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									                                                  Application Form
Please complete the application form electronically, enter text in the appropriate box on the right
hand side for section A and the appropriate box below for section B and send completed form along
with CV to The text boxes are expandable.

Expertise Area

State Location of choice
                                   Lagos/Kwara               Jigawa/Kano        Enugu/Kaduna

Full name (Surname in
capitals and underlined)

Contact Address                    Telephone Numbers                 Email 1


This section asks you to describe your reasons for application, your experience/knowledge in specific
areas and examples of your personal competencies against a number of competency headings. In
completing the section, please be brief and succinct. The information you provide will be used to
shortlist candidates. Thank you for your cooperation.

Reason for wanting the job: (Please state in not more than 250 words why you are interested in this job
and briefly describe what you can bring to it).

[Insert text]
Experience of Knowledge Management strategy development and implementation (management
role) in a social sector or development organisation.
[Insert text]

Experience in using different media (film, radio, press, theatre, internet etc) in information
[Insert text]

Experience in advocacy campaigning and working with partner organisations.
[Insert text]

Experience of producing documents for publication in different styles and formats to a high
standard. (Samples will be required).
[Insert text]
Experience with Project Cycle Management including the monitoring and evaluation of
results/outcomes/evidence of impact
[Insert text]

Experience of the public basic education sector in Nigeria

[Insert text]

PERSONAL SKILLS/ ATTRIBUTES: (Please describe your ability in the following areas, you may provide
    1. Ability to take initiative and be resourceful

[Insert text]

    2. Possession of inter-personal skills and the ability to deploy them as and when necessary.

[Insert text]

    3. Ability to provide constructive guidance and feedback to other professionals and work
        cooperatively and collaboratively as a member of a team.
[Insert text]

    4. Good IT skills and familiarity with the Microsoft Office suite of software.

[Insert text]

Your completed application form should be returned electronically to

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