Urban/Wildland Watch Outs by cx89mEO


									Urban/Wildland Watch Outs
≈Wooden construction and wood shake roofs;
≈Poor access and narrow one-way roads;
≈Inadequate water supply;
≈Natural fuels 30 feet or closer to structures;
≈Extreme fire behavior;
≈Strong winds;
≈Evacuation of public (panic);
≈Bridge load limits.

Powerline Safety
≈Downed wire on vehicle – don’t leave vehicle until power company arrives. If vehicle is on fire,
or fire is near, don’t hang on to door. Keep feet together and bunny hop away;
≈Don’t operate heavy equipment under powerlines;
≈Don’t make water drops on live powerlines;
≈Don’t drive with long antennas under powerlines;
≈Don’t fuel vehicles/equipment under powerlines;
≈Don’t stand near powerlines during water drops or retardant drops;
≈Don’t park under powerlines;
≈Don’t apply straight streams to powerlines;
≈Thick, heavy smoke can cause arcing.

Do use caution when working around powerlines and in interface situations

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