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					                                              Unitrac System

2/14/01 -Idea for the Unitrac System. My daughter, Brittany was attending a church outing and supposed to
call me when it was over and she was on her way home. Around 10.15 p.m. I had not heard from her and I
decided to call her on her cellular phone, but it was not on. I did not know what to think. I didn't know if
something had happened to her or she had just forgotten to call me. I wished I had some way of knowing if
she was okay or not. I began to think if she were in our GMC Denali, I could call the "on-star" system and
given them my PIN number and find out where my vehicle was located and if it was in route home or ifit
was sitting still at the church parking lot. Then, it hit mel If they could combine a GPS (global positioning
system) and a cell phone together so it would work no matter if the phone was on or off. I could access her
location by calling the Data base or main frame and give them our personal PIN number and they could pin
point her exact location and if she was sitting still or heading home. This would be an economical way
everyone could have access to the Unitrac System to watch over their loved ones.

PURPOSE. The purpose of this device is to locate your family or friends that could have been involved in
foul play, accident or even an emergency. By using the Unitrac System in case of abduction and they were
supposed to be somewhere at a certain time and they were not, you could call the Data Base and give them
your personal PIN number and they could pin point their exact lacation. This would be an affordable way for
loved ones to keep in touch by watching out for the well being of others. The Unitrac System would also
provide other services such as accessing the Data Base for direction, making reservations and notifying
authorities to a specific location even if you don't know where you are. It is very similar to the "on-star"
navigation system without having to purchase a $40,000.00 + vehicle. The only way this system will work is
having access to a cell phone tower, which will be the same to using the Unitrac System.

When calling the Data Base from the Unitrac phone, it will automatically tell who the caller is, their location
and give their cell phone number. If they request an ambulance, that would be all the information needed for
the Data Base to disburse the ambulance The GPS in the phone would give them the exact location. For
instance, a missing person report generally takes 48 hours before they consider the person actually missing,
but by using the Unitrac System, you could find the person's location and call the officials or even know
where to go yourself.

PARTS: This design would consist ofa cellular phone (digital or analog), and a GPS (global
positioning system) combined into one unit. Both units using the same power
source and being able to access the location of the unit even with the unit being off It should also have a
separate key pad with one touch dialing to access the Data Base It
set up with its own personal identification number or PiN number so when calling the Data Base, it will
display telephone number, owner's name and location.

USE. The Unitrac phone would be used by the majority of cell phone users. For one simple reason, people
wanting to know where their loved ones are, their location and for notifying police or ambulances when
needed. But a friend or family member would have to have the PIN number before being able to check the
location of the phone. The Data Base operators would be able to offer several services such as mapping
directions, booking reservations and notifying authorities when needed. Emergency services for instance, if
you see a wreck and need an ambulance, you could call the Data Base from your cell phone and they would
automatically know your exact location without you having to give them directions. The good thing about
the use of the Unitrac system would work worldwide and not only in the USA. Anywhere cellular service is
established could offer this service.

NOVEL FEATURES: I do not know of any other devices that can offer the features that this Unitrac System
can provide. By combining the features of a cellular phone along with a GPS (global positioning system),
could minimize the time span ofa missing person report or establish an exact location of a life and death

ADV ANT AGES: No other product in the world could offer the safety features that the Unitrac System
offers. Check the statistics on vehicles being stolen that have the "On Star" navigational system. The
advantages to this system would be especially helpful in someone suspecting foul play or kidnapping but
not knowing for sure and they just wanted to check and make sure they were safe. At least they would know
where to start looking. As the cellular services expand, it would be an asset to hunters also that get lost in the
woods or get into danger. They could call the Unitrac Data Base and their exact location would be known
and the operators could direct them out of the woods. The Unitrac System would also contain a one touch
dial button on the face of the cell phone. If this button is pressed, it will automatically contact the Data Base
and pin point your location. This would be an emergency type button. At the time you purchase this plan,
you will be asked to list a person to be contacted in case of emergency along with a phone number. The
person listed on your card to notify in case of emergency would be called at this time. Next the Data Base
would call back to make sure it was not an accidental call.

Witnessed and Understood.

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