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					Celebrating 130 Years
Celebrating 130 Years

            Solomon R. Dresser

In 1880, Solomon R. Dresser established the
S.R. Dresser Manufacturing Company in Bradford,
Pennsylvania. Eleven years later, relying on his
acquired knowledge of rubber compounds, he
introduced his first Dresser® bolted coupling, a
breakthrough method for joining plain-end pipe in
the emerging natural gas industry. By 1918,
Dresser’s basic coupling had been used on more
than 9,000 miles of pipelines in the U.S. – a total of   May 11, 1880
                                                         Solomon R. Dresser Awarded
approximately 2,159,000 couplings.                       First Patent

Technology Innovation Through the Years

                                    Product Lines

                 May 11, 1880 Solomon
                 Dresser (1842-1911) founds
                 what would become Dresser,
                 Inc. when he patents a packer                                            1940 Dresser oil
                 used to isolate oil                                                      well packers
                 underground.                                                             emerge as industry
                                                    1925 Coupling Installation            staple.

  1880                            1903              1925                         1938                1940

                                                                                        1938 Burma
1903 Dresser opens a new                                                                Shipment
coupling manufacturing facility
in Bradford, PA.

Technology Innovation Through the Years

                         Product Lines

                           1953 Dresser coupling
                           found in New York’s
                           Allegheny State Park in                  1994 Dresser Becker
                           excellent condition after                introduces Zero Bleed
                           50 years of service.                     technology.

  1950                  1953                      1958                     1994                   2004

                                                                              In 2004, Dresser reached a
1950 Dresser plant in                                                         milestone as a 100-Year
Bradford, PA                               1958 Follower assembly             Member of AWWA (American
                                                                              Waterworks Association).

Technology Innovation Through the Years

                                   1957 Masoneilan
                                   valves are used in                                       1975 Masoneilan
                                   the first nuclear                                        advances the
        1882 Mason Regulator       generator power                                          industry with the
        Company patents the        plant in             1964 Masoneilan equipment is        Lo-dB® high
        steam pump governor.       Shippingport, PA.    used during the second stage of     pressure control
                                                        the Apollo program.                 valve.

1882            1944                 1957                  1964                 1968              1975

       1944 Masoneilan develops                                           1968 Masoneilan
       the Cv valve sizing                                                introduces the
       coefficient which becomes                                          Camflex®
       the universal measurement                                          universal,
       for valve flow capacity.                                           standardized

                                    Masoneilan drafting room

Technology Innovation Through the Years

                                                                2001 The
                         1982 The                               Foundation
                         LincolnLog® high                       Fieldbus               2008 The Smart Valve
                         pressure axial flow                    Positioner             Interface Emergency
                         liquid letdown                         (FVP) is               Shutdown Device (SVI
                         valve is developed.                    introduced.            ESD) is developed.

 1981                  1982                    1997          2001             2006                   2008

1981 Masoneilan                     1997 After being                                 2006 Dresser
receives the Valaar                 acquired by Dresser in                           Masoneilan builds on
award for major                     1985, Dresser                                    the Smart Technology
achievements for the                Masoneilan introduces                            platform with the Smart
sixth time in a row.                advanced control                                 Valve Interface
                                    technology with the                              Advanced
                                    Smart Valve Interface                            Performance (SVI II
                                    (SVI®) digital valve                             AP) valve positioner.

Technology Innovation Through the Years

           1854 The Roots                                            1893 Ex-employee
           brothers introduce                                        acquires patent for
           the Roots rotary                                          modified blower
           positive                                                  and forms
           displacement                                              Connersville
           blower.                                                   Blower Company.

1854                        1867                            1893                           1914

       1867 Roots rotary positive                                                      1914 Roots
       displacement blower wins the                                                    develops the
       highest award at the Paris                                                      tri-lobe
       World’s Fair, and the Roots                                                     impeller.
       “Western Tornado” 21.5 foot
       tall blower powers the New
       York subway under Broadway
                                      ROOTS WORKFORCE IN THE 1860S

Technology Innovation Through the Years

                                  1941 During World
                                  War II, Roots
                                  supplies U.S. Navy
                                  submarines and craft         1999 The Roots and
                                  with special screw           DMD Divisions
                                  compressors used             Dresser Equipment
                                  to blow ballast.             Group, Inc. combine.

1920            1941                         1944                    1999                    2007

          1920 The first Roots           1944 Dresser                                 2007 Dresser,
          meter is built by the          purchases Roots                              Inc. is acquired
          Connorsville Blower            Blowers and Meters.                          by a consortium
          Corporation in                                                              led by
          Connorsville, IN.                                                           Riverstone
                                                                                      Holdings LLC.

Technology Innovation Through the Years

       1891 Wayne Oil Tank                                  1941 During World War
       Company is founded.                                  II, Wayne manufactures
       The first pump is a                                  20mm shells and two
       wooden cabinet that                                  pound anti-air craft
       dispenses kerosene.                                  shells for the U.S. Army.

1891               1893                 1907                       1941                       1968

                                                                                        1968 Dresser
          1893 “The Best Self
                                                                                        combines forces
          Measuring Oil Pump”
                                                                                        with Wayne to
          The Wayne dispenser
          design wins the gold
                                                                                        Dresser Wayne.
          medal at the Columbian
          Exposition in Chicago.

                                   1907 The first gasoline pump that
                                   Wayne releases on the market is hand-
                                   operated and delivers one gallon for
                                   each piston stroke.

 Technology Innovation Through the Years

                                        1998 WayneTRAC is
                                        created specifically for
                                                                             2009 The Ovation LX
                                        the Exxon speedpass
                                                                             fuel dispenser
                                        program. It is the only
                                                                             updates the popular
                                        radio frequency
                                                                             Ovation with
1981 Dresser Wayne                      identification (RFID)
                                                                             enhanced aesthetics
releases the first                      system custom
                                                                             and improved user
Customer Activated                      designed for the retail
Terminal (CAT).                         petroleum industry.

  1981                1986                     1998                   2005           2007                   2009

                                                                                2007 the highly
                                              2005 Dresser                      accurate Xflo
                                              Wayne                             Meter is           2009 Fusion
                                              revolutionizes at-                launched.          Forecourt System
                                              the-pump                                             interfaces with
                                              merchandising with                                   multi-vendor
                                              the Ovation iX                                       devices and POS
               1986 Dresser Wayne             dispenser featuring                                  systems to simplify
               introduces Pay-at-the-         a full-color display.                                operations.

Technology Innovation Through the Years

                                                     1935 Waukesha begins
                                                     production on the Railway Ice
1906 Waukesha Motor
                                                     Engine that provided AC and
Company incorporates
                                                     electric power for passenger
with $25,000.
                                                     railway service.

 1906                  1917                                  1935                            1956

                                                                              1956 Waukesha launches
                                                                              ENGINATOR high capacity
                                                                              engine generator system.
                          1917 Waukesha produces
                          “Class B” military truck engines
                          used in World War I.

Technology Innovation Through the Years

                                                                                2010 Dresser
                                                                                introduces the new
                      2001 Dresser Waukesha                                     generation high
1974 Dresser          introduces the Engine System                              performance 275GL
acquires              Manager (ESM®) that                                       Series for gas
Waukesha.             optimizes engine performance.                             compression.

 1974          1982                  2001                      2006                     2010

                       1982 Dresser
                       Waukesha pioneers
                       landfill gas use as
                       engine fuel.

                                                      2006 Dresser Waukesha
                                                      introduces the low-emission,
                                                      high efficiency APG 1000 for
                                                      the world power generation

Technology Innovation Through the Years

                                             1926 Consolidated installs
                                             the first 1200 psi boiler in                     1954 Consolidated
       1868 Edward Ashcroft, of              the United States. It                            enhances steam
       the company that would                advances the industry by                         generation
       become Dresser                        introducing safety valve                         efficiency with the
       Consolidated, develops the            development testing for high                     Thermodisc™, the
       first side rod construction           pressure power plant                             first temperature
       safety valve.                         valves.                                          compensating disc.

1868             1920                    1926                    1940                  1954               1960

                                                                                               1960 Eddystone,
                                                                                               the first successful
                                                                                               supercritical, steam
                        1920 Consolidated                         1940 Flow capacities         electric power
                        pioneers the use of                       are dramatically             station in the United
                        specialty nickel alloy                    increased with the           States is equipped
                        materials in safety                       introduction of the          with Consolidated
                        valves.                                   Maxiflow® safety valve.      safety valves.

 Technology Innovation Through the Years

                                                       1982 The Green Tag
                                                       Center is established.
                                                       It is the industry’s first
1967 After Dresser acquires
                                                       network of
Consolidated in 1964, the company                                                      1999 ValvKeep valve
                                                       independent service
introduces two new Maxiflow®                                                           maintenance software
                                                       and repair centers.
valves to meet the needs of the                                                        simplifies data management.
nuclear power industry.

   1967                 1968                    1982                      1988                  1999                 2008

                             1968 Dresser Consolidated
                             introduces the first
                             internally-sensed pilot valve
                             which eliminates                                                          2008 After 25 years in
                             vulnerable external tubing.                                               service, the Eddystone
                                                                                                       power station valves
                                                             1988 Electronic Valve Tester              are replaced.
                                                             delivers advanced in-service
                                                             safety relief valve diagnostics.

Continuing the Tradition of Industry Leadership

Today, Dresser continues the spirit of innovation.

Innovations that Help Preserve the Environment

                          Becker Zero      Solar Powered     SVII – Smarts     275 GL Plus        IntelliView®
                          Bleed Valve
                                           Chem Injection     Automation        Emissions          Air Control
                                               Pump            Efficiency    Reducing Engine        Systems

Recognized for Performance in the Most Demanding Conditions

                        High Temperature    Severe Service    Compressed       Rugged, Remote   Services for Optimal
                         High Pressures      Applications     Natural Gas        Operations        Process Flow

           Dresser currently has more than 1200 issued patents and registered trademarks in
           the US and countries around the world with more than 300 applications pending.

Marilyn Franklin               Nancy Deptolla             Arthur White
Dresser Inc.                   Dresser Waukesha           Dresser Roots
Office: +1 972-361-9987        Office: +1 262-236-4175    Office: +1 832-590-2408

Piotr Pojedynek                D.P. Rabalais
Dresser Consolidated           Dresser Wayne
Dresser Masoneilan             Office +1 512-388-8621
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