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									Data Backup Industry: Press Release Distribution Service EmailWire
Presents Data Security, Back Up Essentials and Options for Backup

White papers provide insight on data backup industry

(EMAILWIRE.COM, October 01, 2012) Houston, TX – Cloud computing is taking IT
to another level as many companies adopt various options to present, store and
backup data; use client or enterprise software. Press Release Distribution
Services, EmailWire, presents these white papers that are educating IT managers
and personals:

"Options for Backing Up Your Computer" – a white paper

"You can always replace your computer, but not your personal data. Learn more
about options for backup.

"While personal computers range in cost from a few hundred to a few thousand
dollars, a computer is a physical object, and it can be replaced. What really
makes your computer valuable is what's unique about it, and that is your data -
your business records, pictures, audio and video recordings, and documents you
have saved over the years. Read to learn more about how to keep your data

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"For Data Security Professionals - Adventures in Secure Mobile Email"

"Native iOS and Android email clients don't support much in the way of encryption
outside of a SSL connection which only protects the data from the mobile to the
server, not before or after.

"While it is true that iOS email app has basic S/MIME PKI support it is just too
complicated to use, especially for ad-hoc secure messaging which is so typical in
today's on-demand socially connected world. And most of the third-party mobile
email clients don't do much to add any security to the attachments or messages
accessed by a tablet or a smartphone. Learn how to easily overcome these
challenges in this paper by David Strom, industry expert on networking and
communications technologies. "

To download a free of copy "For Data Security Professionals - Adventures in
Secure Mobile Email, go to
"Online Data Backup an Essential and Efficient Solution to Any Business"

Many small and medium sized businesses either do not backup their data or they
do it infrequently and on-site. Either way, you risk losing important data that
could pose a financial or security liability to your business. This guide will show
you how to choose the most appropriate online backup provider for your

"Whatever disaster may occur, whether human error, theft, fire, defective
components, or a system crash, having a remote backup of all of your important
information ensures that it is safe, secure and easily accessible.

"Online data backup services have become more affordable, and service providers
abound. Many online backup vendors offer similar functionality, but there are a
number of variables, which can make selecting the right provider for your
company a challenging task. This guide is designed to help IT decision-makers to
determine the best online backup (or remote backup) solution for their company's

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