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The undersigned below:
Name: Sri Ulfah
Address: Kp. Corner 02/11 Ds. Situwangi district. Cihampelas Kab. West London
It is the guardian of the student:
Name: Yuliawati
Class: XA3
School: Construction of the Well London Ponpes

By this I plea tuition fees to the Chairman of the Foundation for Development Ponpes Bandung
Well, for the period of education for three years, with the following abilities:
1. Paying for 150,000-BMMD, every month
2. Paying Infak Rp300.000-building,
As consideration, the attached Certificate of Disadvantaged from the local village.

So my request is filed, the expectation that the petition is granted. Thanks for the help and relief
that Mr. provide.

Cihampelas, 9 September 2012

Sri Ulfah

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