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									Reporting Requirements
The American Recovery & Reinvestment
Act of 2009

 Susan Wyatt Sedwick, PhD, CRA
 Associate Vice President for Research and Director,
 Office of Sponsored Projects
Overview of Reporting Requirements

   Recipient reporting requirements outlined in Section
    1512 of the Recovery Act
   The requirement to report Recovery Act award activity
    on FederalReporting.gov is in addition to any other
    technical and financial reports that may be required of
    the PI by the grant or contract.
   OSP will be the central reporting authority for the
    University for all Recovery Act reports.
Reporting Deadlines

   Required data elements must be reported on all awards issued
    by or before September 30, 2009.
   If the report is not entered prior to the deadline, it cannot be
    entered until the next reporting period
   Deadlines:
       October 10
       January 10
       April 10
       July 10
   Correction window
Challenges for OSP

   The System will not be completed and ready for use until
    October 1.
   Forms are still being updated and each version of the form
    renders the past version inoperable
   Input cannot be automated so each project will require data
   Audit scrutiny is intense
   Subrecipient reporting
   Fear of the unknown
   OMB Guidance: “Do your best”
   Additional burdens imposed by the State of Texas
ARRA Funded Awards at The University of Texas at Austin –
as of September 21, 2009

   College                    Awards                          Funded Amount
   ARCHITECTURE               1                               $50,000
   COMMUNICATION              1                               $216,155
   EDUCATION                  1                               $76,000
   ENGINEERING                15                              $5,006,107
   EXEC VP & PROVOST          1                               $50,000
   GEOSCIENCES                4                               $1,784,852
   LIBERAL ARTS               5                               $556,816
   NATURAL SCIENCES           42                              $26,007,652.16
   NURSING                    1                               $211,519
   PHARMACY                   3                               $98,416
   VP-RESEARCH                3                               $9,472,463
   SUMMARY                    77                              $43,529,980.16

NOTE: This data is approximate and may not reflect officially reported figures.
PI Reporting Responsibilities
   PI is currently responsible only for:
        Submitting in the format provided the following by October 1, January 1, April 1 and July 1:
           •    Status of Work Completed
                1.   Not Started
                2.   Less than 50% Completed
                3.   More than 50% Completed
                4.   Completed
           •    Quarterly Activities/Project Description: Cumulative description of the activities
                accomplished since the inception of the award, inclusive of subaward activities.
           •    Primary Place of Performance (Main Campus, Pickle Research Campus, Marine
                Science Institute, MacDonald Observatory, Brackenridge Field Laboratory or other
                location) including street address
           •    Upon request, assistance will be sought for other data elements (most likely the
                Award Description)
   Failure to submit reports in a timely manner will result in suspension of
    the account.
Jobs Created/Retained

   Using OMB Guidance, OSP will calculate the FTEs
    appointed to the award
   Clearing Accounts will require collaborations with the
   Treatment of tenured faculty
   Example: Graduate Research Assistant appointed .50 FTE
    for 30 days on a project funded during the funded period
    (45 days) will be reported as .33 FTE [.5 X 30/45]
   Example: Post Doc appointed 1.0 FTE appointed for 30
    days on a project funded during the funded period (45 days)
    will be reported as .67 FTE [1.0 X 30/45]
Buy American Act

   Section 1605 of ARRA for construction, alteration,
    maintenance or repair of a public building or public
       Iron, steel and manufactured goods used in the project
        must be produced in the US
   Waivers or exemptions may be requested through
Ongoing Communication

   Research Administrator Network (RAN)
   ARRA PI email List
   Research Alert
   VPR ARRA Website

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