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2. Circle/Division : Chief Engineer / Construction 400kV

3. Tender Number : e - EHVT - 038/2010

4. Name of The Tender : Supply of Towers, Tower Accessories, ACSR Moose Conductor, Insulators, Hardware
& Accessories, 7/3.66 mm GSS Earthwire, Hardware & Accessories and Erection of 400KV D/C line from
Jujjuru to Sattenapalli 400/220kV SS with two E/W and LILO of VTPS - Srisailam (LBPH) 400kV D/C line to
Sattenapalli SS with 1 E/W and 1 No.OPGW on Turn Key Basis - 67KM (Approx)

4. Name of The Project : Supply and Erection of 400kV Double Ckt Line

5. Package Number : 1

6. Estimated Contract Value : Not Applicable

7. Period Of Contract : 12

8. Form Of Contract : EPC

9. Tender Type : Open

10. Tender Category : Works

11. EMD / Bid Security : 15635336 (INR)

12. EMD/Bid Security Payable To : Pay Officer, Transmission Corporation of Andhra Pradesh Limited, Vidyut
Soudha, Hyderabad - 500082 payable at Hyderabad in case of DD or in favour of Chief Engineer / Construction
400kV/ V.S in case of Bank Guarantee.

13. Transaction Fee : 27575 (INR)

14. Transaction Fee Payable To : C1 INDIA Pvt. Ltd.

15. Schedule Sale Opening Date : 22/7/2010 3:00:00 PM

16. Schedule Sale Closing Date : 24/8/2010 3:00:00 PM

17. Bid Submission Closing Date : 25/8/2010 3:00:00 PM

18. Bid Submission : Online

19. Pre-Qualification/Technical Bid Opening Date

(Qualification and Eligibility Stage) : 25/8/2010 4:00:00 PM   Click here to Download PQ/Technical Template

20. Technical Specifications Bid Opening Date (Technical Bid Stage) :

21. Price Bid Opening Date

(Financial Bid Stage) : 29/9/2010 4:00:00 PM    Click here to Download Commercial Template Document

 ( View PriceBid Form )

22. Place Of Tender Opening : Office of the Chief Engineer / Construction / 400kV

23. Officer Inviting Bids/Contact Person : Chief Engineer / Construction / 400kV

24. Address/E-mail id : Room No : 203, "B"-Block, APTRANSCO / Vidyut Soudha,Hyderabad-500082

25. Contact Details/Telephone,Fax : PHONE : 040-23396000 EXTN. 3752, 3519, 3597 and 3828
26. Eligibility Criterion : 1.0 PART-A

1.1 Technical Requirements

a. Erection Experience:

i) The bidder shall have carried out as a prime Contractor or as a sub-contractor or as a member in a Joint
Venture, executed similar nature of the project i.e.400kV or higher voltage class transmission line(s) within
the last Ten (10) years as on date of bid opening.

The bidder should have surveyed, optimized tower locations, erected and strung with tension stringing
equipment, not less than 100% cumulative route length now proposed of 400kV or higher voltage class within
the last Ten (10) years as on date of bid opening.

ii) Of the erected lines, atleast 50% route length of the now proposed should be in satisfactory operation for a
period of one year within the last Ten (10) years as on date of bid opening.

iii) Companies who have recently established business in India as 100% subsidiary can use Prequalification/
reference of their principal company provided their principals should have executed 400kV or above
transmission line projects in India and in line with our qualifying requirements and furnish (Jointly with the
Parent Company (Principals)) as detailed below.

1) A legally enforceable Joint undertaking to guarantee quality, timely erection, performance and warranty
obligations as per Annexure - XVII on award of contract.

2) A confirmation letter from the Parent company (Principals) as per Annexure-XVIII shall be submitted along
with the bid.

3) Documentary evidence for the Parent company (Principals) meeting qualifying requirements

iv) They should have experience in laying river bed foundations with piles of 1000mm dia or above and boring
depths 20m or more below bed level for foundations with the 1000mm or more pile dia and a minimum
quantity of depth of boring of 200meters and concreting the same per month should have been achieved in
one month atleast in any one of the preceding Ten financial years.

They should also have adequate number of Piling rings, Boring tools, Floating crafts, Bentonite and Water
pumps, Concrete mixers, Surveying and Laboratory equipment and other equipment required for executing
the work.

Experience relating to the works executed in State/Central Government Departments or State / Central
Government undertakings either directly or indirectly in similar type of works i.e, exclusively for casting of
pile foundations of 1000mm dia or above will only be considered. The experience certificate is to be counter-
signed by Government / Government undertakings.

If the bidder/Firm does not have the above QR, for executing Pile foundation work, he/firm can tie up with a
firm having the above QR. An MOU with that company and relevant qualification documents are to be
submitted along with pre- qualification bid.

(b) Manufacturing Facilities

The Bidder should have his own manufacturing facilities for the Transmission Line towers and tower parts
having the following minimum manufacturing capacities and manufacturing experience: -

i) Manufacturing capacity per financial year: 100% of the quantity proposed.

ii) Manufacturing experience: 400KV Tower quantity manufactured in any financial year, during the last three
financial years should not be less than 50% of the quantity now proposed.

iii) Alternatively, the Bidders who intend to participate and propose to supply tower parts from a
manufacturer who meets the above manufacturing facilities as mentioned in 1.1(b) shall furnish a Joint Deed
of Undertaking (format enclosed) along with the manufacturer to guarantee quality & timely supply of tower
parts and confirming to furnish a performance guarantee of 2% of the cost of such tower parts from the
manufacturer. This is in addition to the 10% Contract Performance Guarantee to be submitted by the
Contractor on award of Contract. The tower manufacturers proposed by the bidders shall be of APTRANSCO
approved vendors list in specification.

(c) Financial Position:

i) The bidder should have achieved an Annual Financial Turnover (AFT) of at least Rs.39.09 Crores (50% of
the estimated cost) in any one year during the last five financial years.

ii) The Bidder shall have Liquid Assets (L.A.) or/and evidence of access to or availability of credit facilities of
not less than Rs. 11.72 Crores (15 % of the Estimated Cost).

(iii) In case bidder is a holding company, AFT & LA referred to in clause c (i) & (ii) above shall be that of
holding company only (i.e. excluding its subsidiary / group companies). In case bidder is a subsidiary of a
holding company, AFT & LA referred to in clause c (i) & (ii) above shall be that of subsidiary company only
(i.e. excluding its holding company).

27. Procedure For Bid Submission : The bidder shall submit his response through Bid submission to the tender
on eProcurement platform at by following the procedure given below. The bidder
would be required to register on the e-procurement market place or and submit their bids online. Offline bids shall not be entertained by the
Tender Inviting Authority for the tenders published in eprocurement platform.

The bidders shall submit their eligibility and qualification details, Technical bid, Financial bid etc., in the online
standard formats displayed in eProcurement web site. The bidders shall upload the scanned copies of all the
relevant certificates, documents etc., in support of their eligibility criteria/technical bids and other
certificate/documents in the eProcurement web site. The bidder shall sign on the statements, documents,
certificates, uploaded by him, owning responsibility for their correctness/authenticity. The bidder shall attach
all the required documents for the specific tender after uploading the same during the bid submission as per
the tender notice and bid document.

1. Registration with eProcurement platform:

For registration and online bid submission bidders may contact HELP DESK of M/s C1 India Pvt. Ltd., or

2. Digital Certificate authentication:

The bidder shall authenticate the bid with his Digital Certificate for submitting the bid electronically on
eProcurement platform and the bids not authenticated by digital certificate of the bidder will not be accepted
on the eProcurement platform.

For obtaining Digital Signature Certificate, you may please Contact:

Andhra Pradesh Technology Services Limited

BRKR Bhavan, B-Block
Tankbund Road , Hyderabad-500022

Phone: +91-40-23220305

Fax: +91-40-23228057

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