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									                                Meldan Fabrications Limited
                                     Procedure MF 3



The Meldan Fabrications hazard identification and risk assessment policy is to ensure that:

 Hazards associated with work activities are systematically identified;
 The risks presented by these hazards are assessed, or where applicable specialist assessments are
  referenced (i.e. COSHH, DSE, Hand Arm Vibration, Manual Handling assessments);
 Appropriate control measures are implemented to minimise the risks to health and safety of
  employees and others who may be affected by work activities; and
 Information regarding hazards, risks and precautionary measures is effectively communicated to all

Risk Assessments will be carried out in relation to all hazards identified as part of the undertaking of
Meldan Fabrications Limited.

The policy applies to employees, contractors, self-employed persons and visitors on all Meldan
Fabrications and Clients sites.


In addition to the designated roles and responsibilities defined in the company health and safety policy,
specific duties under this procedure will be as follows:

Managing Director/General Manager: Set risk assessment objectives for the company and
individual divisions, ensuring the provision of adequate company resources, and make strategic
decisions for the implementation of control measures,
Divisional Managers: Ensure objectives for risk assessment and reviews are achieved within their
division, ensure risk assessors within their division are made available, ensure the provision of adequate
divisional resources and ensure risk assessors are provided with adequate information, instruction and
Site Managers/Supervisors Ensure risk assessments are carried out, ensure the implementation of
specific control measures, validate the adequacy of control measures, and ensure employees under their
control are provided with adequate information and instruction.
Site Safety Adviser: Provide practical advice and training on hazard identification, assessment
techniques and methods of control.



 Clear objectives regarding the completion and review of assessments will be clearly defined. These
  will be on a company and site specific level;
 Risk assessors will be assembled, consisting of all or a selection of the following: -

                                        Divisional Manager,
                                        Site Managers,
                                        Site Supervisors,
                                        Safety Officer,
                                        Safety Representatives, and
                                        Specialists;

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                               Meldan Fabrications Limited
                                    Procedure MF 3

 All risk assessors will receive adequate training in the principles of hazard identification and risk
  assessment, together with the application of the risk assessment methodology used; and
 The General Manager/Divisional Managers will provide the necessary resources for the completion
  of risk assessments, to include time, training and finances.

Where applicable the following techniques will be used: -

    Job safety analysis;
    Fault tree analysis;
    Event tree analysis;
    Failure modes and effect analysis;
    Hazard analysis; and
    Hazard and operability studies.

Hazard identification, using the above techniques, will be applied to all plant, equipment and processes
in relation to general and major hazards. Consideration will be given to the various stages of plant and
equipment, including: -

    The design stage;
    The construction phase;
    The commissioning phase;
    The operational phase, including process change; and
    The decommissioning phase.

Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment

Divisional Managers, Site Managers and Supervisors will initiate risk Assessments with the overall
approach to the risk assessment process addressing the following issues:

   Identification of the job, process, etc. to be assessed;
   Breakdown of job steps;
   Systematic identification of hazards for each step;
   Utilisation of sources of information relating to hazards, risk and control measures (e.g. accident
    investigation reports and accident statistics);
   Use of the risk assessment methodology;
   Identification of employees who may exposed to the hazards;
   Identification of existing controls and their effectiveness;
   Evaluation of risk;
   Interaction of general and specific risk assessment (i.e. COSHH, DSE, Manual Handling);
   Detail recommendations for additional control measures;
   Recording the risk assessment on the Meldan Fabrications risk assessment form;
   Review and update of risk assessments;
   Development of procedures for safe systems of work; and
   Communication to the workforce.

Young Persons and Pregnant or Nursing Mothers: Where these groups of employee are likely to be
exposed to a hazard from which they will be at particular risk, then the assessment will take account of
this. Additional controls may be required. If control is not possible then the employee will not be
exposed to the risk, i.e. they will be taken off the job/process in question.

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                               Meldan Fabrications Limited
                                    Procedure MF 3

Recommendations for Control

 Recommendations for additional control measures that cannot be immediately attained will be
  clearly defined within a remedial action plan;
 Responsibilities for the completion of actions will be allocated to individuals or specialist teams;
 Prioritised targets for completion and implementation will be defined within the action plan;
 All recommendations within the remedial action plan will be entered into an action tracking system;
 Upon implementation, the effectiveness of all control measures will be validated through a risk
  assessment review; and
 Maintenance of control measures will be defined.

Control measures will be based on a heirachy of controls, which will follow the following principles:

   Elimination of the hazard;
   Substitution for something less hazardous;
   Reduction of hazard potential;
   Isolation of hazard;
   Enclosure of hazard;
   Work procedures; and
   Personal protective equipment.

These will be supplemented with safe systems of work and information, instruction, training and

Review of Assessments

Assessments will be reviewed at intervals dependent on the nature of the risks and the degree of change
likely in the work activity, in particular: -

 When there are significant changes in working practices or plant; or
 When the original assessment is considered to be inadequate.

All amendments to the original assessment will be recorded.


Information, instruction and training regarding hazards, risks and control measures will be provided to:

 Employees – upon initial employment, when a new hazard has been introduced to the workplace, or
  when they are assigned to new work activities and at periodic intervals as part of a refresher

 Subcontractors – who will receive an appropriate level of information relating to Meldan
  Fabrications activities;

All other persons who may be affected by Meldan Fabrications activities will be provided with
information in accordance with the Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996.


The implementation of this Meldan Fabrications procedure will be monitored as defined in Meldan
Fabrications procedure MF2 (Health & Safety Monitoring & Review).

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                             Meldan Fabrications Limited
                                  Procedure MF 3


The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999.
The Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992.
The Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992.
The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992.
The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (Amendment) Regulations 1999.
The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998.
The Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992.


MF5 Hazard and Accident Reporting and Investigation.

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