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									                                          CA.S.T. is funded in part by grants
                                                        from:                             C.A.S.T.
C.A.S.T. members are local youth in                                                 Clean & Sober Theatre
recovery from addiction to drugs or
alcohol. Supporting parts may be
played by individuals who have been
affected by addiction in a close friend
or family member(s).

The C.A.S.T. script changes each year
based on the young people who
participate. Thus, although the major
concepts are the same, the show itself
may be different from one year to the

Additional Services:
    A teacher in--service program
     may be provided at no charge in
     the metro Tucson area up to one
     week prior to the performance.

    C.A.S.T. will provide a written
    guide on how to prepare your
    group for the show.

    C.A.S.T. will perform for
    community groups or trainings.

    C.A.S.T. will arrange for Al-                                                 Substance Abuse Prevention &
     Anon to be present at shows in                                                 Peer Education for Youth
     metro Tucson

Facility Requirements:
    Private, soundproof warm up                  Compass Health Care
     space available 90 minutes                    Administrative Offices
     before start time                               2475 N. Jackrabbit
    Approximately 16’ X 20’                         Tucson, AZ 85745             Presented by Compass Health Care
     performance space                       (520)882-5608 – (520)882-5676 fax     Providing effective & affordable
    Minimum 1 ½ hours allotted for                      community-based substance abuse
     program                                                                       treatment, education & prevention
    A 6-8 foot table for resources and
              C.A.S.T.                                                                          C.A.S.T. models skills needed for young people
                                                                                                to make healthy choices…
      Clean and Sober Theatre                                                                   “I’m about ready to tell everybody what only a
                                                                                                few people know. My dad actually died from
  Changing Lives, Making a Difference!                                                          drugs and it hurts to see people laughing at that.
                                                                                                And I’ve been messing around with that stuff
   C.A.S.T. is an innovative alcohol and                                                        too. My mom’s just kind of oblivious. She
other drug prevention and education                                                             thinks because of my dad I’ll just stay away—
program that utilizes live theatre to convey                                                    but it doesn’t work like that. But I’m getting
the real-life experiences of local teens and                                                    help—and I just want to let you know how much
young adults whose lives have been                                                              it hurts when you’ve been through this. And I
impacted by addiction.                                                                          want to thank you guys (C.A.S.T.) for
                                                                                                motivating me to get clean.”
                                                Why you should include “C.A.S.T.”               High School Freshman, Tucson, AZ
   C.A.S.T. members take the stage to             In Your Prevention Program
reveal their personal experience of addiction       ____________________________________
                                                                                                “I went to your last play and I was the one who
and recovery in painful detail.          Peer                                                   felt like I was breaking inside, I just wanted to
education follows the performance as               In the state of Arizona, 12% of youth       say I feel better. Thanx.”
C.A.S.T. members candidly address                   between the ages of 12 and 18 are           High School Student, Tucson, AZ
anonymous questions surrounding the                 addicted to alcohol or other drugs
consequences of alcohol and other drug use                                                      C.A.S.T. is a vital link to school and
                                                   Pima County has the highest rate of         community change …
and abuse.                                          underage drinking in the state-53.2% of     “The show itself [along with the subsequent
                                                    12-18 year-olds drank alcohol in the        editorials] triggered much discussion in our
   C.A.S.T.      performance     promotes           past month.
individual and community awareness and                                                          community—adults and youth alike—about how
                                                                                                to prevent future tragedies from drug and
opens a candid dialogue related to alcohol         9% of youth ages 12-18 are dependent
                                                                                                alcohol abuse.”
and other drug use and addiction. It also           on alcohol but did not receive treatment;   Community Youth Memorial Fund, Green Valley, AZ
empowers many audience members to                   3% of youth in this age group are
recognize the problem and act on their              dependent on other drugs but did not        “The shows raised awareness and emotions in
personal obligation to be a part of the             receive treatment.                          our students and initiated discussions that lasted
solution.                                                                                       the rest of the day. We really needed this.
                                                   For every $1 spent on prevention, $10 is
                                                    saved in substance abuse treatment          High School Principal, Tucson, AZ
   C.A.S.T. values young people as the best         costs.
resources for creating dynamic solutions for
                                                                                                 FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT
the problems they face today. C.A.S.T.             “The C.A.S.T.” presentation meets the       C.A.S.T., TO BOOK A SHOW OR REFER
members are proud role models that convey           standards of the State of Arizona                   A CAST MEMBER CALL:
messages of hope and healing; and that              Department of Education for Substance            (520) 628-3362 OR (520) 628-3411
recovery is possible.                               Abuse curriculum.                                 e-mail:

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