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									Job Description
Post Title:                                           Maintenance Surveyor

Grade:                                                SO2

Group:                                                Enfield Homes

Section / Unit:                                       Technical Department

Reports to:                                           Senior Maintenance Surveyor


    2. To carry out pre and post inspections of Council homes (including
       voids) in order to identify defects, correctly diagnose the causes,
       identify remedies and arrange for the appropriate works to be

    3. To provide a customer-focused service which meets the agreed
       standards and targets. This will involve working in partnership with a
       wide range of individuals and organisations, both internal and external
       to the organisation, in order to deliver improving services.

    4. To undertake surveys and specify works and manage works in relation
       to the Pre-Maintenance and Painting Programme, customer satisfaction
       and equality policies.

    5. Where appropriate to act as the Council’s representative to the public
       and external organisations, extending courtesy, co-operation and dignity
       as appropriate.

Technical Department organisation chart.

                                                       Technical Services

                                                         Principal maintenance
                              Principal Quantity
   Voids Coordinator                                            surveyor             Principal electrical engineer   Principal Gas Engineer

   Voids surveyors x 4       Quantity surveyors x 2        Senior maintenance              Electrical engineer           Gas engineer
                                                             surveyors x 3

                                                                                        Electrical admin support     Gas administrator
  Voids administrators x 2      Trainee Quantity           Maintenance surveyors 3
                                  surveyor x 2                    team of 3

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    1. Responsible for the supervision of at least one Trainee Maintenance
       Surveyor (TMS).

    2. Supervise the work of temporary staff/consultants who may be assigned
       to the postholder from time to time.

   Service Related

   1. Carry out all necessary surveying tasks to ensure the successful
      delivery of the external painting programme including undertaking
      property surveys, providing specifications, carrying out on site
      supervision of contractors and dealing with post works queries.

   2. Provide a comprehensive surveying service in relation to building
      maintenance, including responsive repairs, disrepair claims, pre and
      post inspections, fire reinstatement works, flat roofs and finlock gutters
      and special needs works.

   3. Meet the required performance standards and targets in relation to all
      repairs and maintenance duties undertaken.

   4. Carry out regular inspections of communal areas on a rota basis in
      order to identify defects and arrange for the appropriate repairs orders
      to be raised.

   5. Provide training and support to Customer Services Officers to ensure
      accurate and efficient diagnosis and specification of repairs and works.

   6. Provide cover for other staff in their absence in the Building Surveying

   7. Prepare detailed survey reports and technical investigations within the
      team's scope and job cost limits. On occasion the postholder may be
      asked to undertake more extensive and detailed work.

   8. Ensure the prompt and efficient rehabilitation of empty properties. When
      working with the Voids and Allocations Team.

   9. Prepare detailed survey reports and technical investigations for fire-
      damaged properties. Including specifying all necessary repairs,
      organising completion of repairs and liaison with the Insurance Team.

   10. Check work in progress and on completion to ensure compliance with
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        specification requirements and Health and Safety Legislation.

   11. To communicate effectively with all sections of the Housing Repairs
       Centre, Owner-Occupier Services, Project Management Estate
       Management to ensure complaints and disputes are resolved effectively
       and efficiently.

   12. To work closely with all other Council Groups on issues such as health
       and safety, fire regulations, insurance, legal implications and asbestos.

   13. Manage and monitor contractors and issue all necessary documentation
       in the case of non-performance to ensure contract compliance.

   14. Agree variations to orders and provide all necessary correspondence to
       allow interim and final payments to be made efficiently.

   15. Spot-check in accordance with guidelines a percentage of invoiced
       work, reporting on quality, quantity, cost and compliance with target
       dates for completion of work.

   16. Ensure all works are procured in accordance with budgetary limits, the
       Council’s Constitution and Financial Regulations and achieve Best

   17. Monitor and provide performance indicators on workload and
      contractors. Produce progress reports as necessary for Community
      Housing Partnership and other forums.

   18. Investigate customer complaints as required within timescale and
       ensure satisfactory contractors’ compliance, and make
       recommendations to the Senior Maintenance Surveyor/Principle
       Maintenance Surveyor on proposed remedies.

   19. Investigate disrepair claims as required within timescale, make
       recommendations to the Senior Maintenance Surveyor/Principle
       Maintenance Surveyor on proposed remedies, work together with Legal
       Services providing accurate and detailed reports as required.

   20. Participate in and follow up regular estate inspections with Estate
       Managers, tenant representatives and caretaking staff as required, to
       ensure communal repairs are identified and remedied in a cost effective
       and timely manner.

   21. Ensure all paperwork is kept up to date and the relevant computerised
      databases is updated daily with results on all inspections.

   22. Attend regular progress meetings with contractors and take appropriate
       action on performance and quality.

   23. To attend regular meetings with QS on variations to orders, post
       inspections and contract monitoring and programming.
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   24. To identify improvements for Community Housing Partnership schemes,
       identify defects requiring major works and to participate in prioritising
       works required under the PPM scheme.

   25. Undertake any site visits and progress inspections as necessary to
      ensure satisfactory completion of works to standard and timescale.

   26. Carry out post inspections of completed repairs to both individual
       properties and communal areas to ensure compliance with standards of
       quality, specification and price, recalling the contractor as required.

   27. Provide all information required to ensure leaseholder service charges
       and major works are billed on time.

   28. Investigate new materials, techniques and technologies in relation to
       building maintenance and make recommendations to their potential use.

   29. Carry out condition surveys on a rota basis for mutual exchanges
       Ensuring all reports are sent to Estate management within 48 hours and
       All orders raised in the prescribed timescales.

   General Duties

   30. Undertake any other duties as directed by the Senior Maintenance
       Surveyor or Principle Maintenance Surveyor.

   31. At all times carry out the duties and responsibilities of the post with due
       regard to the Council’s equal opportunities and health and safety

   32. The duties of this post determine that the postholder is designated a
       “VDU user” within the terms of the Health and Safety (Display Screen
       Equipment) Regulations 1992.

   33. To participate in or manage activities that lead to recognised awards for
       the team or the Department e.g. Charter mark, IIP, ISO


Within the Council, there will be daily contact with other staff within the repairs
centre and with Estate Management staff. There will also be liaison with staff
from the Communal Services Team, Housing Professional Services, Finance,
Owner-Occupier Services, Housing IT and Construction Technical Services.

Externally, there will be frequent contact with tenants, leaseholders and other

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members of the public, residents’ association representatives,
contractors/consultants who are engaged in undertaking repairs and
maintenance work and Public Utilities.

There will be regular contact with Councillors and MP’s.


        The Council has a strong commitment to achieving equality of opportunity
        in its service to the community and the employment of people and expects
        all employees to understand, comply with and promote its policies in their
        own work.


        The postholder shall ensure that the duties of the post are undertaken with
        due regard to the Council’s Health and Safety Policy and to their personal
        responsibilities under the provisions of the Health and Safety at work Act
        1974 and all other relevant subordinate legislation.

        For a more detailed definition of these responsibilities, refer to the current
        versions of the Corporate Health & Safety Policy, Group Safety Policy and
        employee information leaflet entitled "Health & Safety Policy; Guidance on
        Staff Health & Safety Responsibilities".

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