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					                          Cosmetology Careers Quiz

Name: _________________________________             Date: ______________________________

Instructions: Match the career description on the left with the name of the career on the right.

___ Provide different looks for customers by      A. Skin Care Specialist
bonding, braiding, weaving, and sewing hair
extensions into existing hair.
____ Massage, shampoo, and condition              B. Reflexologist
customers’ hair and scalp to clean them and
remove excess oil.
___ Develop floor plans and three-                C. Wig and Extension Specialist
dimensional presentations of goods and
services in order to maximize sales.
___ Clean, shape, decorate, and polish            D. Massage Therapist
customers’ toenails and fingernails.
___ Create a variety of hairstyles ranging from   E. Hairdresser
the historical to the overly extreme.
____ Give facial and other body treatments        F. Product Demonstrator
using specialized products and techniques.
___ Design and create lifelike images to be       G. Fashion Consultant
permanently tattooed on a client’s body.
___ Physicians who are trained to evaluate        H. Makeup Artist
and manage patients with benign and
malignant disorders of the skin, hair, nailes,
and mucous membranes.
___ Responsible for creating public interest in   I. Esthetician
buying cosmetics.
___ Shampoo, cut, and style hair as well as       J. Visual Merchandiser
give manicures, care for eyebrows and skin,
and provide and apply makeup.
____ Help people improve their physical           K. Cosmetician
appearances through permanent removal of
unwanted hair.
___ Responsible for creating new products for     L. Manicurist
the cosmetology market
___ In charge of entertainment and recreation     M. Color Consultant
activities for cruise ship passengers.
___ Provide beauty services, such as              N. Tattoo Artist
shampooing, cutting, coloring and styling hair,
and massaging and treating the scalp.
____ Analyze skin conditions through            O. Film and Theater Hair Specialist
observation, questioning, and equipment
____ Responsible for stimulating reflexes by    P. Researcher
applying pressure to reflex points on the
hands or feet.
___ Confer with clients about medical           Q. Electrologist
histories, stress, and pain to determine how
massage will be most helpful.
____ Apply makeup to fashion and                R. Shampooer
photographic models, actors, and other
performers involved in stage, movies and TV.
____ Provide skin care treatments to the face   S. Educator
and body to enhance a client’s appearance.
___ Host seminars on smart, comfortable         T. Dermatologist
dressing for the office and environment.
___ Responsible for providing knowledge and     U. Cruise Hospitality Specialist
giving demonstrations that help students
prepare for obtaining cosmetology licenses.
___ Show how products work and answer           V. Model
questions about them.
___ Work door to door or in department          W. Cosmetologist
stores selling products.
___ Work to enhance moods, set tones, and       X. Beauty Therapist
accent natural beauty.
___ Use essential oils to improve clients’      Y. Barber
physical and emotional wellbeing.
___ In charge of cleansing and sterilizing      Z. Aromatherapist
instruments, cutting and trimming hair, and
shaping and trimming beards and mustaches.

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