HTML developer and CGI programmer. Developed browser
based interface to SAR, news, mail and netstat reporters. Data collected from 77 SUN, HP and
SCI system located in 12 cities throughout the southeast using Tivile, SNMP, e-mail and FTP
expect scripts. Use gnuplot for graphical representation of numerical data. Member of WEB
Hosting development team using HP's CMS provisioning system with Netscape enterprise and
Commerce servers on shared and dedicated hosts. Developed HTTP (ACCESS) log analysis
programs with browser interface to report page hits, down load rates, host identities, referrers, file
system space usage, etc. used by .net for billing as well as by customers.

5/96 - 2/97, The Weather Channel, Atlanta GA (contract)
         UNIX system administrator, HTML developer and CGI programmer. Responsible for
administration of 3 HP-UX K200 and 4 SGI Indy 5000 systems. Developed ksh, expect and perl
scripts to create and administer user accounts across all UNIX systems. Created CGI based sales
and support application to establish and revise customer demographics, product definition,
transport methods, delivery schedules and station selection. These forms are used by TWC sales
and support associates to produce and deliver text and graphical weather products to customers
via. the internet.

10/94 - 5/96, Bellsouth Cellular, Atlanta GA (contract)
         UNIX system administrator, HTML developer and CGI programmer. Member of the UNIX
application support group providing oncall support for cellular telephone Order Activation System
(OASYS). Developed ksh and expect scripts to record and graph CPU utilization, cellular
application and activations. Introduced SCCS on software development system for version
control of programs and documentation. Created menu driven procedure and on-line
documentation application with enhancements for oncall log history and trouble ticket tracking.
Developed CGI based application support tools, application down time reporters, support team
oncall records and front end to alpha paging software.

6/94 - 10/94, Emory University / Crawford Long Hospitals, Atlanta GA.
         Programmer Analyst III. Administrator of hospital wide interface engine on IBM
RISC/6000 system. Developed real time and batch monitoring programs to retain OS and
application performance data. Created utilities to graph transaction throughput as well as CPU,
network and file system utilization used for capacity planning of current and future systems.
Designed paging system with hooks into all monitoring programs used to notify application
administrators when thresholds are exceeded. Created menu driven procedure and command on-
line documentation tool for operations and support desk personnel.

3/94 - 6/94, Syncordia, Atlanta GA (contract)
         UNIX administrator/developer. Developed installation scripts for extensions to their
Remedy support tracking system. Created FTP scripts to down load flat files extracted from an
Oracle data base to HP-UX and SUN servers in London, Tokyo, Paris and Sydney. Created menu
driven procedure and command on-line documentation program to assist in software installation
and UNIX administration.

10/92 - 3/94, Kennestone Regional Medical Center, Marietta GA (contract)
         Hospital wide UNIX administrator . Converted Data General MV4000 clinical systems to 4
HP9000/800 systems on a Hughes WAN with 200+ terminals and printers. Developed ksh shell
tools to administrate a 3200 user community. Extensive work creating system performance
monitors for CPU utilization, user activity, disk space, network and terminal server performance.
Designed paging system triggered by performance monitors. Wrote menu driven tool to execute
and display on-line documentation of user and system administration programs.

3/92 - 10/92 HBO & Company, Atlanta GA
        Sr. Technical Advisor for Systems Engineering Migration Group. Responsible for sizing,
configuration and installation of hospital computer and LAN systems. Provided customer training
and support during and after system installation.

1/88 - 7/91, Snapper Power Equipment Co., McDonough GA
         Manager Engineering Computing Systems. Piloted transition from conventional drafting
methods to use of Computer Aided Design. Installed and configured 15 ComputerVision CAD
work stations and a document repository server. Taught 2 and 3D modeling and drafting classes
to engineers and designers.

5/85-1/88, AT&T , Atlanta GA (contract)
        CAD administrator at AT&T wire plant. Responsible for hardware and software
maintenance and operation of 24 engineering work stations. Developed programs for system
maintenance and accounting. Developed parametric interfaces to application programs.

1/79 - 5/85, Rockwell International, Missile Systems Division, Duluth GA
         CAD System Administrator. Managed 2 ComputerVision CAD systems. Developed
training material, design criteria and operator manuals. Wrote system maintenance and graphic
programs in several languages. Provided on the job and classroom training in PC design.
3/78 - 1/79, Computer Peripherals Inc., Troy MI
         Senior Design Automation Technician responsible for second shift operation of
ComputerVision CAD system. Used SCI-CARDS autorouter for printed circuit board design.

8/77 - 3/78, Computel Engineering Inc,. Southfield MI
         Printed Circuit Board Design Engineer. Designed PC boards using ComputerVision
CADDS 3 system. Responsible for quality assurance of designs and artwork.

7/74 - 8/77, National Cash Register Corp., Cambridge OH
         Electrical Designer. Acquired experience in prototype and production printed circuit
fabrication as well as assembly at board and unit levels. Coordinated all in and out of house
printed circuit design.

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