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									Technical Monitoring and Evaluation Consultancy

SUMMARY: The American Red Cross (ARC) and the International Federation of the Red Cross
(IFRC) seek a technical monitoring and evaluation (M&E) consultant (and/or consultant firm) to
develop an M&E system, including appropriate baseline methodologies, to effectively measure the
outcomes of three regional Community-Based Disaster Risk Reduction (CBDRR) programs in
Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC). ARC and IFRC work through Red Cross/Red Crescent
National Societies to implement CBDRR initiatives that work with high-risk vulnerable
communities to improve risk awareness and knowledge facing hazard-prone communities, the
potential impact disasters will cause, and how to better use local capacities to cope with disasters
that impact these communities. CBDRR activities aim to increase knowledge and practice of
disaster preparedness and risk reduction methods through a participatory process that supports
communities to establish a systematic and holistic approach to preparing for and responding to
potential disasters. This project methodology is being implemented in seven countries in Central
and South America as well as throughout the Caribbean, including Haiti.

RESPONSIBILITIES: The overall goal is to develop a monitoring and evaluation system for the
Community-Based Disaster Risk Reduction projects in three regions: the Caribbean/Haiti, Central
and South America. The Consultant will work in cooperation with ARC/IFRC staff in designing
an M&E system that meets the program’s goals and objectives and trains project staff (including
pilot testing a baseline in each region) on how to effectively implement the designed system.
Specific responsibilities include:

        Review and build on existing ARC and IFRC M&E framework and tools which have
         been piloted in a few countries (to be provided by ARC)
        Develop a monitoring methodology that includes identifying appropriate indicators and
         defines how to track and measure indicators per each key project activity
        Further develop the overall processes to effectively monitor project progress including
         designing protocols and templates for collecting, recording, analyzing and reporting on
        Develop an evaluation methodology that uses data from baseline surveys to measure
         changes in community attitudes towards disasters and progress in the implementation of
         the project activities
        Design baseline and final evaluation analysis reporting format and protocols. Ensure
         M&E tools are context-specific and culturally sensitive to each particular region – Haiti
         and/or Caribbean, Central and South America.
        Train relevant program staff on overall methodology; train relevant staff and volunteers
         on how to train enumerators in survey methods including collection of both quantitative
         and qualitative data; and pilot additional baseline evaluations, as needed in targeted
        Write summary report as final deliverable which describes activities undertaken, decision
         tree for protocols and tools developed, lists reports and materials prepared and their filing
         location, lists participants of training, and provides any lessons learned or
         recommendations for scaling up or undertaking a similar activity in this region or in a
         different region

        The following are the required qualifications for the M&E Consultant:
        Graduate degree from a recognized institution with a minimum of a Master’s level degree
         in a relevant field, or equivalent experience
        Minimum 7 years M&E experience, with at least 3 years experience designing and
         implementing project evaluations – both quantitative and qualitative - including baseline
         surveys and sampling methodologies, preferably in Latin America and the Caribbean;
        Relevant international work experience in the development/NGO sector
        Fluency in English and Spanish
        Experience in training individuals to carry out quantitative and qualitative evaluation
        Experience with logistical software such as Excel, Access, EpiInfo, SPSS, etc.

         Desired qualifications: Experience in disaster preparedness or disaster risk reduction
         programs and/or evaluation of similar programs; Experience in participatory evaluation;
         and fluency in French.

TIMEFRAME: The deadline for submission of expression of interest is January 22, 2010. A
rolling review process will be used, and ARC reserves the right to select an appropriate
individual or firm prior to deadline. The contract will be for 3-months, or approximately 66
days. The preferred candidate would be able to start immediately, and available full-time for
the duration of the negotiated contract.

If interested please send expression of interest by email before January 22, midnight US
Eastern Standard time to: Kate Wade at and CC: and with “EOI: LAC CBDRR
M&E” in subject line, and please include: a) CV, and a one-page cover letter which provides a
minimum daily fee, earliest possible starting date, and a summary of how experience matches the
task; b) if representing a firm, please include information on the legal status and years of operation
of the firm.

Qualified individuals and firms will be sent full TOR and asked to submit a proposal.

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