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									                                             CalvART Gallery (410.535.9252)
                                             Intersection Rts 2/4 and 231
                                             Prince Frederick Shopping Center
                                             Prince Frederick, MD 20678
Dear Prospective Member:

     Thank you for your interest in joining CalvART Gallery. Attached is a
membership package in which you will find:
     Membership Application
   Art Categories Applicable to CalvART Gallery
   General Guidelines for Jury
   An Affiliation Agreement

    If you have an interest, please contact Diana Manchak, Jury Chair, by e-mail at, or by telephone at 301 248 6748. You are invited to visit
the gallery website at to familiarize yourself with our artists
and their work. If you are interested in applying for more than one category, each
category is treated separately and each will require separate works for jurying.
Each category also requires a separate monthly fee.
Please email me your completed application to me at the
address. This needs to be done at least two weeks in advance or earlier. I want it
to be included in a meeting agenda and proper preparation to arrange works helps
the overall process. I can arrange a time for you to drop off your pieces at the
gallery, or this is easily done the weekend prior to the meeting date. Works
dropped off immediately prior to a meeting(as in same day of) will not be reviewed.

Jurying of new artists work will be done on a regular basis, if the artist completes
paperwork and communication with the jury chair as requested in the paragraph
above. The gallery retains the right to establish waitlists for categories when it is
deemed necessary. The waitlist status will apply to an individual, after submitting
work for jurying. The artist would be notified when an opening next occurs for
their category of work. They would need to make a decision prior to our next
monthly scheduled meeting to accept the opening. I include this information here
so everyone is informed in advance of our gallery policy.

You are expected to bring five gallery-ready pieces, I should already have your
paperwork, (please DO NOT include any checks with this paperwork) and you’ll be
notified after the meeting about the status of your application. Upon acceptance
into the gallery, you will be asked to sign the Affiliation Agreement (attached for
your information), pay your gallery fees, and sign up for orientation to learn the
business side of the gallery and sitting the gallery.

      We look forward to meeting you and viewing your artwork
                             CalvART Gallery
              A Program of the Arts Council of Calvert County

                          MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION

NAME: ___________________________________ ______________________________


            CITY                                STATE             ZIP

TELEPHONE: (H) ________________________ (W)____________________________


cell : ______________________________


please complete or attach your bio or artists statement and/or any other
informative /pertinent information we should know either about you or your
work. _________________________________________________________________




WISH TO BE JURIED. PLEASE NOTE: You may elect to be juried in more than one
category but if so and you are accepted, you will be responsible for making two
monthly payments (you will be taking up two space allotments) rather than one.
Additionally, you will need to bring at least five examples of your work in each
of the categories.

CATEGORIES:              CIRCLE ONE (or those that apply) below:

 Painting:               oils
                         other (specify)
                         paint w/ mixed media

 Drawing:               pen and ink
                        pencil – graphite – conte crayon/pencil/stick
                        colored pencil
                        drawing media w/ mixed (specify)

  Collage:               papers – other or w/
                         fibers - other or w/
                        specify materials / other

  Printing:              intaglio/etchings

 Photography:            regular photography
                         digital photography
                         regular /w digital enhancements
                         hand colored
                         silver point/gelatin/sepia
                         other (specifiy)

Glass:                   stained
                         etching/sandblasted     /other
Fiber             fiber includes fabrics woven/pieced/knit, etc.
                    2D pieces would be wall hung artworks in this
                    (Gallery is unable to accept/display clothing )

Jewelry:           silversmithing/goldsmithing
                   polymer clay
                   other/ mixed materials

Wood:              turning

Sculpture:         stone
                   bronze casting
                  metal wire
                   mixed materials

Ceramics/Clay:    functional
                  non functional/non representational
                  pit fire/raku/soda/salt
                  Mosaic (?)

Auxilary Media:   something completely different without existing
                  category (ie pyrography)
                  hand made paper – mixed use

   CREATIVITY/ORIGINALITY. The creative eye of the artist must be
    apparent in the overall presentation. All work must be original work of
    the artist submited for jurying. 2D artists with giclees/reproductions of
    their originals are subject to the gallery policy on ratio or originals to

   DESIGN/PRESENTATION. An item must exhibit the principles of good
    design. Presentation, including hanging device, framing, hardware,
    backing, findings, etc., must enhance impact of the work and meet
    specific requirements listed for given medium. As requested, all works
    submitted for jurying mush be considered “ready for gallery presentation”
   This requirement applies to all media.

   TECHNIQUE/USE OF MATERIALS. An item must exhibit successful use of
    chosen materials and must be finished appropriately for the design and
    the intention of style.

   OVERALL IMPACT. Overall visual impact must be esthetically pleasing.
    Decisions should take into account the craftsmanship, composition and
    creative decisions evidenced by the work. Items must be of a suitable
    quality to fit comfortably within the existing body of art in the Gallery.

Please clearly mark or identify the exact nature of your work ie
   original (watercolor or acrylic or photography) is it altered digitally?
   Is it part of a series? Is it one of 100 of the same image? What type of
   paper? If it is a reproduction – please explain the method etc.
   An informed buying public deserves to know what to expect, even if they
   are not as informed as they could be – we always benefit by educating
   our potential customers.
        Other Important Details Everyone Should Know In Advance:

        Since we are a cooperative gallery we must rely on ourselves for the
promotion and business acumen that a retail business requires. Involvement,
while stated below in the Artist Affliation Agreement defines all of the business
requirements regarding money and attending meetings, we also encourage
members to become active participants when planning shows, publicity,
receptions and other activites that promote the gallery as a whole entity. The
marketplace is currently a tough arena, but with dedication – despite the
financial setbacks – we can stay in place in most art lovers/ buyers minds if we
continue to offer some of the best artworks readily available in Southern Md.
Please keep a copy of this application and supporting information for your
                         Artist Affiliation Agreement
                                 CalvART Gallery

CalvART Gallery is a program of the Arts Council of Calvert County (ACCC)
dedicated to advancing the appreciation of the visual arts in the county. The
Gallery operates as a self-governing cooperative of local artists. The ACCC
exercises oversight of gallery operations appropriate to its status as a non-
profit, tax-exempt corporation.

Juried applicants for membership in the CalvART Gallery agree to and accept
the following terms:

      Intend to remain a dues paying member for one year.
      Make a non-returnable initiation fee payment of $200.00 plus the first
       month’s dues of $50.00 to complete the membership process; and timely
       monthly dues payments thereafter. Monthly fees are due on the 15 th of
       the month prior to the dues month.
       PLEASE NOTE: If a juried applicant does not pay the initial $250
       fee within 30 days of his/her notification of acceptance           (unless
       prior approval has been arranged), the membership becomes null
       and void.
      Attend at least 50% of regularly scheduled member meetings.
      Abide by the Rules of Gallery operation and procedures established by
       the membership and the Gallery By-Laws.
      Agree to substantial participation in and contribution to gallery
      Provide new artistic work no less than four times a year.
      Accept the Gallery’s withholding of a 20% commission on sales made
       either through the Gallery or as a direct result of Gallery display..
      Agree to staff the gallery during gallery business hours on a fair-share
       basis with other members. If a problem arises with the previously
       scheduled date, it is the responsibility of the sitter to find a trade date
       with another member and notify the Schedule Chair of the change.
       Hold the Gallery and the Arts Council of Calvert County blameless for
       damage or loss of art displayed or stored.
       Provide the Gallery Administrator with a two-month advance notice of
       intent to resign from membership.

This Agreement is ongoing and self-renewing as long as the accepted member
remains in good standing.

______________________________________                   __________________
      Applicant Signature                                      Date

_____________________________________                    __________________
Member Signature Receiving Payment                             Date

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