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									country profile     OMF International (UK)


land and sea area: 329,750 square km

Population: 23,522,482 (2004 estimate, CIA world factbook) UK 60,094,648
Density: 71.33 per square km UK 245/square km

Muslim 58%
Buddhist & Chinese
  religions 21.59%
Christian 9.21%
Hindu 5%
Non-religious/other 4.5%
Animist 1.2%
Baha’i 0.4%
Sikh 0.1%
Operation World
1400s: a Muslim state (previously small independent kingdoms)
Portuguese, Dutch and British settlers
British control: Penang (1786), Singapore (1819) and Malacca (1824)
British brought Chinese and Indian people to work in tin mines
East Malaysia dominated by Brunei until 1888, when the area
  became a British protectorate
Occupied by Japan in Second World War
1963: total independence from Britain
Today: a federation of 13 states with democratically
 elected Federal Parliament. Monarch is chosen by rotation from
  among the hereditary sultans.
              history of christianity

1800s:   British rule meant that churches   were planted   (largely for
 expat settlers and government servants)
East Malaysia: Protestant missions working with animist peoples
1970s: missionaries had to leave: change in government policy
Malaysian Church has thrived. In east Malaysia there has been
 significant church growth among ethnic minority peoples
Today: increasing number of Malaysian Christians working as
 cross-cultural missionaries
            OMF work in malaysia

        continuing concern for the growth and
OMF has a
 development of the church
We teach and train at theological colleges

We encourage the development of Malaysian prayer
 fellowships around the world and provide prayer fuel
We maintain close links with church leaders
with OMF

Theological lecturing
                    pray for the country

Anextremist Muslim minority has pressed for radical Islamic
 reforms and the formation of an Islamic state. This has brought
 stress to the whole country and an acceleration of Muslim
 missionary activities
Erosion of religious freedoms
Some Christians forced to leave the country
Continued ethnic disputes
Industrialisation and materialism
Changed lifestyles, migration, loss of family ties
                      pray for the church

        lifting of restrictions on church meetings
Pray for the

Malays who have become Christians have suffered social
 ostracism and the loss of legal rights, privileges, and jobs; some have had to
 leave the country
Courageous leadership is needed
Pray for unity to stand up to pressures

Pray for the removal of the ban on around 60 Christian
 books and of the Bible in Indonesian (very similar to Malay)
Pray for more church leaders in East Malaysia
                   pray for evangelism

Christian witness to Malays is illegal, but considerable effort is
 expended to induce tribal and Chinese peoples to become Muslim. The
 constitutional guarantee of religious freedom is ignored
Pray for Malaysians studying       overseas     to find Christ and to
 maintain their faith back home
      increased vision for cross-cultural mission
Pray for

Muslims are missionaries too

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