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      U.S. - ISrael
HIgH TecHnology ForUm
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 bUreaU oF IndUSTry
    and SecUrITy
 U.S. deparTmenT oF

      sheraton national
        arlington, Va
                                   sePtember 9, 2008
U.S. - ISrael HIgH TecHnology
ForUm agenda

                            tuesdAy sepTember 9 2008
forum                       	   8:45	am	-	9:00	am		—	Welcome	Introduction	
                            	   u MG Barry Bates, USA (Ret)
chairs:                         Vice President, Operations, National Defense Industrial Association

u.s. chair:
u  The honorable                9:00	am	-	9:30	am — Keynote	Address		
mario mancuso,              	   u The Honorable Mario Mancuso, Under Secretary
under secreTary,                for Industry and Security, U.S. Department of Commerce
for indusTry
and securiTy, u.s.              9:30	am	-	10:00	am — Keynote	Address		
deparTmenT of               	   u Mr. Pinchas Buchris, Director General
commerce                        Israel Ministry of Defense

israel co-chairs:               10:00	am	-	10:30	am — Keynote	Address	
u  mr. pinchas                  Industrial Research & Development in Israel
buchris, direcTor               u Dr. Eli Opper, Chief Scientist,
General israeli                 Israeli Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Labor
minisTry of
defense                         10:30	am	-	10:45	am — BreAK	
u  dr. eli opper,           	   10:45	am	-	11:15	am
chief scienTisT,                Israel 2028: Vision and Strategy for Economic and
israeli minisTry of             Society in a Global World
indusTry, Trade                 u Mr. David Miron-Wapner, Executive Director,
and labor                       Israel Office, U.S. - Israel Science and Technology Committee

                                11:15	am	-	11:45	pm
                                Invest in America
                                u Mr. Charles G. Schott, Senior Advisor,

                                U.S. Department of Commerce

                                11:45	am	-	12:15	pm
sponsorship                     Updates to Israel Export Controls
coffee break and
                                12:15	pm	-	1:45	pm — Lunch	WIth	speAKer
lunch sponsorships
are available!                  1:45	pm	-	2:15	pm
                                Updates to U.S. Dual - Use Export Controls
                                u The Honorable Christopher Wall, Assistant Secretary for
for more details
                                Export Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce
contact suzanne
havelis, meeting
planner at shavelis@ or
                                                                  U.S. - ISrael HIgH TecHnology
                                                                  ForUm agenda

tuesdAy sepTember 9 2008
	   2:15	pm	-	2:45	pm                                                  Why
    Update to the Committee on Foreign Investment in
    the United States Process                                          aTTend?
    u Mr. Nova Daly, Deputy Assistant Secretary,

    U.S. Department of the Treasury                                    •the	u.s.	-	Israel	high	
                                                                       technology	Forum	(htF)	
    2:45	pm	-	3:00	pm — BreAK	                                         was	jointly	formed	in	2007	
	                                                                      by	the	u.s.	department	of	
	   open	dIscussIon:	Industry	to	Industry		                            commerce	and	the	Israeli	
	   3:00	pm	-	4:15	pm                                                  ministry	of	defense	(Imod)	
    Future Opportunities and Challenges for Bilateral Trade and        and	ministry	of	Industry	
    Investment in Aerospace                                            trade	and	Labor	(moItAL).	
    u U.S. Industry Facilitator: TBD

    u Israeli Industry Facilitator: TBD                                •the	htF	is	designed	
                                                                       to	facilitate	secure	
    4:15	pm	-	5:30	pm 	                                                bilateral	high	technology	
	   Future Opportunities and Challenges for Bilateral Trade and        trade	and	investment	
    Investment in Homeland Security                                    by	providing	a	forum	to	
    u U.S. Industry Facilitator: Mr. Gary Messina, Raytheon            discuss	challenges	and	
    u Israeli Industry Facilitator: TBD                                opportunities	related	to	
                                                                       technology	development,	
    5:30	pm	-	5:45	pm — cLosIng	remArKs	                               investment,	and	trade.
	   u Forum Co-Chairs
                                                                       •the	htF	will	provide	an	
                                                                       opportunity	for	the	u.s.	and	
                                                                       Israeli	private	sectors	to	
                                                                       learn	about	u.s.	and	Israeli	
                                                                       government	initiatives	
                                                                       linked	to	high	technology	
                                                                       trade	and	investment,	as	
                                                                       well	as	to	interact	with	
                                                                       senior	u.s.	and	Israeli	
                                                                       government	officials.

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