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Most people are not away that they have a life force energy that is actually run by something that
is called a chakra. The chakra is believed to be an axis point on a persons being that interacts with
their chakra. The term chakra comes is a Sanskrit term and it means a constantly spinning wheel
or a mans aural energy. Each person has what is called, life force energy, and this is run by their

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Many traditional Hindu writings suggest that there are nearly 90,000 points of Chakra throughout a
person's body. Although, there are seven Chakras that are more important than all of the rest.
These Chakras exist from the bottom of the spine all the way up to the top of the head.

The originating point of these chakras is from the root or base chakra, and then moving up the
spinal column we have the sex or navel chakra, the stomach or solar plexus chakra, the heart
chakra, the throat chakra, the brow or third eye chakra and the crown chakra. These seven major
chakras receive and transmit signals to and fro from the universal surroundings or the infinite
cosmos. It influences the spiritual, mystical, emotional, intellectual, corporeal and psychological
condition of an individual.

Chakras have been described in several different ways, but all of these descriptions have one
common characteristic. Whether it be from the Chinese medicinal point of view or the Hindu point
of view these descriptions are all similar. It is the understanding of the experiences of people and
the way that the human mind thinks and goes through different emotions.

Irrespective of your awareness, the chakras are in constant motion. This continuous flow of energy
influences the major structure, appearance, physical disorders, glandular processes as well as our
thoughts and deeds. However, if one of the chakra shows a malfunction or imbalance in its
system, then it is bound to develop symptoms in other areas too.

This happens because each endocrine gland in our body is linked to one of the seven major
chakras. If there is an imbalance of a chakra then it will effect a physical and emotional process
that creates a disturbance in the behavior of the endocrine gland that it is specifically linked to.

Many people do not realize that Chakra healing is extremely beneficial for our bodies and that we
can directly control our Chakras. You can positively influence your Chakras by employing
techniques such as Reiki healing, aromatherapy, chakra balancing with the aid of a pendulum,
crystals or gemstones.

There are many people that say that one of the biggest issues with an unbalanced chakra is when
people carry around emotional issues. These are generally from their past and in order for them to
fix things they will need to address these issues to move on.

This is something that many people do without being aware of it as these issues can be stored in
their subconscious mind. If they leave these issues alone to fester they can get a build up of
emotional toxins which can be harmful.

Thus, the human body deserves chakra healing therapies. It can use various techniques such as
colour therapy, aromatherapy, Reiki healing, etc and can use objects such as crystals, gemstones
or a pendulum for opening up or balancing the chakras

The physical and breathing exercises that are performed in yoga is beneficial in maintaining the
balance of the charkas of the body, many individuals enjoy attending yoga exercise classes.

Some other ways that we can heal our Chakras include mediation as well as guided visualization.
These techniques can help to reduce stress and harness the power of the mind.

Even know we can not actually touch or to see our chakra's, we can help to work with each one to
make our body the best it can be.

In order for the chakras to be in balance the body must be fed properly and enjoy good health.
Each of the seven major chakras has specific foods that aid in maintaining balance.

The root chakra works best with foods rich in protein, spices and root type vegetables. For the
sacral chakra, nuts, vanilla, cinnamon, sweet fruits and seeds such as caraway and sesame are
the best which enriches creativity. Breads, cereals, pasta, yogurt, dairy products and spicy mints
nourish our stomach or solar plexus chakra enriching our sense of self esteem and self

In case of the heart chakra, green tea and green leafy vegetables are best nurturers. Taking in a
lot of water, fruit juices and tangy fruits such as peaches and apples nourish the throat chakra.

The enhancement of the sharpness of in our third eye sight and a deep sense of our psychical
talents and gifts that associate with the brow or third eye chakra finds nourishment from the
consumption of grape juice, wine, grapes and blueberries.

Our focal point of the spiritual awakening is the crown of the head which requires a good
detoxification. This is done by regular inhalation of herbs and incense and rituals such as fasting.

We can develop our health through the stimulation of the chakras. Through this stimulation
process one can inspire to be more responsive in their life as they get tuned up with the
surroundings and with the side elements of the physical and metaphysical environment we live in.

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