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Friday February 18, 2011

                   GMPA Members Demand More For Less

A budget which maximises the frontline, freezes the police portion of council tax
and looks to minimise compulsory redundancies has today (Feb 18) been set by
Greater Manchester Police Authority.

The amount allocated for policing in Greater Manchester during the next
financial year is more than £585m.

This takes into account savings of more than £49m which have been identified
in response to the announcement of reductions in Government funding.

It also includes council tax contributions equivalent to £144.33 per Band D
household which is the same as last year.

Cllr Paul Murphy, GMPA Chairman, said: “It’s crucial we have a budget which
puts neighbourhood policing at its heart, preserves the frontline and makes the
best use of resources.

“This is particularly challenging as we have to find savings of around £134m
over the next four years. The plans we have approved will put the Authority and
Force on track to achieve this.

“We’ve been working on the plans for some time and have been forced to make
some difficult decisions particularly surrounding the workforce. We’re doing
everything possible to find the reductions in posts needed through voluntary
redundancy and will continue to strive to retain as many people as possible.”

Greater Manchester Police Chief Constable Peter Fahy added: "The Force and
the Police Authority have worked hard to try and minimise the impact on the
service to the public of these budget reductions and next year we are aiming to
further reduce crime and antisocial behaviour.

"We are determined to ensure that the criminal fraternity does not benefit from
this situation. Nevertheless this has been a very painful process for the staff
involved and we will see many valued colleagues leave the force over the
coming 12 months and beyond."

GMPA sets the police budget each February following consultation with a host of
partners including members of the public, the Force, local authority leaders,
local councillors and Greater Manchester MPs.

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Friday February 18, 2011

A detailed budget report is then prepared for Authority Members to consider.
The report, which was presented today, highlights various elements of the
budget including how much money is available for policing, how funding will be
used and the impact on the workforce.

Cllr Murphy said: “We’re in unprecedented, fast moving times and this is
reflected in the budget which the Authority has agreed today.

 “It is reassuring to see that in this uncertain environment, the Force is
continuing to cut crime, reduce costs and improve satisfaction levels and the
Authority commends every police officer and staff member within GMP for that.”

The 2011/2012 budget report is available in the Publications section of the
GMPA website.



The precept amount on the ten District Councils in Greater Manchester was
today set at £144.33 for a two person Band D property. This represents a
charge of £2.77 per week which is the same amount as set in 2009-2010.

GMPA is made up of 19 members. Ten members are councillors, one from each
of the 10 local councils which make up Greater Manchester. The remaining nine
are independent members, one of which must be a magistrate. See
http://www.gmpa.gov.uk/about/about-members.htm for details of all members.

Greater Manchester Police Authority (GMPA) is an independent, statutory body
charged with monitoring the performance of Greater Manchester Police. It
controls an annual budget of more than £585 million, appoints the Chief
Constable and other senior officers and consults widely on policing matters.

The function of GMPA is to ensure Greater Manchester Police force is efficient,
effective and accountable to local people. While the responsibility for delivering
policing services lies with the chief constable, responsibility for monitoring – on
behalf of local people – how well those services are being delivered belongs to
the police authority.

For further information contact Donna Bell, Strategic Communications
Officer, Greater Manchester Police Authority on 0161 793 3092; mobile:
0776 655 0104; email donna.bell@gmpa.gov.uk

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