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Millionaire Mind-Part 2


Tapping into the Millionaire Mind If you want to be a millionaire then you have to learn to think like one and adapt a millionaire mind.

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									The Millionaire Mind-Part Two
I love the Monday night Empower Hour Calls... although they’re not ever an hour. Tonight it was
more like the Empower 3-hour call...but who cares. It totally ROCKED!

It was great to hear both Dave’s on the call tonight.  There is so much momentum in Empower
Network right now and I am so excited to be riding the wave.

And I swear David Wood and I must have been on the same frequency going into this call.

I had just finished writing a blog post about what it takes to have a millionaire mind when
David Wood hops on the call and starts telling the team what the real difference is between rich
people and poor people.  Guess what he said:

“Rich people think differently than poor people.”

HELLO....isn’t that what I just said?

Talk about coincidence! Millionaire minds think alike!

He went on to explain how rich people don’t let a lack of resources get in their way.

For example, if Richard Branson or Donald Trump needed to raise a hundred million dollars and
didn’t have it, THEY would FIND a way to get it.

However, the broke person who needs to come up with a couple of hundred bucks for something
will make every excuse in the book as to why they can’t get the money.

That’s the difference between the millionaire mind and everyone else!

Millionaires and successful people in general don’t make excuses.

As much as we may not want to admit it, our mindset is everything.

YES, there are challenging situations and YES you may not have the answers right away, but the
one thing I can guarantee you is that somebody somewhere is in or has been in a worse position
and has risen above the ashes.

Sometimes that is tough to hear, but it is truth.

Tapping into the Millionaire Mind
If you want to be a millionaire then you have to learn to think like one and adapt a millionaire
Visualization is a great technique to help get you into that mindset. It’s a pretty simple process,
just picture the end result that you want in your head, and be very clear and detailed...down to the
colors of the room or the smells and sounds that you feel, and then allow yourself to feel how it
feels to be in that moment of success.

That’s it!

And then set a date. Our subconscious mind work better when it has a deadline.

And of course, go back and check out Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Ekver, because
he really breaks down how to tap into the millionaire mindset.

So You Want to Have a Millionaire Mind?

Like I said before, there is some serious momentum within Empower Network. More than $11
MILLION dollars in commissions have been paid out in the last ten months alone.

And with the impending launch of their new marketing product, affiliates will be perfectly
positioned to earn $4622 in commissions PER person.

Now that’s BadASS

Millionaires get in the pool and swim while the others sit on the edge with one toe in the water.

Now is the time to JUMP!

Make the decision to swim and GET-IN and follow your millionaire mind!



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Original Article By: Kalei Beamon

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