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									                            Cape Horn-Skye Elementary School

      Kodiak News
9731 Washougal River Road, Washougal, WA 98671                 Tuesday Jan 20, 2010 954-3600
 Mary Lou Woody, Principal                           

 From the principal
 Our staff and students are busy teaching and learning here at Cape Horn-Skye
 Elementary. Everyday, our students learn many new things. Our staff members are
 learning too!

 This year, staff and students are focusing on writing (creative stories, poems, et.) and
 math. Of course, we continue to teach all subjects, but are placing a special emphasis
 on these two subjects. There are only so many hours in a school day, so teachers must
 do a juggling act to cover everything they are responsible for in their grade level. Our
 staff members take this responsibility very seriously.

 Because of our focus on writing and math, we have had several professional
 development trainings in these areas. Staff attend these trainings on early release
 Wednesdays, after school and on Saturdays. When teachers learn new strategies, these
 are used in the classroom. Staff need to have an extensive “toolbox” of strategies to
 draw from to ensure student success.

 Regular assessments in the classrooms tell us if our strategies are working. If we are
 finding that a strategy isn’t producing the results we want to see, we try another strategy.
 We know that a strategy may work with one student, but not with another, so we work to
 find the right combination. We want all our students to succeed and are working to make
 that happen.

 We are a busy bunch!!

                                   Cape Horn-Skye
                               CHANGE OF DESTINATION
 ______________________________ has permission to ride the bus to _________________________
     (first & last name)                                                 (where)
 after school on ________________________
 Address _____________________________________________________________
 Bus # _____________                               Rm# _______________

 Signed ____________________________________         Date ________________
Jan 28                     Kodiak Assembly        Does your class have KODIAK SPIRIT? If so,
Feb 9                                 VOTE        we have a challenge for you. Wear red, white or
Feb 12 & 15                       No School       Kodiak clothing every Friday and receive one
Feb 23                     Kodiak Assembly        point for your class. Once a month, at the
Mar 1-5                              Bookfair     Kodiak Assembly (Super citizens) the class with
Mar 5                           Family Night      the highest percentage will be honored and
Mar 12    No School (possible snow makeup)        rewarded with the KODIAK MASCOT to keep in
Mar 24-26              Conferences ½ days         their classroom. Let’s not forget our kindy group
Mar 29-Apr 2                    Spring Break      A and Mon/Thur Preschool. Your spirit day will
                                                  be Thursdays.
Each Wed. – Early Release 11:35 AM
Each Fri. - Kodiak Spirit day
      wear red and white or Kodiak Clothing

Boosters are still selling the very popular
Kodiak Cookbooks. They are only $5 each!          SCHOOL LEVI VOTE
                                                  Please don’t forget to vote to continue funding
Rivers Edge Poetry books from last year can       Washougal schools Tuesday, February 9th
be purchased for $3 at the office. If you did
not get yours, don’t miss out!

COLLECTING POETRY SUBMISIONS                      The best way to cheer yourself up is
Cape Horn-Skye and Canyon Creek schools           to try to cheer somebody else up.
are collecting student poetry for the 2010
Rivers Edge Poetry Book and for entries into      ~Mark Twain
other poetry contests. It’s time to get writing
and show your talent.

                                        Cape Horn-Skye
                                      EXCUSED ABSENCE

   Please excuse _______________________________ for being absent ___________
                     first & last name                            Date(s)
   due to _______________________________.

   Signed_______________________________ Dated _______________

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