10 reasons why Shared Ownership is still crucial by 7huyI83


									10 reasons why Shared Ownership is still crucial to
affordable housing and a healthy housing market

   Helps maintain a level of turnover in social housing tenancies, freeing up valuable
    properties at an affordable price.

   Generates extra financial capacity that Registered Providers can use to produce
    more affordable rented housing, increasing housing supply.

   When shared ownership homes are resold or extra shares are bought, grants are
    recycled for further housing investment, delivering excellent value for money for
    the public purse.

   Contributes to mixed, balanced sustainable communities, with variation of income
    and tenure.

   Enables people on modest incomes to gain a stake in their home and the housing
    market with relatively low deposits.

   Helps to create household wealth and assets, making people less reliant on the
    state and supporting personal aspiration.

   Offers an alternative, affordable housing choice for people paying 80% of market
    rent who come to the end of their fixed-term tenancy.

   Monthly costs may be cheaper for the customer than 80% of market rent in some
    local housing markets.

   Offers security of tenure, family stability and ‘a place of one’s own’.

   Provides a clear bridge between the rental and outright sale markets, with people
    able to move at their own pace towards outright purchase.

Promoting Shared Ownership
November 2010

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