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									                             Zeiger Elementary
                        2012-2013 Grade 5 Handbook
                   Mr. Gronhovd, Mrs. Lovering, Mrs. Olson

Dear Students, Parents, and Families:
       We are delighted to have your child in class! Students can look forward to many
exciting and rewarding experiences, especially if they put forth their best effort
throughout the year. Here are a few “Things to Know” in order to have a successful
year…please go through and discuss this with your child.

Student Planner
     1. All assignments will be written in planners daily.
     2. Planners will go home and come back daily.
     3. Reading Logs maintained daily.
     4. Parent expected to sign weekly.

Friday Folder
      1. Discuss and share corrected work with an adult.
      2. Review Work Reports and Progress Reports when sent home.
      3. Read website/parent information each week.
      4. Sign and return folder each Monday.
      5. Review the “Zeiger Friday Bulletin.”

Class Assignments
   1. Class work and homework are the responsibility of students. To receive full
      credit, assignments MUST be turned in on time. If students need assistance, they
      may ask for help from students, teachers, or parents.
   2. Students may not receive help on quizzes or tests. (Exceptions apply with
      prearranged circumstances.)
   3. Late and missing work may earn you time in recess study hall to “catch up.”
   4. Neatness counts! Sloppy work will not be accepted. If we can’t read it, we can’t
      grade it!

Late Work All work must be turned in whether on time or late. However, late work may
not be included as evidence of learning and will impact report card assessment. Parents
will be notified if late work becomes a problem. Students will be responsible to make up
any missing work, and may lose privileges until finished.

  1. Students will receive a sheet with assignments listed upon their return.
  2. Students will have one make-up day for each school day missed to complete
     missed work, or it will be considered late. It is the student’s responsibility for
     getting missed work and returning work promptly.
  3. Work can be sent home with a work buddy, neighbor, sibling, or picked up in the
     office after school ~ just give me a call or email with enough notice to put it

Extensions Assignments can be extended and not considered late only in very specific
circumstances agreed upon by parent and teacher – and ONLY with a parent note before
the due date explaining the circumstances.

Extended Absences A tremendous amount of learning is accomplished IN the
classroom and cannot be replicated independently. Please consider this when planning
vacations. A Pre-Planned Absence form, available in the front office, must be completed
in advance of the absence.

 Students miss so much when they are absent…please strive to make appointments
              outside of school time, or on Wednesday afternoons.

Grading System
   1. In our class, we often correct our own daily assignments to provide immediate
      feedback and reinforcement. This lets us know why we are correct and what we
      can do next time when we are incorrect. We will review corrected assignments to
      check for completion, and to determine who might need extra help.
   2. Each assignment will be checked to see that it is completed and then recorded.
      We believe that daily assignments and homework are activities that allow
      students to PRACTICE: making mistakes is OK…even expected. Tests, quizzes and
      long-term projects are viewed as skill mastery and used for report card
      assessments. These should be a best effort for accurate work.
   3. We keep track of incomplete, late, or missing assignments, which will cause you to
      lose privileges, and impact my ability to accurately assess student abilities.
      Students should strive to complete assignments and turn them in on time.
   4. Progress is reported according to Washington State academic requirements and
      the Puyallup School District’s standards-based reporting system.

   Behaviors that promote learning are assessed as follows:
       “O” – outstanding
       “S” – satisfactory
       “N” – needs improvement
   Standards-Based Grading Scale:
   4 – Exceptional performance at or above grade level; student consistently
       exceeds standards and expectations
   3 – Consistently meets grade level standards and expectations
   2 – Meets some grade level standards and expectations
   1 – Consistently does not meet grade level expectations or not enough evidence
       shown in order to accurately assess

Check planner for daily homework assignments! If your student does not have any
homework there are many things they need to be doing:
      Read 20 minutes every night and record on the planner
      Practice math facts to remain fluent
      Study weekly spelling words and vocabulary words
      Work on any projects
      Additional practice as assigned by parents

Home Connections in Math often require parent/ guardian involvement. Please take the
time to work with your student on these assignments. Please let us know if your student
spends an inordinate amount of time on homework…sometimes modifications are
necessary. Expect some homework each evening, usually not more than 1-1 1/2 hours,
including reading minutes. Students may finish much of their homework during the
school day.

Note: Every Wednesday school begins at 8:10 and releases at 11:51 pm for teachers’
learning improvement activities. Lunches are served prior to dismissal.

Lunch: At Zeiger we eat in our classrooms. Hot lunch is served daily (except Fair Day
and the last day of school) next to the kitchen. Free and reduced lunch forms are
available in the office. Individual milks are also sold at the kitchen. If a student forgets
lunch money, a granola bar and milk will be given.

                               Behavior Expectations

Students are expected to act responsibly by following school and classroom procedures.
Students are responsible for their own behavior. A Classroom Management Plan has
been developed so students have the opportunity to manage their own behavior.

We believe in high expectations:
   1. Make good decisions
   2. Solve problems
   3. Show respect
We operate using the principles of Love and Logic. Students must become responsible
for their own actions:
    Speak positively – no put-downs or teasing
    Take pride in yourself and learning
    We will treat you with respect so you will know how to treat us
    Feel free to do anything that doesn’t cause a problem for anyone else
    If you cause a problem, we will ask you to solve it
    If you can’t solve a problem, we will solve it for you
    What we do will depend on the special person and the special situation
    If you feel something is unfair, whisper to us, “I’m not sure that’s fair,” and we
      will talk later
Students not meeting expectations will (depending on severity of the action):
    Receive a warning
    Conference with the teacher
    Lose some or all of recess
    Visit with a principal
Throughout the year, if you should have questions or concerns regarding your child,
please don’t hesitate to contact us:
      Call 253-841-8663 and leave a message in the office
      Email: gronhoja@puyallup.k12.wa.us
      Please check our classroom websites at least weekly:
      **documents, and updates can be accessed here
Thank you in advance for your support. We look forward to a terrific year with you and
your child!!
                                                     Mr. James Gronhovd
                                                     Mrs. Gail Lovering
                                                     Mrs. Abby Olson


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