An Employer Mandate That Is Specifically Targeted To HARM the by 7huyI83


									An Employer Mandate That Is Specifically Targeted To
         HARM the Construction Industry

   The Senate healthcare bill has added a harmful and expensive new
    employer mandate that is specifically targeted at the construction

   Under the revised bill, construction companies are required to provide
    coverage or pay penalties if they have more than five (5) employees
    and a payroll that exceeds $250,000. A firm size exemption of 50-
    employees or less applies for all other industries.

   This destructive new mandate was only made public now – just days
    before the Senate votes on the healthcare reform bill.

   The narrowly focused mandate is an unprecedented assault on the
    construction industry, and especially to the men and women who own
    and operate small construction firms.

   Worst of all, this mandate, which will directly strengthen the already
    powerful labor union lobby is nothing more than a political payoff
    designed to make it easier for big unions to grow its membership rolls.

   In an industry where the unemployment rate is exceeding 18%, and
    struggling to overcome historic job losses, this is NOT the reform our
    nation’s construction industry needs or can afford.

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