READINGS at the EUCHARIST                                     CALENDAR
                                                                                                      THE PARISH CHURCH OF
We are using Year B of the Lectionary
                                                                 Monday 11                          ST. OSWALD, KING & MARTYR
                                                    1030   Eucharist (BCP) S. Barnabas
Today’s Readings                                    1930   Prayer in the Bandstand Cae Glas
Genesis 3:8-15                                             Park
The man and woman hide from God, who                1830   Wedding Rehearsal Windsor/Evans
realises what they must have done.                  1930   Ladies Group - Speaker Mr. Neil            FIRST SUNDAY AFTER
Second Reading 2 Corinthians 4:13 – 5:1                          Tuesday 12
Amidst life’s troubles, Paul encourages             1430   Bible Group - 5 Park Drive                     10 JUNE 2012
Christians to set their hopes on their eternal      1900   Office open for Parish Business
heavenly home: God, who raised Jesus from                     Wednesday 13
the dead, will raise his people into his glorious   0915   Office open for Parish Business
presence.                                           1000   Under 5’s
                                                    1100   Funeral Yvonne Jacqueline Owen
Gospel Mark 3:20-35                                 1645   RSCM training
Jesus refutes both his family’s desire to take      1745   Junior Choir Practice - 1900
him in hand and the religious authorities’          1930   Course for Pastoral Visitors - Parish
accusations that he is demon-possessed.                    Centre
Those who attribute Jesus’ healing power to                     Thursday 14
Satan rather than the Holy Spirit are rejecting     0700   Men’s Breakfast
God’s kingdom.                                      0945   Franciscan Prayers in St.
              POST COMMUNION                        1000   From Park Gates - Mothers’ Union
                  Eternal Father,                          Outing Dorothy Clive Garden,
         we thank you for nourishing us                    Woore
            with these heavenly gifts:              1030   Eucharist (BCP)
     may our communion strengthen us in             1930   Finance Committee - Bronallt
                                                           Queens Park                              We welcome you most warmly to our worship.
                       faith,                                                                       Please introduce yourself, especially if you are
               build us up in hope,                               Friday 15                                     a visitor or a newcomer.
           and make us grow in love;                1200   Funeral - Jane Griffiths                After the 1030 Service, coffee and squash are
     for the sake of Jesus Christ our Lord.         1915   Full Choir practice                     served in the Parish Centre – please go through
                                                    2030   Adult Choir practice                    the Cloister Door beside the North Transept.
Shropshire Three Choirs Festival                                Saturday 16                        Toys for young children to play with can be
Sunday 1st July at 6 p.m. St. Oswald’s this year.   1000   Junior Choir RSCM training -1200        found near the Yale Memorial at the back of the
                                                    1200   Love Oswestry in Cae Glas Park          Church
Concert for Christian Aid                           1300   Wedding - Windsor/Evans
Saturday 23rd June 7 p.m. at Cabin Lane             1800   Evening Prayer
                                                                                                         The link for the weekly pew sheet
Church - Cabin Lane’s own Choir.                                                                     is:
                   PLEASE                                   DATES FOR YOUR DIARY                             FOOD BANK – Food donations as usual please.
      Speak to God before the Service                                                                        Special request for instant mash, spaghetti, rice,
  Let God speak to you during the Service                                                                    juice - (long dated), shampoo, shower gel,
                                                   MESSY CHURCH - Helpers meeting at 12 noon                 ketchup, mayo etc. Thank you to all donors.
   Speak to each other after the Services          In Parish Centre Basement TODAY please. Next
         SERVICES TODAY                            Messy Church 4 p.m. June 17th.
0715     Morning Prayer
                                                                                                                      FOR YOUR PRAYERS
0800     Eucharist - Rev. Keith Musson             PRAYER WALK FOR LOVE OSWESTRY -                        GLOBAL: PRAY for The Church of the
1010     Prayer in St. Catherine’s Chapel          MONDAY JUNE 11TH                                        Province of Myanmar (Burma) The Most Revd
1030     Parish Eucharist                          You are invited to walk (in quiet prayer) from          Stephen Than Myint Oo Archbishop of
         Setting: Mathias - Communion Service      your home or church to the Bandstand in Cae             Myanmar and Bishop of Yangon
         Anthem: Day by day - How                  Glas Park to arrive by 7.30 p.m. There will be
         Preacher: Rev. David Hart                 Prayer in the Bandstand followed by walking            COMPANION LINK: West Malaysia; for two
1200     Baptisms: Rev. Gordon Hodson              round the Park in Prayer - all in preparation for       Saint Chads Volunteers Anthony Arul from
1830     Choral Evensong (Choral Scholars &        Saturday June 16th                                      West Malaysia based at St. Barts, Penn,
         Adults)                                                                                           Wolverhampton and for Jason Brown as he
         Canticles: Harris in A minor              LOVE OSWESTRY - June 16th                               prepares to return from Penang, West
         Responses: Dowlen                         CAE GLAS PARK 12 NOON - 4 P.M.                          Malaysia to All Saints, Wellington, after his
         Anthem: Teach me thy way O Lord -         There are leaflets in church to give to others.         year at Christ Church. We are asked to pray y
         Hooper                                    Please use them as invitations or put in shops etc.     for the salvation of our children that they will be
         Preacher: Mr. Bill Bowen                  Thank you for all the help offered to the               protected and guided by the Holy Spirit.
  O God, the strength of all those who put their   Refreshment Stall. If you can offer help in these
                    trust in you,                  areas given below please fill in a Volunteer form      LOCAL: The Bishops of this Diocese; the
           mercifully accept our prayers           TODAY and hand it to Bill Bowen.                        Bishop of Lichfield - Jonathan Gledhill and our
      and, because through the weakness of         Setting up site A.M. 2 hr. Slots - 5 people             Area Bishops: Clive Gregory (Wolverhampton);
                 our mortal nature                 Packing down site from 4 p.m. - 5 people                Mark Rylands Shrewsbury) and Geoff Annas
       we can do no good thing without you,        Assisting on ground with Hot Air Balloon (1 hr.         (Stafford); that they may be filled afresh with
          grant us the help of your grace,         Slot - 5 people                                         God’s Spirit to lead us with wisdom and vision
   that in the keeping of your commandments        Welcoming at Park Gates (2 hr. Slots)11 people          and for all our Assistant Bishops
    we may please you both in will and deed;
     through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord,       COURSE FOR PASTORAL VISITORS                              For our Pastoral Visitors Course starting this
         who is alive and reigns with you,         Please see the May magazine for details of this            week and for our care of the most vulnerable
           in the unity of the Holy Spirit,        course starting at 7.30 p.m. on Wednesday June
            one God, now and for ever.             13th. If you would simply like to attend or be part       We pray for those being married in St.
                                                   of this ministry please speak to Simon or                  Oswald’s this summer, for the support of
                                                   telephone 653467                                           families and friends and for all that will sustain
       SERVICES NEXT SUNDAY                                                                                   them in their marriage.
0715     Morning Prayer                            JULY MAGAZINE - information to be in the
0800     Eucharist (said)                          Parish Office TODAY please. We are looking for          The long term sick and their families that they
1010     Prayer in St. Catherine’s Chapel          a wider range of contributions from across the          know we care both in prayer and action. For
1030     Parish Eucharist                          congregation. Please be encouraged to offer your        the housebound and isolated.
1200     Baptisms                                  contribution.                                          For the families of all who have recently died
1600     Messy Church                                                                                      that they may know God’s presence and the
1630     Evensong (No Choir)                                                                               support of others in their grief.

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