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provide individual, one-on-one therapy, small group therapy, education,

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									 A drug rehab center is an addiction treatment facility
    for those addicted to drugs and/or alcohol. The
    differences between one drug rehab center and
   another are numerous. Each drug rehab center is
  unique in terms of patient makeup, price, treatment
specialty, curriculum and philosophy, size, and location
  and features, among other various considerations.

drug treatment arizona
 The drug rehab center specialty or focus is a primary differentiation
among treatment facilities Many drug rehab centers cater to the younger,
college age patient population, as that population seems to have an
unusually high number of drug and alcohol addicts There are also
treatment programs that are adolescent, under age 18, programs, as well
as programs that serve a more mature population Some programs work
primarily with lower income to even indigent patient populations, while
others serve very high net worth individuals
 Finally, there are those drug rehab center programs that are
co-educational, while other programs are gender separate Drug rehab
center treatment prices vary dramatically, as well Pricing for a treatment
center is usually a function of many considerations, including the
center's location, staff, curriculum, amenities and features, level of
care, among others Prices range from free, state or county subsidized
programs, often called 'street' or indigent programs to
extremely exclusive, spa-like programs that can cost as much as $80,000
per month and beyond
 The majority of treatment programs fall into the $10,000-$15,000 per
month price range Prices are often highest during the first month,
reducing in subsequent months of treatment The number, credentials
and experience of the staff at a drug rehab center is also a significant
differentiation point Many drug addiction treatment programs have a staff
that is comprised, primarily, of addiction counselors and adjunctive staff
 Some of the higher needs programs, such as dual diagnosis and other
psychiatric addiction treatment programs, have a more highly
credentialed and licensed staff of MDs, PhDs, Master Level Therapists,
and other adjunctive care givers Typically, the treatment costs of a drug
rehab center with a highly credentialed and drug treatment arizona
licensed staff is higher than that of a less capable staff The curriculum
and services provided at a drug rehab center are also a significant
differentiating determinant The lower-end programs typically offer
minimal services, which usually consist of mainly education and some
group work
 The higher-end programs typically provide more education, more groups,
and activities, among other services The highest-end programs often
provide individual, one-on-one therapy, small group therapy, education,
activities, and other ancillary services ranging from massage to
acupuncture to yoga, brain scanning, private physical trainers, and much
more Finally, the location of a drug rehab center is also a differentiating
factor among treatment facilities There are urban, inner city programs,
typically found in large metropolises
 There are more rural programs that are located in the mountains or in
other less dense areas that have lots of land and privacy around them
And there are coastal properties that have locations on the beach or
close by for those patients who respond to that type of environment The
diversity and variety of a drug rehab center, in terms of patient
population, treatment specialty, cost, size, services and location, among
other considerations are the primary differentiation considerations among
treatment programs and facilities
drug treatment arizona

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