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									               Supplies List: Visual Arts 9-10 & Art Foundations 11-12

                                                             Teacher: Mrs. Belton

      several B drawing pencils, one of each: 4B, 5B, 6B pencils

      White art eraser.

      Pencil Crayons, (Prismacolour, Artist quality, (black Box) are best (available at
       Opus) – 12 colour minimum.

      Small pencil sharpener.

      Glue sticks.

      2 black fine –liner felt pens.

      Scissors.

      Ruler

      Tortillon (smudging stick) – available at any art store.

      X-acto knife

      Container

      Sketchbook, COIL BOUND, 9” x 12” 80-100 pages (not newsprint paper).

Opus Framing at the Langley Mall (Army & Navy Store) carry a complete range of art
supplies, including pencils , prismas etc. Other supplies are available at Superstore,
Staples, and other larger drug stores (some dollar stores too!!)

Please contact me at school, 604-888-3033, if there are any problems.

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