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									                                                                                 TEL: 310-993-8053

                                                 Anambra State Association

Secretariat: 8A – 1646 Victoria Park Avenue- Toronto, Ontario, Canada M1R 1P7
  July 29, 2011
  Mr. Peter Obi
  Executive Governor of Anambra State
  Awka, Anambra State

  CC: Honourable Professor Chenyere Okunna
  Anambra State Commissioner for Budget & Economic Planning
  Awka, Anambra State-Nigeria

  Rejoinder; ASA World Philosophy and membership policy Communiqué:

  Your Excellency:

  Your Excellency, Honourable Professor Chenyere Okunna, Anambra State Speaker of the House
  of the Assembly and all stakeholders in Anambra State of Nigeria. Anambra State indigenes
  across the globe, commonly referred to as ASA World extends their pleasantries. ASA World has
  since 2009 actively collaborated with the existing “government of the day” in seeking:

  1. Sustainable development in Anambra State.
  2. In conducting independent audit; refer to ASA World’s 2009 audit of his Excellency’s “Blue
     Print” for good governance and sustainable in Anambra State and in reporting factually the
     progress and areas of improvements.
  3. Attending and witnessing the landmark of seeing smooth and tranquil transition to power in
     our home state. Case in point, re-election of his Excellency Governor Peter Obi in 2009
  4. Attending and witnessing, successfully documenting 2011 Federal, Assembly and Senatorial
  5. And documenting for posterity and marketing with pride the legacy of this administration
     and in assisting in achieving its goal of bringing “Sustainable Development” in Anambra
  6. Assisting his Excellency in building on his “Blue Print” for sustainable development in
     Anambra State in helping him in keeping his promise to the people of Anambra State who
     overwhelmingly returned him to power in February 2009

  The very prospect and the excitement of collaborating with this forward-thinking government is
  the essence of our existence. ASA World, have been and will continue to constructively engage
  the government of Anambra state in the areas of economic, education, health security and social
  development of the state thereby ADDING VALUE to the state. Current membership are from
  12 member countries and counting; Canada, Japan, United Kingdom, South Africa , Malaysia,
  Singapore, Ireland, India, Ireland, Germany, Sweden and Spain. Memberships are:
1. By philosophical alignments of selfless efforts in working with the “Anambra State
   government in achieving “Sustainable Development” not by the duration of years in
   existence of the Association.
2. By idealistic alignments of achieving Common goal of empowering our people in Anambra
   State and in the Diaporas
3. ASA World is duly registered in Anambra State as a credible Consortium with a sole purpose
   of collaborating with the “Government of the day” in Anambra State and in some cases
   Nigeria and or anywhere were Anambra State interest is affected.
4. Membership in ASA World accords “Member Nation/Association” the rights and
   responsibilities of collaborating in concert and in one voice with the rest of the world..
5. In an instance where there are more than one registered Association in a country, ASA
   World bylaw in addition to our philosophical alignments and Common goal of empowering
   our people in Anambra State and in the Diasporas provides AS World with the framework
   and the guiding principle for determination and acceptance to ASA World’s membership.
6. The current registered member of ASA World from United Kingdom of Britain is ASA United
    Kingdom with Christian Onuorah as the President and Dr. Professor Patrick Mbanefo as his
    Vice President. No pending application for membership to ASA World from England at the
In other words, there are no Diaspora problems or conflict. All duly registered and active
member of Anambra State indigenes are welcome to apply and are given respectful
consideration to membership in ASA World.

We look forward to our August Visit. ASA World looks forward to celebrating the birth of our
great state as we continue our efforts to achieving “Sustainable Development” in Anambra State
20 years later”. We hope to use this visit to illustrate and demonstrate to the Anambrarians and
the rest of Nigeria that with forward thinking Governor and ASA World’s efforts Anambra State
is positioned for great promise for the next 20 years.

Respectfully Submitted by:
Chudi Asidianya, BA, MA, LSC;                                         Dr.Nwachukwu Anakwenze
Secretary General ASA World                                           Chairman, ASA World
President Anambra State Progressive-Toronto Canada

Christian Onuorah, Vice President                  Dara Ilechukwu
President, ASA -UK                                 President, ASUJA (ASA)-Japan

ASA Valencia, Spain                               ASA Dubai
Francis Chukwuma Ide, President,                  Amobi Nzelu, President

President, ASA – India                           ASA Russia
Dr. Charles Chibuzo                              Okeke Obidozie, Coordinator

Frank Anyaeche                                  ASA Finland
President, ASA –South Africa                    Eddy Nzewi, President

CC: Rt. Hon ChinweClare Nwaebili, Anambra State Speaker of the House of Assembly
CC: Hon. Chinyere Okunna, Commissioner Budget and Planning
CC: Chief Mike Okaka, Anambra State Diaspora Affairs Office
CC: Mike Udah, Anambra State Chief Press Secretary

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