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									                              Teacher Referral - Media School 12/13

One of your current or former students has used your name as a reference in their application for the
Media School program. If you are not familiar with Media School, an explanation of the program and
its components is included on the next page. Your recommendation is the primary factor in
determining acceptance in the program.

Student’s Name: __________________________________

Teacher’s Name: ______________________                 Subject:_________________________

Please circle a number to best estimate your response. If you feel like you don’t know if the student
exhibits a particular quality or skill, please write DK (don’t know):


 Completes work on time.           1        2    3 4 5              Willing to take appropriate        1        2   3 4 5
                                                                    risks, to be different.
 Able to work with many types      1        2    3 4 5              Has social conscience, concern     1        2   3 4 5
 of people.                                                         for the welfare of others.
 Able to work independently        1        2    3 4 5              Able to think analytically         1        2   3 4 5
 with minimal supervision.
 Interested in learning and        1        2    3 4 5              Is curious, interested in a        1        2   3 4 5
 shows initiative.                                                  diversity of subjects / topics.
 Has good attendance and           1        2    3 4 5              Is passionate about some or        1        2   3 4 5
 punctuality.                                                       many topics.
 A good judge of appropriate       1        2    3 4 5              Has a sense of humor, irony.       1        2   3 4 5
 behavior in all situations.                                        Loves language.
 Creative and imaginative in       1        2    3 4 5              Is a storyteller. Has a sense of   1        2   3 4 5
 one or more areas.                                                 narrative. Aware of audience.

How would you judge the overall suitability of this student? (circle a number or mark an “x” underneath)
                                            Not very



                                             1         2        3    4      5

Please feel free to add any additional comments that you think would be appropriate for us to know.

If you would like to respond verbally, please phone 683-8221 ext 3002 and leave your contact info.
What is Media School?

There are a limited number of spots available in the program and we wish to make the acceptance process as
fair as possible. We ask that you respond to the questions above so that we can best match the student and
the program. You might base your assessment on the following description of the program.

Media School is a special program that brings a classroom of Grade 11 students together all day for an entire
semester with two teachers. While the focus is on film and video production, students will earn credits for
two English Language Arts classes (20 and 30B), Physics 20, and Communications Production Technology
20 and 30. Students come to Evan Hardy Collegiate Institute, where the program is housed, from all over
the city and return to their home school at the completion of the semester.

Media School integrates subject matter from all five courses and takes a real-world problem-solving
approach – we try to give students an authentic experience of the film and television industry. Similarly to
any film or video production house, they will have to address problems of content (what stories are we
going to tell?), technology (what resources do we have available to tell our stories and what skills do we
need to most effectively use those resources?) and audience (where will we find our audience?). This
requires a great deal of independent and group work on the part of the students. In order to address the many
problems that flow out of the major issues, they will be expected to research, talk to experts, experiment and
test solutions. In turn they will need to educate each other about their solutions to problems so that everyone
can operate at an adequate artistic and technical level. The role of the teacher is to act as a guide, facilitator
and mentor.

Film and television production requires the cooperative efforts of many different types of people:
     the creative with sound and pictures
     story tellers
     risk-takers who are willing try that which is new or different
     those who are comfortable with technology
     those who are good at organizing projects and managing details.
Students who have skills in the visual arts, music, creative writing, industrial arts (building, making), drama,
computers, costume and makeup are needed in the program.

Motivated students who achieve in high school are of course good candidates for Media School. However,
Media School is an alternate educational experience and rewards students who have some of the above
qualities. Students with those qualities do not always do well in the mainstream academic classroom. We are
looking for some of those kinds of students, the “gems in the rough.” We need your judgment as to whether
or not these individuals are capable of and willing to engage in the program.

◘ Media school requires students to handle a significant number of varying responsibilities at the same
◘ Media production requires the coordinated and cooperative efforts of many individuals in order to
  achieve a common objective. There are very clearly defined roles and hierarchies.
◘ Students are often unsupervised and required to work independently on research, experiments and tests.
◘ Acquiring images and sound on location will often require students to travel to local locations without
  teacher supervision.
◘ Students will have access to expensive production equipment that requires safe and careful handling.

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