REFERENCE LIST OF PROJECTS
Amitech (1408): 90m Stack and civil work                                                 R10,3 million

Exxaro (T190): Basic Design: Coal Drying Plant: Technology Development: EPC              R3,0 million

SNC Lavalin (1208): Manholes & pipeline, Madagascar                                      R18,0 million

Anglo Platinum (1108): Design, supply, install Gas Scrubbers                             R2,7 million

Exxaro (T184): Direct Curent and Radio Frequency Power Supply: EPC                       R10,0 million

Pilanesburg Platinum (1008): 10 MVA Standby Power Generating Plant                       R155,0 million

East Platinum (0908): Ultrafiltration Plant                                              R0,53 million

Boynton Platinum (0708): Groot Boom Access Road (Phase I)                                R0,79 million

Rand Water (0608): Hose pumps & associated equipment, Zuickerbosch                       R5,90 million

TMP (0508): Impala Scrubbers                                                             R 27,0 million

SNC Lavalin (0308): CCD Thickeners, FRP Liners, Launders, Madagascar                     R58,0 million

Atlantis Metals (0208): Anode Plant, Congo                                               R6,0 million

Amitech Industrial SA (0108): Impala GRP Reactors, Star cooler area, WET                 R3,30 million
Precipitation, Cooler: Detail design, manufacture and construction of steelwork

TCTA (2707): Construction of temporary Abstraction Works                                 R19,8 million

FBMR (t114): Turnkey Supply of a Nuclear Chemical Plant                                  R35,0 million

City of Cape Town (2507): Blackheath Water Treatment Plant                               R7,14 million

Impala Platinum (2407): Detail Design : HSA Off-gas scrubber system                      R0,69 million

Mpilo Water Services (2207): Eskom Komati Powerstation Civil design & steel structures   R1,8 million

Exxaro (T194): RF Design and Construction: EPC                                           R0,7 million

Dept. Public Works (1107, 1307, 1407): Sewage Package Plants for KwaZulu, Natal          R1,9 million

Dynamic Instrument (T178)s: On site welding small bore-pipes                             R3,0 million

Buffalo Fluorspar (1706): Tailings Recovery: Build, Own, Operate, Maintain (BOOM)        R17,0 million

Eland Platinum (2006): Sewage & Water Treatment Plant: Build, Own, Operate, Maintain     R34,0 million
(BOOM) Project
Rand Water (0107): CO2 Dosing Plant, Zuickerbosch                                      R9,7 million

Boynton/Barrick (0207): Boynton/Barrick/Magalies – Water Supply                        R128,0 million

Rand Water (0307): GRP Piping, Klipsriviersberg Reservoir no. 1                        R3,6 million

Boynton Platinum (0507): Haul Roads                                                    R17,0 million

Eland Platinum (0607): Tailings Dam                                                    R14,0 million

Musuku Refinery (0705): New scrubbing system.                                          R2,2 million

Gasrec (T187): Pressure vessel manufacturing                                           R6,0 million

Amcoal (0306)l: Neutralisation plant.                                                  R4,5 million

IST Nuclear: New Orbital Welding method                                                R1,0 million

Northam Platinum: Design, construction of mine effluent treatment plant. (Under        R27,0 million

Outokumpu (1206): Lebowa Platinum Mine upgrade – design                                R0,15 million

UP Services (1306): Soap Formulation Plant                                             R0,17 million

QIT Madagascar (1606): Design and construction of sewage and potable water treatment   R0,62 million
plant, Madagascar

Bloemfontein Water (1906): Automation of Rustfontein Water Treatment Works             R0,3 million

Metlime, Springs: Lime washing plant.                                                  R11,0 million

PBMR (T129): Explosive Gas design                                                      R2,8 million

Namakwa Sands: Neutralisation plant                                                    R28,0 million

Namibia Breweries: Water treatment plant. Pilot plant completed.                       R0,54 million

Sappi Ngodwana: UF Deadend membrane pilot plant.                                       R0,15 million

Anglo Platinum: Design, supply and erection of integrated multi-purpose scrubbing      R10,27 million
system for ARC.

NCP Chloorchem: Modifications to existing Moore control system.                        R0,26 million

Francistown Water: Design, supply, erection of emergency chlorine scrubbing system.    R0,33 million

Anglo American: Comprehensive study and evaluation of AR ventilation and gas           R0,17 million
cleaning requirements.
Implats: Design of refrigeration plant.                                                R0,6 million

Amplats: Piping flexibility analysis (GRP).                                            R0,3 million

Kumba Resources: Extension to limestone plant.                                         R1,2 million

Zimelco: Design, supply and erection of new chlorine scrubbing system.                 R0,68 million
Catoca Angola: Diamond acid purification system, 1 Phase: pilot plant                  R1,0 million

Impala Platinum: Hydrogen sulphite scrubber for base metal refinery, Springs.          R0,80 million

Northam Platinum: new refrigeration plant.                                             R42,0 million

Kromdraai Colliery: Design and construct neutralization plant.                         R2,0 million

Zincor, Springs: Design and construct CaC03 dosing plant.                              R6,0 million

African Pioneer Mining, Barberton: Geobiotics reactor pads.                            R3,0 million

Navigation Colliery: Modifications to limestone neutralization plant.                  R0,77 million

Johnson Tiles: Deflocculant storage and dosing plant.                                  R0,60 million

Ticor, Empangeni: Upgrade of chemical dosing.                                          R1,2 million

Colour-X: Design, supply and erection of new solvent recovery system.                  R0,80 million

DOW Agro: HCI toluene waste recovery and purification system.                          R0,80 million

Anglo Platinum: Design of new H2S scrubbing system.                                    R0,28 million

Kynoch Fertiliser, Potchefstroom: Design, construction and project management of       R1,4 million
sulphuric acid tank area upgrade.

                                                                                       R0,55 million
Kumba Resources: Preliminary engineering and costing for Kumbiox Project, Rosh Pina
Mine, Namibia.

BCL Botswana, New cleaner circuit, float plant.                                        R10,0 million

Impala Platinum: Acid resistant chemicals                                              R2,0 million

Enviro Oils, Zambia: Refurbishment and improvement of oleoresin extraction facility.   R4,2 million

Plaaskem: Re-design of the agro-chemicals production plant and NOx scrubbing system.   R0,27 million

De Beers: New acid handling and scrubbing system.                                      R0,45 million
Heraeus Chemicals: Design, manufacture, supply and erection of an emission control     R2,1 million
system for a new platinum catalyst manufacturing facility.

Harmony Gold Mine: Design and erection of a new osmiridium refinery including          R1,98 million
emission control.

Anglo Gold: New chlorine scrubbing system.                                             R0,65 million

Iscor Heavy Minerals: Chemical dosing plant.                                           R7,0 million

Cluff Mining, Barberton: Geobiotics reactor pads.                                      R6,0 million

East Driefontein Gold Mine: Construction of a pollution control dam at 5# complex.     R6,5 million

Navigation Colliery: Design and construction of calcium carbonate dosing system for    R0,6 million
acid mine drainage treatment.

United Sugar, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia: Design, project management, construction           R4,0 million
management of activated carbon re-activation furnaces and associated plant.

BCL, Botswana: Design and construction of calcium carbonate dosing system for acid     R5,0 million
mine drainage treatment.

Zincor, Springs: Access road upgrade, design and construct.                            R1,0 million

Zincor, Springs: Copper/cobalt drying beds. Design and construct.                      R0,75 million

Zincor, Springs: Oxygen plant delivery: road and storage area. Design and construct.   R0,55 million

Amplats: Design and fabrication of vessels. Sulphuric acid plant.                      R4,0 million

Colour X (Sapekoe): Process design, supply, installation and commissioning of the      R15 million
Colour-X paprika oleoresin extraction facility at Brits.

De Beers: Design and erection of the KAL Scrubber system.                              R1,1 million

Bateman: Design and erection of the MRT plants (molecular recovery technology)         R5,6 million

Lonmin: Design and erection of the lab scrubber systems.                               R1,6 million

Sabat Battery: Design and erection of the agronomy scrubber system.                    R3,8 million

Zincor, Springs: Design and construction of emergency storage dams.                    R4,0 million

Sappi Enstra, Springs: Design and detail engineering for aeration lagoon desludging.   R0,3 million

Devchem (Dow Agro-Sciences): Design and execution of modifications to the BTDA         R1,8 million
plant filtration and scrubbing systems.
Unified Chemicals of Zambia: Engineering design and project management of the new           R1,4 million
edible oil refinery in Lusaka, Zambia.

Karbochem (Dow Chemicals): Engineering design, fabrication and installation of a new        R0,84 million
small-scale pilot plant facility.

Devchem (Dow Agro-Sciences): Design and execution of modifications to the Devchem           R1,6 million
multi-purpose production facility to enhance HSE issues in the plant.

Samca Tiles, Babelegi: Design and construction of the factory effluent settling facility.   R0,15 million

Zincor, Springs: Design, detailing and project management of environmental                  R4,5 million
management projects.

Foskor, Phalaborwa: Construction of the magnetite penstock.                                 R0,3 million

Zincor, Springs: Design and construction of pollution control works.                        R1,5 million

Syntheta (Dow): Design and execution of modifications to two synthesis reactor systems.     R0,42 million

Anglo American: Design and erection of the Skorpion Project piloting facility.              R2,8 million

Kolosus Industries: Design, manufacture,erect chemical dosing section of new tannery.       R0,85 million

Gold Fields: Greenside Colliery, Witbank: Engineering, procurement construction and         R3,0 million
commissioning of contaminated plant water management system.

Sappi Enstra, Springs: Engineering audit, detail design, procurement, construction, and     R2,2 million
commissioning of the vacuum seal water project.

Northam Platinum: Design, construction, commissioning of the smelter slag granulator.       R1,0 million

East Driefontein Gold Mine: Design and construction of the no. 4 shaft IPC high             R0,5 million
pressure bulkhead.

Northam Platinum: Upgrading of access roads and mine village roads.                         R0,4 million

East Driefontein Gold Mine: Compressor house 5#.                                            R1,5 million

Sentrachem (NCP): Design and project execution of a small scale pilot plant at the          R0,58 million
Midrand research facility.

AEC of SA: Pilot plant development and from that the development of a front-end             R4,8 million
engineering package for a new fluorinated organic chemical.

AECI: Development of a full front-end engineering package for a multi purpose pilot plant   R5,23 million
for the Modderfontein factory.

AEC of S.A.: Development of the front-end engineering package and a definitive cost         R0,29 million
estimate on an inorganic hydrofluoric acid application (METOX project)
Fluoropharm: Design and supply of a hydrofluoric acid and solvent recovery system. This        R9,8 million
system formed part of a larger plant which included two distillation towers and a sieve tray
liquid extraction system.

Fluoropharm: Design, supply,installation of a double extraction and scrubbing system.          R1,8 million

AEC of S.A.: Design and supply of a complete spray drying system with vent scrubber            R0,47 million
and recycle.

Anglo (De Beers): Process design and detail engineering of a bulk acid handling facility       R0,85 million
with scrubber systems and acid batching to reactor systems.

Sasol Carbotar: Process design and specification for the LOCOC project in association          R0,22 million
with Thermtron Scientific.

Debex (De Beers): Detail design and layout of diamond cleaning facility for Juaneng Mine       R0,24 million

Devchem (Karbochem): Design, manufacture, supply and installation of a NOx emission            R1,76 million
handling system.

SCM: Diamond cleaning and handling facility for a new mine in Angola.                          R1,33 million

Sappi Saiccor, Umkomaas, Natal:           Engineering, procurement, construction and           R4,6 million
commissioning of a clarifier and sludge dewatering press system for the removal of silica
from the plant logwash water circuit.

AVMIN: Engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning of tailings dam and            R1,2 million
storage facility to minimize pollution potential for Ntuane Chrome Mine.

Gold Fields: Greenside Colliery, Witbank: Engineering, procurement, construction               R2,1 million
management and commissioning of clean/dirty water separation system.

Gold Fields: Greenside Colliery, Witbank: Engineering, procurement, construction               R2,0 million
management and commissioning of contaminated mine water storage dams.

Engelhard: Design and supply of a gas-chilling unit for the Engelhard facility in the          R1,46 million
Eastern Cape

Sentrachem (Karbochem): Feasibility study and basic process design of an enhanced              R0,17 million
process for the manufacture of BTDA, an agro-chemical bulk active.

Fluoropharm: Process development from pilot plant scale up to the full front-end               R5,87 million
engineering package.

Genmin: Design, supply and installation of a new scrubber system for Impala Platinum,          R0,37 million

Columbus Steel: Design/installation of a hydrofluoric acid offloading system.                  R0,23 million

Sappi Enstra, Springs: Engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning of an           R9,0 million
activated sludge plant for the treatment of bleach plant and paper machine effluent to a
quality suitable for discharge to the public stream.

Sentrachem (Karbochem): Sasolburg site effluent handling project which included the             R0,17 million
evaluation of the site liquid effluent, design of new effluent evaporators to reduce the load
on evaporation ponds.

Sasol: The design, fabrication and supply of an oil cooling system.                             R0,55 million

Sentrachem (Synthetha): Chlorhexidine facility at Midrand plant of Syntheta. The                R4,5 million
product is a pharmaceutical bulk active. The process had batch and continuous sections
which included handling of hydrochloric acid, potassium hydroxide, sulphuric acid and
toxic organic raw materials.

EC of S.A.: Design and project execution of a multi-purpose pilot plant for the fluorinated     R4,4 million
organic chemicals group of AEC which included extensive safety measures for the
handling of anhydrous hydrofluoric acid and toxic organic raw materials and products.

AEC of SA: CFx project. Process and equipment design and supply.                                R1,2 million

Sentrachem (Syntheta): Design and supply of a high vacuum distillation unit which is            R0,45 million
used for the recovery and purification of heat sensitive organic products.

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