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Overview: The Facilities & Services Quality          General and Pre-requisite commissioning
Assurance, Commissioning and Inspections             activity typically begin at the end of the
Services (C&I) Group is assigned to each             design phases. Enhanced Commissioning
major Capital Project.       The Quality             activities will begin no later than during the
Assurance, Commissioning and Inspections             early design phase of the project and
Group are responsible for ENSURING that              proceed through the warranty period.
the commissioning process is executed in
accordance with the Professional Services
Agreement, and meets the requirements of             Overview of Responsibilities of the
the Owner’s Project Requirements (OPR).              Commissioning Team: These are found in
                                                     more detail in other sections of these
The University of Illinois at Urbana-
                                                     Standards but are designated as follows:
Champaign is committed to commissioning
the mechanical and electrical systems for            LEED Requirements shall be determined by
the reliable, safe, and secure operation of          the U of I.
each facility. This process will verify that
systems are complete and functioning                 The Initial OPR shall be completed by the U
properly upon substantial completion and             of I and updated by the AE.
that the U of I staff has appropriate system         Basis of Design shall be completed in
documentation and training as required per           response to the OPR (and updated) by the
the Bid Documents.                                   AE.
Commissioning occurs at three levels:                Commissioning Plan shall be initiated by the
1. Basic commissioning of all systems and            U of I but updated by the AE during Design
   equipment regardless of project size is           and Construction.
   required to assure compliance with the            Commissioning   and    verification and
   project Drawings and Specifications. All          documentation shall be completed by the
   projects at the U of I will be                    Contractor.
                                                     U of I Commissioning and Inspections
2. LEED      Fundamental       (Pre-requisite)       personnel will observe commissioning.
   commissioning will be applicable on all
   LEED Certified projects. Documentation            LEED documentation will be submitted by
   in accordance with the US Green                   the AE.
   Building Council will be the responsibility       See Exhibit 01 91 13 -1, Commissioning
   of the Commissioning Team.                        Roles and Responsibilities Template for
3. LEED Enhanced commissioning will be               information. This exhibit identifies the roles
   required on all projects greater than             of the Owner and Commissioning Agent in
   $5,000,000 and/or as directed by the              the commissioning process and provides a
   PSA.    Documentation in accordance               template for the Contractor to edit and
   with the USGBC will be the                        complete roles and responsibilities of their
   responsibility of the Commissioning               Commissioning Team members.
                                                     LEED As part of the commissioning
                                                     process, the U of I will define requirements
        Clarification: The U of I encourages         for US Green Building Certification under
        an integrated building design. As            LEED 2009 for Fundamental Building
        such, Commissioning may extend               Systems Commissioning; and for Enhanced
        beyond      the   mechanical      and        Commissioning. A portion of the enhanced
        electrical systems to include building       commissioning LEED point is obtainable by
        components. Commissioning of the             providing a Re-commissioning Management
        envelope       or   other     building       Manual.          The      Re-commissioning
        components will be described in the          Management Manual is outlined in the LEED
        PSA.                                         requirements to include nine (9) distinct
                                                     sections, all intended to document the
                                                     original system design intent and operation

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and to help the Owner operate the building           responsibilities and meet the objectives of
as efficiently and effectively as possible           the contract documents.
throughout the life of the facility.
                                                     The fundamental objectives        of    the
                                                     Commissioning Process are to:
Scope of Commissioning work will                     1. Clearly document the Owner’s Project
include: [Note to AE: Insert language in the            Requirements;
Contract Documents to address the
                                                     2. Provide documentation and tools to
                                                        improve the quality of deliverables;
1. Description of Commissioning by AE
                                                     3. Verify and document that systems and
2. Responsibilities  of    Commissioning                assemblies perform according to the
   Team by AE / Contractor                              Owner’s Project Requirements;
3. Submittals and Deliverables                       4. Verify that adequate and accurate
                                                        system and assembly documentation is
4. Startup Process and Procedures
                                                        provided to the owner;
5. Functional Performance        Tests    and
                                                     5. Verify that operation and maintenance
                                                        personnel and occupants are properly
6. Testing    Documentation,             Non-           trained,
   Conformance and Approvals
                                                     6. Provide an overall uniform and effective
7. Operation and Maintenance Manuals                    accountable process for delivery of
                                                        construction projects to the Owner;
8. Training of Using Agency Personnel
                                                     7. Deliver buildings and construction
9. Deferred Testing                                     projects that meet the owner’s needs, at
10. Written Work Products                               the time of completion;
Commissioning is a quality-oriented process          8. Utilize     quality-based      sampling
for achieving, verifying, and documenting               techniques to detect systemic problems;
that the performance of facilities, systems,
                                                     9. Verify proper coordination among
and assemblies meet defined objective and               systems and assemblies, and among all
criteria. The commissioning process begins              Contractors, subcontractors, vendors,
at the pre-design phase and continues
                                                        and    manufacturers   of    furnished
through the life of the project.          The
                                                        equipment and assemblies.
commissioning process includes specific
tasks to be conducted during each phase in
order to verify that the design, construction,
                                                     Owners Project Requirements: The OPR
and training meets the Owner’s Project
                                                     will be utilized to establish a baseline of
                                                     performance expectations to which the
The members of the Commissioning Team                actual installed performance is compared.
normally consist of an independent (a                The     OPR      reflects   the  underlying
separate division of the Owner or an Owner           assumptions and requirements that become
– contracted) commissioning Authority                represented in the construction documents.
(CxA), the owner’s representative typically a        The OPR will be initially edited from the
Project Manager (PM) and/or Construction             Project Program Statement and provided to
Manager (CM), the General Trades                     the AE by the U of I.
Contractor (GTC), the Architect and design
                                                     The Commissioning and Inspections Group
Engineers, the Mechanical Contractors
                                                     and Commissioning Authority observe and
(MC), the Electrical Contractor (EC), the
                                                     verify the AE and Contractor commissioning
Testing And Balancing (TAB) Contractor, the
                                                     and are not responsible for design concept,
Controls Contractor (CC), the Ventilation
                                                     design criteria, designer’s calculations or
Contractor (VC), the facility operating staff,
                                                     compliance with codes. The Commissioning
and any other installing subcontractors or
                                                     and Inspections Group and Commissioning
suppliers of equipment. All team members
                                                     Authority observes and verifies that
work together to fulfill their contracted

                                                                 LAST UPDATED JULY 1, 2010

construction is in compliance with Contract          product selections used in the design to
Documents and that testing, startup,                 meet the Owner’s Project Requirements and
balancing and system operation are in                to      satisfy     applicable     regulatory
accordance with the design.                          requirements, standards, and guidelines.
                                                     The document generally includes both
    Comment:           The    Commissioning
                                                     narrative descriptions and lists of individual
    Authority uses his or her knowledge to
                                                     items that support the design process. The
    provide input into the areas checked.
                                                     BOD is developed by the Architect/Engineer
    For example, the Commissioning
                                                     of Record and is updated throughout the
    Authority does not verify appropriate
                                                     design phases of the project.
    pipe or duct sizing, but may provide
    comments on unusually tight or
    restrictive duct layouts and bends or a
                                                     Project Commissioning Plan:              The
    poor location of a static pressure
                                                     Commissioning Plan provides a general
                                                     description of the commissioning process to
The OPR is intended to be updated by the             be used for the project. The goals, intent,
AE during the design, to reflect design              requirements, and timing of the process are
information that is provided by the Owner as         included in the plan to provide a guide on
the project develops. Updating is to be              how the process is to be executed and
documented by issuing addend to the OPR.             documented.            Additional    detailed
                                                     requirements and procedures are provided
                                                     in the project specifications, under Section
Owner’s Responsibilities [Note to AE:                01 91 13 - General Commissioning
Insert project-specific language in the              Requirements. A listing of the systems
Contract Documents to address the                    included in the commissioning process
following]:                                          scope of work for the project is to be
                                                     included in one of the appendices.
Provide the OPR documentation to the CxA
and each Contractor for use in developing            The AE shall provide a list of systems and
the commissioning plan; systems manual;              equipment (in their design) to the Contractor
operation and maintenance training plan;             that will be commissioned.
and testing plans and checklists.
                                                     This plan shall be updated regularly and
Assign      operation      and     maintenance       redistributed to the commissioning team for
personnel and schedule them to participate           review and comment.
in commissioning team activities including,
                                                     Commissioning activities in the Construction
but not limited to, the following:
                                                     Phase shall proceed from lower to higher
1. Coordination meetings.                            levels of complexity. For each discrete
                                                     subsystem or system, testing at the lower
2. Training in operation and maintenance
                                                     level shall be completed prior to starting the
   of     systems,     subsystems,   and
                                                     next higher level of tests.
3. Testing meetings.
                                                     Notification of Field Activities: [Note to
4. Witness demonstration of operation of             AE: Insert project-specific language in the
   systems, subsystems, and equipment.               Contract Documents to address the
Provide utility services required for the            following]: [
commissioning process.                               Many of the Commissioning Procedures
Assign    operation   and       maintenance          which will be performed by the Contractors
personnel and schedule them to participate           need to be witnessed and signed-off by
in commissioning team activities.                    either the CM/GC and/or CxA. Selected
                                                     Commissioning Procedures may also be
                                                     witnessed by the Owner. See Section 01 91
Basis of Design:    The Basis of Design              13 – General Commissioning Requirements
(BOD) is a document that records the                 for specific requirements regarding these
concepts, calculations, decisions, and               procedures.

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To facilitate witnessing of these procedures,         interactively according to the OPR and
the Contractor must provide advance notice            operational requirements of the facility. This
to the CM and CxA prior to procedure                  process begins in the Construction Phase
execution. The amount of advance notice               and continues through the occupancy and
required will be jointly agreed to by the CM,         operations period with numerical verification
CxA and Contractor. Typical intervals are             of performance prior to occupancy.
72 hours; with 48 hours advance notice for
                                                      Verification during the construction of this
follow-up witnessing post corrections. In no
                                                      project is intended to achieve the following
case will notification be less than 24 hours
                                                      specific objectives according to the Contract
prior to procedure execution. Scheduling for
required witnessing is not to be presumed
automatically accepted.         Examples of           1. Prove that applicable equipment and
specific items which need CM and or CxA                  systems are installed properly and
witnessing include, but are not limited to, the          receive adequate operational checkout
following:                                               by installing contractors.
 1. Sub-grade piping installation before it is        2. Measure    and     document    proper
    covered;                                             performance of equipment and systems.
 2. Delivery of major pieces of equipment;            3. Prove that     O&M     documentation     is
 3. Completion of rough-in before walls are
    covered;                                          4. Prove that systems and assemblies
                                                         perform according to the OPR.
 4. Completion of above-ceiling equipment
    before ceilings are installed;                    5. Check that adequate and accurate
                                                         system and assembly documentation is
Procedures which are not witnessed and
                                                         provided to the owner.
signed-off by the CM and/or CxA due to
inadequate notification by the Contractor             6. Document        that  operation and
shall be repeated by the Contractor (with                maintenance personnel and occupants
witnesses present) at no cost to the Owner               are properly trained.
and without delay to either the construction
                                                      7. Prove that quality-based sampling
or commissioning schedules and are still
                                                         techniques were used to detect
subject to corrections.
                                                         systemic problems.
                                                      8. Demonstrate      that there is proper
Verification during the Construction                     coordination     among systems and
Phase: Verification is a process of ensuring             assemblies.
that   all  building     systems     perform

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