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					                   Project Status Report

Project Name:          California Statewide VINE
Department:            Public Safety Group Professional Services
Project Manager:       Steve Adams
Date:                  05/18/2009

                                  Project Status Report

Project Information

  Project Sponsor:             California State Sheriffs’ Association
  Project Name:                California Statewide VINE
  Prepared By:                 Steve Adams
  Project Status:              Yellow

              Green        Yellow         Red
                                                        Reason for Deviation
              (Controlled) (Caution)      (Critical)
   Schedule                                             4 agencies behind at this time. We
                                                        will continue to work with as many
                                                        agencies as possible each month to
                                                        bring this number down and get
                                                        back on contract.
     Green (Controlled) – Project is within budget, scope and on schedule.
     Yellow (Caution) – Project has deviated slightly from the plan.
     Red (Critical) – Project has fallen significantly behind schedule, is forecasted to be
     significantly over budget, or has taken on tasks that are out of scope.

                                              1                                        10/02/2012
                                    Project Status Report

Status of Milestones and Deliverables

                              Original      Revised
      Milestone/                                            Status
                             Completion    Completion                       Comments
      Deliverable                                           (G/Y/R)
                               Date          Date
  Customer signs
                              10/30/2007                       G       Complete
  Mail agency packets         11/21/2007                       G       Complete
  Collect agency
                              02/12/2008                       G       Complete
  Kickoff meeting             01/22/2008                       G       Complete
  Customer signoff on
                              02/12/2008                       G       Complete
  script documentation
  Customer signoff on
  the Project
                              02/12/2008                       G       Complete
  Document (PRD)
  Script development          02/18/2008                       G       Complete
  Customer UAT (User
  Acceptance Test) of         02/22/2008                       G       Complete
  the script process
  Customer signoff on
  the script process after    02/22/2008                       G       Complete
  the UAT
  Bring one agency
                              02/28/2008                       G       Complete
                                                                       CSSA has given their
  Develop promotional                         04/15/08
                              02/28/2008                       G       approval of the print
  materials                                   05/31/08
                                                                       materials - Complete
                                                                       The promotional
  Print promotional                                                    materials have been
                              03/31/2008      05/31/08         G
  materials                                                            printed and delivered to
                                                                       customer - Complete
  First regional training     03/31/2008     05/31/2008        G       Complete
  Additional regional
                              02/28/2010                       G
  Bring two agencies
  online per month for        02/28/2010                       Y
  the next two years

Legend:        G = Green. Milestone is on track; no significant issues exist.
               Y = Yellow. Milestone may not be completed on time or in budget.
               R = Red. Milestone will not be met.
                                              2                                      10/02/2012
                                   Project Status Report
Refer to the “Agency Detail Summary Report” section for detailed information
about each individual agency’s status and outstanding issues. The summary
section is at the end of this report.


The project status is still yellow because we are behind in rolling out the counties based on the
contract agreement. Appriss is still working with Sonoma, Ventura, and Santa Barbara to
overcome issues with their offender data. The goal is to have the data issues resolved with
these counties in the next couple of months.

Monterey County has started their development effort to extract the necessary information for
the VINE program and they are estimating to have the interface completed by the end of June.
After the interface is completed by Monterey, Appriss will create the import process to load the
data into VINE. The goal is have the county online in the month of August.

Kern and Contra Costa counties are in the development phase at Appriss so the data can be
loaded into VINE. The expected completion date for Kern to go live with VINE is at the end of
June. The expected completion date for Contra Costa County to go live with VINE is at the end
of July.

In the month of May, CSSA and Appriss decided to mark Alpine as online since both of the
counties (Calaveras and El Dorado) they outsource to house their offenders are already online
with VINE.

If the data stays clean, Appriss is planning on bringing Amador, Tulare, and Ventura counties
online with the VINE program in the month of May.

In the month of April, Merced County decided not to participate in the VINE program due to
funding reasons.

San Diego County has decided to roll out the VINE program to the public the week of June 1st.

No training sessions have been scheduled at this time.

                                               3                                      10/02/2012
                                   Project Status Report

Change Request Status
       Change             Submitted
                                           Disapproval             Comments/Status
       Request              Date

Issue Status
                 Issue                  Assigned To           Resolution          Due Date
  Listing all counties for the VINE    S. Thomas             At this time, the    complete
  Statewide project on the site list                        screen does not
  in VINELink.                                            have the capability
                                                            to display all the
                                                         counties. A Request
                                                           for Enhancement
                                                              (RFE) will be
                                                           opened to expand
                                                         the screen. This will
                                                         be passed on to our
                                                         Product Manager to
                                                           evaluate in which
                                                          release this can be
                                                          incorporated. The
                                                         only option we have
                                                               now on the
                                                            VINELink site list
                                                         screen is to say “CA
                                                             Statewide – all
                                                           counties not listed
  Letter Issue                         S. Thomas             Waiting on ruling    complete
                                                           from CSSA if letters
                                                              are required.
  Kern County                          S. Adams           They indicated that     complete
                                                          their legal counsel
                                                         has raised questions
                                                         about the legality of
                                                             sharing data.

                                             4                                     10/02/2012
                             Project Status Report

As of 05/18/2009
    Alpine County was marked as being online.

Planned Accomplishments
By 06/30/2009
    Bring Kern, San Barbara and Sonoma County online to use the VINE program.
    Have the Contra Costa County import process completed.
    Have at least three counties in the pipeline for July.

                                       5                               10/02/2012
                               Project Status Report

Implementation Strategy & Exceptions

     One 800 number for VINE (English and Spanish.)
     A web portal (VINELink) will be available for the public to access offender
      information and register against offenders.
     A secure web portal (VINEWatch) will be provided so the program can be
      monitored and managed by the end customer.
     Regional training sessions will be conducted.
     New interfaces will be built with vendors or agencies to extract offender
      information every 15 minutes at no cost to the agency.
     One agency will be implemented during the month of February 2008 and two
      agencies will be implemented per month after the first month for the duration of
      the project. This is a two year project.
     Appriss will provide PCs to the agencies if one is needed for the data exchange
     Promotional materials will be provided by Appriss in English and Spanish.

Target Agencies for May
     Amador County
     Tulare County
     Ventura County

Target Agencies for June
     Kern County
     Santa Barbara County
     Sonoma County.

                                          6                                 10/02/2012
                              Project Status Report

Agencies Moved to Production
     Calaveras County – February 28, 2008
     Glenn County – March 27, 2008
     Del Norte County – March 27, 2008
     Sierra County – April 30, 2008
     Colusa County – May 29, 2008
     Mono County – June 26, 2008
     San Joaquin County – July 31, 2008
     Tuolumne County – July 31, 2008
     Nevada County – August 28, 2008
     Siskiyou County – August 28, 2008
     Placer County – September 30, 2008
     San Benito County – September 30, 2008
     Tehama County – October 30, 2008
     Yuba County – October 30, 2008
     Lake County – November 11,2008
     Stanislaus County – December 17,2008
     Plumas County – December 30, 2008
     Trinity County – January 29, 2009
     San Diego County – February 17, 2009 – this agency has not rolled out the VINE
      program to the public yet.
     San Luis Obispo County – February 27, 2009
     Shasta County – April 15, 2009
     Alpine County - May 7, 2009

                                         7                                 10/02/2012
                                     Project Status Report

Agency Detail Summary Report

                      California VINE Statewide Status
Surveys      Equipment         Equipment        Outstanding   Counties    Counties        Counties
Received    Shipped/Direct   Installed/Direct    Surveys      On Hold         Not            In
              FTP/Web           FTP/Web                                  Participating   Production

   41            32                27                 0         10            1             22

See implementation schedule for details: Project Implementation Schedule

Counties Under Construction
           Tulare County (ADSI) – data is clean – May 2009
           Ventura County – data is clean – May 2009
           Amador County – data is clean - May 2009
           Santa Barbara County (DSSI) – data is not clean; working with Interface
            Engineer to modify the interface – June 2009
           Sonoma County (In-house) – data is not clean; waiting on agency to modify
            the interface - June 2009
           Kern County - (In-house) – Interface Engineer working on developing the
            import process. Targeted to go live June 2009.
           Contra Costa County – Interface Engineer is developing the import process.
            Targeted to go live July 2009.
           Monterey County - (In-house) – Del working with agency to define data
            exchange requirements. Targeted to go live August 2009.

                                                  8                                      10/02/2012
                               Project Status Report

Counties On Hold
        Lassen County - Waiting for county to switch to a new booking application.
         They expect to be ready to work with Appriss sometime in May 2009.
        Inyo County – Working on higher priorities and will not be able start working
         on VINE until May 2009 or June 2009.
        Madera County - Working on a re-implementation of a major system.
        Marin County – County does not have the IT resources to install the Appriss-
         developed interface for Tiburon. Researching other options instead of using
         the Tiburon solution which will cost $22,000.
        Mariposa County – County has purchased the booking module. They expect
         to be ready to work with Appriss sometime in June 2009.
        Modoc County – County expects to have its electronic booking application
         operational by the middle of May and will be ready to work with Appriss a
         couple of weeks after the application goes live.
        San Francisco County - Changing to new booking application. Waiting to
         hear back from the county where they are with the implementation of the new
         booking application. They expect to be ready to work with Appriss sometime
         in June 2009.
        San Mateo County - Changing infrastructure for their booking application and
         will not be available to participate in the VINE program until July 2010.
        Riverside County – Waiting on county to decide if they want to participate.
        Yolo County - (Tiburon) – County does not have the IT resources to install the
         Appriss-developed interface for Tiburon. Researching other options instead
         of using the Tiburon solution which will cost $22,000.

Counties Not Participating
        Merced County – has decided to not participate in the VINE program at this
         time due to funding issues.

                                          9                                  10/02/2012
                     Project Status Report

Statewide Outstanding Issues

                               10            10/02/2012

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