Business Analysis and Decision Making in Health Care

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					                  COURSE SYLLABUS
                             HSA 4431
         Business Analysis and Decision Making in Health Care

          ... DECISIONS ... ... DECISIONS ... ... DECISIONS ...

NOTE: This is a copy of the e-mail sent during the first week of class. If you
are a late add to the class or a new student considering taking this course,
enjoy and hope to see you in class soon!

Welcome to HSA 4431 Business Analysis and Decision Making in
Health Care. This class will be facilitated by one instructor: Karen Valaitis.

I recommend that you log into the course site at least twice per week -- be
sure to watch for new items in the News section and in the Discussion
section of the course. There is no textbook required for this course.
Alternatively, we will explore this field through online lectures, Web-based
resources and by discussing articles from current news services and
journals. I intend for this course to be practical. There are some theoretical
items to deal with, to build the basics, but we will strive at all times to stay
grounded in “Real Life.”

You will access the instructional content for this course through the
eLearning Management System channel located on the "My Info" tab within
the Argus Portal. If you are a new student, twenty four hours after you have
registered for classes you can go to (known as the
"Argus portal") and click on the "New User" link to activate your account.
You will be stepped through a New User Wizard. Once your ArgoNet account
is established, both new and returning students can logon to the Argus
Portal using their ArgoNet UserID and 7-character password. Then click on
the "My Info" tab to access the eLearning channel where your course link is
located. Note: Both undergraduate and graduate students will enter the
course using the same course number (it will either be HSA4431 or

In the eLearning channel you will see all of your courses with a web-based
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course link to access the course Homepage where you will find any current
course "News". You access the Instructional "Content" by selecting the blue
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Syllabus, etc.). Important Note: All email generated in eLearning courses will
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that you check it regularly.

An eLearning Student Orientation guide is available from a link at the bottom
of the eLearning channel in the Argus Portal. If you are new to web-based
courses and eLearning, I recommend printing and reviewing this guide. You
will also want to review the eLearning Demo at: This animation demonstrates how you access
the different components of the eLearning system. Ready to get started? If
you have any questions or require additional information, contact me first
through the Discussion forums so I can post an answer everyone can read. If
you have any problems accessing the course site after today, contact the
ITS help desk at (850) 474-2075 or via email at first to
determine if the problem is on their end or yours.

Let's begin our journey on learning about decision making in health care -
see you online!

School of Allied Health and Life Sciences
University of West Florida

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