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									Holidays to Sharm El Shiekh - Best option to chill out
Sharm El Sheikh is a small yet beautiful city situated on the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula, in South Sinai Governorate, Egypt. Globally known as the most extraordinary diving destination near Red Sea, this city offers an ample of opportunities to enjoy its wide beachfront views and outdoor activities. This city is one of the major tourist places in Egypt and attracts numerous vacationers from every corner of the world every year. It is a large resort city that features some of top-class hotels and numerous attractions that can make your vacation most pleasant experience. Holiday in Sharm El Sheikh gives its visitors the chance to see the amazing striking marine life of the Red Sea along with a diversity of wrecked ships that lie at the bottom. The charm of Sharm El Sheikh Holidays is mainly attraction to diving enthusiasts and sun seekers. Though in summer season, temperature reaches to scorching degree but being located on the coastal strip between the Red Sea and the Mount Sinai, there is always an option to wade out into the Red Sea to cool off. In addition to this, spending time in water sports like snorkeling or other beach activities can be yet another alternative. For those who are looking for other sports action can try their skills at some of the famous golf courses. Perhaps one of the most outstanding golf courses where you must try your golfing skills is at the Jollie Ville Golf Resort. Being part of the Mövenpick Resort, this is one of its own kinds a desert course that covers around 100 hectares and considered amongst the best golf courses in the whole region. Apart from this, the other highlights at Sharm El Sheikh’s Jollie Ville Golf Resort include lush Bermuda grass, oncourse refreshments and a large clubhouse along with conference capabilities, restaurants and bar. Just in case, if you are looking forward to taste some of the most famous local cuisines of Sharm El Sheikh, the Sharm Old Market region is the best place to enjoy dinning with your friends and family members. This region is full of great dining options, where seafood primarily predominates in many of the restaurants. Some of the best eateries in the Sharm Old Market area include the rather upmarket Al-Fanar on Ras Um Sid, which is famous for its al fresco dining and extensive Italian menu. If you are a seafood lover, both the Abou Hamada and Sinai Star restaurants are highly recommended, while ElMasrien can be other preference if you like to taste kofta. Apart from all these famous restaurants, this part of the city also contains several small supermarkets, suiting those looking to self cater. Starting from leather goods, postcards, rugs to silk shawls, there are several other items that you can purchase at shopping centres in Sharm El Sheikh. In general, shopping in Sharm El Sheikh can be your memorable experience, since most of the local shopkeepers generally anticipate you to bargain and love the little game of negotiation. If you think you are the best in bargain then you must hunt out towards the south-west to the small town of Dahab. The goods sold in Dahab provide an exceptional

value for money and tend to be much cheaper than their equivalent in central Sharm El Sheikh. In addition to all this, you can also visit the largest collection of shops and shopping centres situated around the tourist hotspot of Na'ama Bay. Spending holidays in Sharm El Sheikh is not just about shopping and dinning or beach activities. In fact, there are many renowned tourist attractions in and around the city, which always draw visitors in large numbers. In Sharm you are never far away from historical attractions, monuments and religious or nature wonders. St. Catherine's Monastery is particularly one of the famous monasteries located at the foot of Mount Sinai. Adding to this, Seven Elders of Israel Amphitheatre is yet another well known ancient marvel that is well worth exploring out. However, in case, if you are looking for other attractions apart from ancient monuments, the Ras Muhammad Natural Park can be the ideal and one of the best alternatives. Situated at the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula, this park offers both scuba divers and snorkellers the opportunity to swim amongst spectacular underwater scenery. Finally your visit is incomplete unless you have a taste of Egyptian culture in Sinai Heritage Museum. Located on the eastern outskirts of El Arish, it is only museum dedicated to Bedouins and their culture. The museum has displays of Bedouin material including handicrafts, tools, clothing, artifacts and many other fascinating exhibits. With all this and more tourist spots to visit, your holiday in Sharm El Sheikh can definitely be one of the best holiday experiences of your life. This holiday season plan your holiday in Sharm El Sheikh. It has so much to offer that can make every member of your family enjoy and smile.

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