JUNE 8 2011 Minutes by 62ppN2T


									                                         JUNE 8, 2011

   A regular meeting of the Madrid Town Board was called to order at 6:30 pm in the Town
   Members present: Joseph Finnegan, Supervisor, Tony Cooper, David Fisher, Tim Thisse,
Kevin Finnegan, Bill Barkley, Highway Supt. and Judy Hargrave, Town Clerk.
   Also present: Aaron Jarvis, Rick Sinclair, Ryan Dunphey, Corrina Gilchrist, Tammy Hawkins,
Alan Finnegan, Marcia Lemay, and Kim Bisonette.
   Public Comment: Rick Sinclair inquired about the progress of the boarding home definition
issue. The Supervisor stated that the Planning Board is currently working on this with the Town
   Kim Bisonette submitted a letter of resignation as Assessor effective June 30, 2011 as he has
plans to retire. David Fisher made a motion, second by Tim Thisse to accept Kim’s resignation
effective June 30, 2011. All were in favor.
   Aaron Jarvis gave the board an update on the WWTP project. The pump station on County
Route 14 is currently under construction, applications for payment for Fiacco & Riley for
$70,589.00, Perras Construction for $29,079.50 and Tisdel for $108,952.00 were submitted and
approved. Aaron is still working on a list of equipment to submit for the grant money.
   Alan Finnegan stated that he has a tentative date of June 23rd to meet with Dan Parker
regarding the dam.
   The Board reviewed the monthly report. Tony Cooper made a motion, second by Tim Thisse
acknowledging receipt of the monthly report. All were in favor.
   The Board reviewed the monthly bills and Tim Thisse made a motion, second by David Fisher
to pay the monthly bills. General #154 – 196 in the amount of $35,134.31, Highway #88-101 in
the amount of $10,750.66, Water #39-46 in the amount of $1,284.38, Sewer #23-25 in the amount
of $1,898.50 and Light District #6 in the amount of $1,020.07 All were in favor.
   Communications: Received a draft addendum to the rescue squad contract from Marcia
Lemay adding a hold harmless clause for the Town while performing maintenance on rescue
squad vehicles. David Fisher made a motion, second by Tim Thisse to authorize the Supervisor to
sign this addendum. Roll call vote as follows: David Fisher – Aye, Tony Cooper – Abstain, Kevin
Finnegan – Aye, Tim Thisse – Aye and Joseph Finnegan – Aye. The motion was duly passed.
   Received a letter from the US Department of Commerce concerning the 2010 census with
instructions to get more detailed information from the census. The Supervisor will forward this to
the Planning Board for their use.
    Received a letter from the NYS Dept. of Civil Service regarding a NYSHIP self audit of our
retiree’s health insurance plan benefits, this can be done online.
     Received a letter from the NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation informing the Town of
a violation which occurred at the WWTP on May 18, 2011. The incident was not reported at the
time but it has been repaired.
    The Supervisor attended a meeting of the AMP commissioners on June 2nd and received an
update on the contract negotiations between NCPA and the Howery Legal group. At this meeting
they passed a resolution demanding the resignation of James Monroe who is currently serving as
the Chairperson of the NCPA.
    Tony Cooper made a resolution, second by David Fisher urging Governor Andrew Cuomo to
appoint the remainder of the board members to the North Country Power Authority. All were in
    The Supervisor received a complaint from Heather Reed about the poisonous vegetation that is
growing on the hill behind her house on Bridge Street. The Board discussed this matter and
decided to take no action at this time.
    Bill Barkley: Roadside mowing has been completed, they will be putting a cap on the
Chipman Corners road and on School Street. Bill is looking for a large storage container that will
hold 4500 gallons. The Supervisor has talked to Rockwell Industries who are interested in buying
our water tower, they would refurbish it then lease it back to the Town for a thirty year period.
    Old Business: The board had received a workplace violence policy statement last month to
review, Tony Cooper made a motion, second by David Fisher to adopt the Workplace Violence
Policy as provided by Safety Joe, this will be on file in the Town Office. All were in favor.
   There is a meeting on June 15th at 5:30 with the Leberge Group to discuss the Community
Development Plan Project.
    New Business: Tim Thisse made a motion, second by Kevin Finnegan to approve the
additional insurance for the Bluegrass Festival at the cost of $1,447.50. All were in favor.
   Linda Newtown asked the Supervisor about continued health insurance coverage if she retires
this year. The board policy has been to allow employees to keep their insurance coverage after
they retire so Linda would be able to keep her coverage.
   The Town will be posting hours for the playground (9am-9pm) and a list of rules at the park.
    Tony Cooper made a motion, second by Tim Thisse to approve the minutes from the May 11,
2011 board meeting. All were in favor.
    The next town board meeting will be on July 13, 2011 at 6:30 pm.
    Tony Cooper made a motion, second by Tim Thisse to adjourn at 7:37 pm. All were in favor.
Judy Hargrave, Town Clerk

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