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                                  TROPICS RESIDENTS CLUB, INC.
                            33000 ALMADEN BLVD., UNION CITY, CA 94587
                                                      2010-2012 OFFICERS

PRESIDENT                                  Dave Hughes                          825-9612          Dave.hughes@sbcglobal.net
VICE PRESIDENT                             Barry Lependorf                      431-3401          lependorf@sbcglobal.net
SECRETARY                                  Stephanie Butler                     475-8020          butler8020@yahoo.com
TREASURER                                  Debbie Lependorf                     431-3401          debbiesflying@sbcglobal.net

                                            2010-2012 BOARD OF DIRECTORS
                       Sally Center 471-6812 *** Barbara Kowall 477-9872 *** Ray Scott 489-8006
                                       Peg Pollock 475-1979 *** Keith Hall 750-9907

                                           TROPICS OFFICE AT THE CLUBHOUSE
                              ONSITE MANAGERS: GILL AND DEE CALVILLO
         OFFICE PHONE: 471-8550 _ Monday / Friday *** 9:00 am – 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm – 4:30 pm
                         The answering service will respond to after hours problems.

                       PARKING PATROL                                                POLICE, NON-EMERGENCY
                             650-967-7800                                            510-471-1365 - M—F 8am-6pm

                                         TROPICS RESIDENTS CLUB, INC.
                                2010—2012 COMMITTEE CHAIRS AND COORDINATORS
    Breakfast chair                                              Barry Lependorf                            431-3401
    House Facilities                                              Lorri Cameron                             429-9155
    Potluck                                                        Irene Wolfe                              489-7529
    Sunshine                                                       Irene Wolfe                              429-7529
    Library                                                         Bea Bartz                               489-6388
    Community Betterment Coordinator                               Belle Spring                             303-8007
    Neighborhood Watch Coordinator                                  Peter Lowe                              324-1985
    Disaster Teams Coordinator                      Barbara Kowall/Stephanie Butler/Peg Pollock             See above
    Welcoming Committee                                    Mary Wilson/Cathy Lighthill                  692-8522/427-8182
    Publicity Chair                                              Daniel Camargo                             475-8149
    Bingo Chair                                                  Elizabeth Mayer                            487-0235
    Senior Citizens—City Hall
    Entertainment                                                  Carol O’Quin                           415-200-8752
    Residents Activities & Entertainment                        Board of Directors

                                                         TROPICS BREEZE
                          BREEZE EDITOR:             Pete Lowe, 324-1985                   eximage@yahoo.com
                        ASSISTANT EDITOR:
     Have you had an interesting trip. Perhaps you know someone interesting and would like to write a short bio to honor them. Or
    maybe you have some knowledge you would like to share with others. The Breeze welcomes the submission of articles by Tropics
     residents to be published as space allows. We do not expect submitters to be accomplished authors, we are not pro’s here. We
                            require only that the content of your article not be political or personal in nature.
                                 All submissions must reach the editors by the 11th of the month.
                                           WANT TO HELP— CALL THE EDITOR
                           The Breeze always needs distributors, carriers and alternates.
                                                                     11 -
           Greetings to all
  From President Dave’s House to your house
Sept. 8th General meeting was very good with 38 people in attendance. George
Turk was here to advise us on the upcoming improvements to our park. We can
look forward to updating the electrical in the new side of the park, the putting
green and the gazebo is a go, we also increased the number of subsidies from 110
to 180 for rental assistance program. We asked again for the electrification of the
sky lights in the rec. hall, for air circulation.
Sept. 10th Breakfast was very good, we served over 110 people. Let’s do it again
on Oct. 8th.
Oct. 29th is our Halloween Party. Be sure to get your tickets. NOW
Sat. Nov. 5th is the date for The Tropics Flea Market, be sure to reserve your
tables, as soon as you read this as they are going fast.
Mark your November calendar for the 19th, Thanksgiving Diner. Get your tickets
early as space is limited.

      Do you have your baby covered in the carport?
          Let us know what you have hidden away .
 We are looking to do an article on any classic or unique
       cars in the park. Contact the editor, thanks

  Anyone out there that would like to assist the Editor in putting the Breeze to press?.
        A good opportunity to utilize your computer skills as Assistant Editor
                                      Contact Pete

  Do you find this magazine uninteresting and dull?
We are looking for people to liven it up. You could be the one.
Reporters and writers wanted to submit articles of interest to the Breeze.
Comments are welcome regarding articles you enjoy reading and what
other improvements can be made. Submission name is only required if it
is to be published. Contact Pete with any comments. thanks
                                             MILLENNIUM MEMO

Lots of news this month!

This will all be old news to the 38 of you who met with me at the Sept. 8 Residents Club Meeting or earlier that
day, at the Board meeting. The biggest news involved a new grant from the Union City Redevelopment

When we refinanced The Tropics' bonds five years ago, the RDA imposed several conditions, the most
annoying of which was that we could only use 1/2 of the annual surpluses for capital improvements; the
other half would be used to provide rental assistance to 20% of our residents. We weren't happy about losing
the flexibility on how to spend the surplus funds--we'd rather make those decisions in consultation with our
residents--but we had no choice but to agree.

Now, however, we are very excited to announce that the RDA has agreed to contribute $200,000/year for 10
years--that's $2,000,000!--to The Tropics' Rental Assistance Fund. Because we can use the RDA money for
rental assistance obligation, we are now allowed to use 100% of the next 5 years' surpluses for infrastructure
projects. That's about $1,000,000 in "new" money.

With this money in hand, we plan on spending about $1,300,000 to replace/upgrade the electrical system for
the 40% of the Park that is our responsibility (PG & E owns the system for the other 60% of spaces). We will
phase this work over 4-5 years, at which time we'll have a modern state-of-the-art electrical system.

Other news from the Sept. 8 meeting:

           We've given the go-ahead to spend $50,000 to enhance the former Arbor area behind the
        clubhouse. The Board has come up with a plan on what to put there; as soon as we review their
        thoughts, we'll get moving on this project.

          As part of our new deal with the City, we will increase the amount of Park funds spent on resident
        services to $3/space/month, or about $20,000/yr. While we can spend this on anything that benefits
        residents, for now we've decided to give that money to the Residents Club for their use.

          The Residents Club Board is using some of that new money to install security cameras in the
        Clubhouse. There have been a few incidents of petty thefts lately; the Board hopes the cameras will
        deter such behavior.

          Doesn't the pool area look great! We weren't wild about the County Inspector ordering us to revamp
        the entire pool area but now that it's done, I'm pretty pleased with the result. Aren't you?

There were many other highlights from the meeting; I'll try to get to them in next month's Memo. In the
meantime, enjoy the new pool, have a Happy Halloween and, if you haven't already, make sure you turn in
your Income Certification.     George Turk

                           Welcome New Residents

                   489 Seema Circle - Raymond Miller - Julee Custer

                     15 Palm Drive - Dao Sheng Chen and Feng Xu

                             273 Oahu Circle - Robert Hisle

             IN SYMPATHY for the loss of a resident

                David Apodoco on September 2, 2011
                Janis Malala’s mother, August 8, 2011

Tips on Keeping Your Home Safe!
Be Neighborly — Share with your neighbors your concern about burglary.
Tell them what you are doing to protect your home. Ask them to
report any suspicious persons or activities around your home to your
law enforcement agency. Good neighbors make safe neighborhoods

Porch and Patio Doors — Treat all exterior doors on the rear and
sides of your home as possible targets for entry. Since they may be
less observable from the street and by neighbors than a front entrance,
extra precautions may need to be taken.

Vacation- have neighbors pick up paper/mail cars park in driveway

Ground Floor Windows — All ground floor windows should have
key-operated sash locks or other locks as described in this booklet.
Keep your windows closed and locked when you are away. Screens
and storm windows should be securely fastened to the structure.


   Call event chairperson listed on event flyer.

              PRIZE. TICKETS, 2/$1.00.

 The Tropics Coffee Club meets
M/F, 9 am-10 am in the conference
    room. Come and join us.

                                    Don’t Forget Saturday, Nov. 5
                                        Tropics Flea Market

                                Let's Get Connected!
Spectrum Hot Lunches: Hot meals are served on Tuesdays and Thursday at the Clubhouse at
noon. Menus are available at the Clubhouse and published in the Sunday Argus newspaper.
Menus are now online at the-tropics.net See flyer below to register. If you are
unable to join the lunch bunch at the Clubhouse and still wish to have a hot meal, Meals On
Wheels will provide hot, home-delivered daily meals. Call 510-574-2092 for information.
The Gadget Lady: One gadget I learned about is a lever that can be
adapted to a round doorknob. These are ideal for anyone who has arthritis or
weak hands, or for someone who simply wants the convenience of a lever
door handle (i.e. easier opening with your arms full of grocery bags etc.).
You can converts almost every existing door knob to lever action. Thanks to
Reiko Jimenez for arranging for the Gadget Lady to pay us a visit to display
and demo a slew of devices that can aid us in our everyday activities. She
had a table at our last Health Fair. If you didn't get to see her she will be at the next Health Fair.
 We expect to utilize e-mail as an additional means to disseminate information in a timely manner to
residents. If you would like to “Get Connected”, e-mail your name and address to
Pete @ 510.324.1985 or tropics.breeze@yahoo.com

                            Hot Lunch Program
             Served at 12 noon Tuesday and Thursday.
           By volunteers from the Tropics Residents Club
                 Age 60+...Donation…$3.25 per meal
                     Age 55-59…$4.75 per meal
               (No one over 60 will be turned away)
                For more information or to register
                     Contact Joyce at 487-0542

Need Car Insurance?
California offers low-cost auto
insurance to qualifying
residents who own cars valued
at $20,000 or less! To find out
if you qualify, call:
1-866-602-8861 or visit
Brought to you by the California Department of Insurance
                                                       “A Gathering of the Goddesses”
        Now that the Boutique is behind us, the Ladies Club is concentrating on our Bingo
Fundraiser for Wednesday, November 9 (which, thankfully, was approved). A flyer giving all
the information is in this Breeze. Tickets are available from any of our members. We will also
be having a table at the upcoming flea market to sell our remaining craft creations and other
        “Happy Birthday” goes out to Jeanne Larson whose birthday is 10/4 and Belle Spring
celebrating on 10/16. At our September meeting we celebrated all the birthdays for this last
quarter with a delicious ice cream cake. Our event this month is a Halloween potluck
(costumes optional) on Wednesday, October 12, at noon. If any residents would like to join us,
please contact any of the officers below.                        - Carol Orwig
       Remember: Our meetings are on the first Wednesday of each month, starting at
12:30 p.m., in the Clubhouse. All ladies in the park are welcome to come to a meeting – with
no obligation to join. For more information, contact any of our officers:
       Carol Orwig, President 471-8744 Peggy Pollock, V. President 475-1979
       Irene Wolfe, Treasurer 489-7529 Louise Grohnke, Secretary 441-0801

                               CERAMIC CLUB NEWS
Our club meetings are always held on the first Tuesday of every month at 3:00 pm in the
club house conference room. Anyone can attend and sit in on our meetings and also meet
some active members of the club before or after the meeting. If you are thinking about
joining or want to ask some questions or just get a tour of the ceramic room, this is
another opportune time.
Below is one of our ceramic club molds of a finished heart jewelry dish and a hand
sculpted calla lily has been attached to lid. This technique is done while the piece is still
wet and the sculpture is attached with slip (liquid clay) like a glue. You can sculpt any item
in clay and attach to wet greenware for this effect.
 A demonstration & instruction for this will be at a forthcoming date.
                                        You can call below senior members for an
                                        appointment to view the ceramic shop and or just to
                                        ask questions. Feel free to call Lorri Cameron at
                                        429-9155, Irene Wolfe at 489-7529, or Melody
                                        Peterson at 487-7578. We will come greet you or
                                        ask another training member to help you.
                                        Our boutique fundraiser will be on October 1
                                                10 to 4 pm, and will have a broad spectrum
                                        of arts & crafts; all hand made by our members and
will of course include our handmade ceramics. Please come and shop early for Christmas,
believe it or not its only 3 months away!      -14 - Submitted by Sandy Parson
      12:30 PM
                                Barbara Kowall @ 4779872

                                       3:00 - 4 PM
                               (Clubhouse Conference Room)
                                   Irene Wolfe @ 489-7529

                                  10:30 AM-12:30 PM

Sally Center @ 471-6812
                 FRIDAY NIGHT AT THE BBUG
                               By Ben Salsedo

October 7, 2011 - The Resident
A young doctor moves into a Brooklyn loft and realizes she isn't alone in her
new abode. Now she's struggling to survive as she attempts to disentangle
herself from her landlord, who has a key to her home and a growing
obsession for his tenant. Starring: Hilary Swank, Jeffrey Dean Morgan.
This movie is: Suspenseful, Scary. Rated: R.

October 14, 2011 - Arthur
Recasting the 1981 comedy classic starring Dudley Moore, this romantic
chuckler chronicles the dilemma faced by philanderer Arthur Bach (Russell
Brand) -- whether to give up a respectable life and an inheritance of millions
for the sake of romance. Jennifer Garner co-stars as Susan Johnson, the
gorgeous socialite that Arthur's family has chosen for him. Greta Gerwig
plays Naomi, the girl who steals Arthur's heart in the meantime.
This movie is: Comedy, Goofy, Heartfelt, Romantic and Witty. Rated: PG13

October 21, 2011 - The Adjustment Bureau
A congressman (Matt Damon) who's a rising star on the political scene finds
himself entranced by a beautiful ballerina (Emily Blunt), but mysterious
circumstances ensure that their love affair is predestined to be a non-starter.
This movie is: Exciting, Romantic, Feel-good, Sci-Fi Thrillers. Rated: PG-13

October 28, 2011 - The Beaver
Suffering from a severe case of depression, toy company CEO Walter Black
(Mel Gibson) begins using a beaver hand puppet to help him open up to his
family. With his father seemingly going insane, adolescent son Porter (Anton
Yelchin) pushes for his parents to get a divorce. Jodie Foster directs and co-
stars as Walter's wife in this dark comedy. This movie is: Comedy,
Heartfelt, Quirky, and Sentimental. Rated: PG-13

               Special Showing for Halloween night.
            Serving Hobo Chili Dogs & Scary Rum Cake.
                Dinner at 6pm - Movie starts at 7pm.
         Limited seating please RSVP by October 14, 2011.
                   Call Larry at (510) 324 2325.
               Wear a costume you might win a prize.

October 31, 2011 - Scream
Perennial survivor Sidney Prescott, now a successful self-help author, returns
to her home town of Woodsboro in the fourth act of director Wes Craven's
Scream franchise. Sidney's homecoming, however, coincides with a slew of
unsettling new murders. Starring Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, David
Arquette, Emma Roberts. This movie is: Horror Movies, Slasher and Serial
Killer Movies, Teen Screams.
Distributor #1 --- If any problem, please call Roger Taylor     489-6747
 RTE     MAGS      DELIVERY VOLUNTEER                       PH No.       STREET
   01      24     134 Hana, Morris Carmichael               471-7770     Acapulco, Polynesia, Palm Dr 149-150
   02      14     119 Madrone Way, Beverly Chitwood         489-2103     Madrone
           12     131 Hana Way, Roger Taylor                489-6747     Hana Way
   3       15     477 Hoya, Eleanor Wilson                  489-5254     Hoya Way
   04      21                 Carl & Allison Hughesl        471-5020     Seema & Kawella
   05      13     515 Lanai, Laura King                     471-7571     Lanai
   06      14     528 Trinidad Circle, Virgil Lewis         324-1773     Trinidad

Distributor #2 --- If any problem, please call Michael O'Quin at 265-4091
  RTE      MAGS      DELIVERY VOLUNTEER                       PH No.       STREET
   07        20     179 Kona, John & Charlotte O’Donnell      324-0833     Kona
   08        31     193 Hawaii, Rose McGee                    475-6963     Hawaii
   09        20     26 Palm, Diane Steele                     471-1750     Palm Drive 20-39
   26        21     169 Kona, Ruby Barker                     489-3947     Panama, Makaha
   12        18     224 Hula, Ernest Nilsen                   475-8812     Hula
   13        18     243 Jamaica, Mary Leon                    487-4481     Jamaica
   14        18     244 Jamaica, Clare Sapienca               489-0779     Oahu
   15        21     51 Palm, Irv Meyer                        487-0235     Palm Drive 40-60
   16        18     265 Molokai, Steve Evans                  471-3024     Molokai
   10        20     70 Palm Drive, Michael O'Quin             265-4091     Palm Drive 61-80
   17        18     297 Maui, Joyce York                      487-6234     Maui
   18        18     297 Maui, Joyce York                      487-6234     Kauai

Distributor #3 --- If any problem, please call Pete or Carol Lowe at 324-1985
 RTE     MAGS      DELIVERY VOLUNTEER                       PH No.       STREET
   19       19     12 Palm, Carol Lowe                      324-1985     Palm 1-19
            19     378 Tropicana Way, Ivy LaSalle           489-4328     368-386 Tropicana
   20       18     390 Tropicana Way, Joyce Giovannoni      487-0542     387-403 Tropicana & 33001 Almaden
   21       16     321 Waikiki, Ron Silva                   487-2193     Palm Drive 91-109
   22       25     336 Waikiki, Christina Van Remoortel     675-9021     Waikiki
   23       22     363 Tahitian, Hazel Carr                 489-9416     Tahitian
   24       16     12 Fiji, Loris Portera                   489-7027     Fiji
   25       16     429 Honolulu, Rocky Sampson              471-7332     Honolulu
   11       10     66 Palm, Abraham Cruz                                 Palm Drive 81-90
   27       30     443 Samoa, Rick Henry                    487-7817     Samoa, Cumana

                        WANT TO HELP? JUST GIVE US A CALL.

                       VISIT OUR WEBSITE: the-tropics.net
Wanna Know a Secret?—
You can get to read the Breeze about 2 weeks before it arrives at your door.
If you have access to a computer, go to the above web address and click on the Breeze box.


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