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									Emergency Evacuation for Students with Special                        the next grading period as determined by the
Needs:                                                                Executive Director. Students achieving a
If you need special help or assistance during an                      cumulative grade point average of 2.0 at the
emergency evacuation, be sure to tell your instructor.                end of the probation period shall be returned
                                                                      to good standing.
                                                              If students on academic probation achieve a grade
STANDARDS & GRADING                                           point average of 3.0 for courses completed during the
POLICY                                                        period of probation, but fail to raise the cumulative
                                                              grade point average to a 2.0 grade point average, the
ACADEMIC PROGRESS                                             student will be continued on academic probation for
Students are expected to satisfactorily complete their        the next grading period.
program of study in a timely manner.             This
Satisfactory Academic Progress policy will be applied         Students placed on academic probation will be
consistently to all students.   Each student has a            counseled concerning the academic improvement
prescribed Enrollment Period, which specifies his or          required and student services available from the
her Start date and expected Graduation date.                  institution.
Students are expected to complete training by their
Graduation date.        However, students have a              Students on probation for not meeting Satisfactory
Maximum Time Frame of no more that 150% times                 Academic Progress are still eligible for Federal
the normal length of the program as measured in               Financial aid.
credit hours attempted. For example if a program
requires successful completion of 40 semester credit          During each grading period every student will have a
hours, the student may not attempt more than 60               prescribed schedule of classes and expected number
semester credit hours (1.5 x 40). Periods of non-             of credit hours to complete.        Final grades are
enrollment such as approved Leaves of Absence are             assigned at the end of each course completed during
not considered part of the Maximum Time Frame.                the grading period. All courses will appear on the
                                                              student transcripts and be included in the evaluation
All students are expected to maintain progress                of Satisfactory Academic Progress. At the end of
through course work toward successful completion of           each grading period a progress evaluation occurs.
their program of enrollment. The following standards          Progress is checked in two areas: (1.) The student’s
will govern satisfactory progress.                            quantitative performance as measured by the number
                                                              of Credit Hours earned vs. attempted; and (2.) the
1. Basis for Calculation                                      student’s qualitative performance as measured by the
The cumulative grade point average (CGPA) will be             Grade Point Average / G.P.A. earned.
calculated at the end of each six-week term. The
calculation will be based on all semester credit hour         Students who fail to achieve overall satisfactory
courses completed during the grading period. In all           progress for the program at the end of one
calculations, a grade of “I” (Incomplete) will be             probationary period will be subject to academic
treated as zero (0) credits earned.       When the            dismissal. Students whose enrollment is terminated
incomplete work is submitted and a final grade                as an academic dismissal may restart after a
assigned, cumulative GPA will be recalculated and             minimum of 30 days from the Date of Determination.
the academic status adjusted as appropriate.                  The terms of the approved refund policy shall be
2. Academic Status Definitions
    A. Good Standing                                          APPEAL – ACADEMIC PROGRESS
    Students who maintain a minimum cumulative                Students have the right to appeal a determination
    GPA of 2.0 will be considered in Good Standing.           that finds them not to be making Satisfactory
                                                              Academic Progress. At the end of each grading
    B. Academic Probation                                     period a progress evaluation occurs. If the student is
    1. Students who have not earned a minimum of              not making Satisfactory Academic Progress at the
        70% of their cumulative scheduled credits will        time of this evaluation, he/she will be placed on
        be placed on Academic Probation.                      probation for the next grading period. The student
                                                              will be notified in writing that they are being placed on
    2. Students whose cumulative grade point                  probation and the reason(s) for the determination.
       average is below 2.0 are not considered to             Students may appeal the probation determination by
       be making satisfactory progress. Students              submitting a written notice of appeal to the Executive
       determined to be making unsatisfactory                 Director within seven (7) days of the date they were
       progress at the end of the grading period              notified of their probation. The written notice of
       shall be placed on academic probation for              appeal submitted by the student must document any
                                                         10                                            Vol. 1 / Edition 34
mitigating circumstances that might lead to the                                  absent on Thursday and the
removal of the probation determination.             The                          following Monday. You return on
Executive Director will notify the student in writing of                         Tuesday and take the exam during
the outcome of their appeal within seven (7) days of                             the scheduled makeup time. A
receipt of the appeal. The appeal and its outcome                                deduction of 20% of the total points
will be documented in the student’s file.                                        possible for the exam would be
                                                                                 subtracted from your exam grade.
GRADING POLICY                                                         Students who are on campus, and skip class
Academic performance for students enrolled in a                         on a scheduled test day will receive a 0 score
Comprehensive Training Program is measured                              on the scheduled exam.
through the assignment of grades and grade points.                     Makeup assignments, projects, quizzes and
The school measures progress using a 4-point scale                      exams will be administered outside of the
as follows:                                                             students regularly scheduled class time.
                                                                       If you arrive late to class while a quiz or
       100% - 90%           4.0      A                                  exam is in progress, as a courtesy to your
       89% - 80%            3.0      B                                  classmates please enter the classroom
       79% - 70%            2.0      C                                  quietly and begin your quiz or exam. Due to
       69% - 60%            1.0      D                                  your tardiness you will receive 10% off your
       Below 60%            0.0      F                                  quiz or exam grade.
       Incomplete *          ---     I                                 Please remember to always look over your
                                                                        quizzes, exams or assignments before you
An “Incomplete” will be changed to final grade if the                   hand it in. It is very important that you follow
course work is not satisfactorily completed within                      all directions. If directions are not followed
three weeks of assignment of the “Incomplete” grade.                    your grade may be affected.
Or, if other arrangements are not made with the                        All Medical Proficiencies (where applicable)
Institution.                                                            must be successfully completed by the last
                                                                        day of the term. If proficiencies are not
A 60% GPA or greater is required to pass each                           completed by the last day of the term the
course within a Comprehensive Training Program. In                      student will receive a failing grade for the
the event a course is attempted but a failing grade is                  course.
earned, that course must be repeated and                               All course work must be completed and
successfully completed. The cost to repeat a failed                     submitted by the last day of the scheduled
course is $500 and must be completed within the                         class period each term. Any course work
Maximum Time Frame allowed.                                             that is not completed and submitted by the
                                                                        last scheduled day of class will be given a “0”
Homework, Assignments, Quizzes and Exams –                              grade.      If additional time is needed to
    All homework is due at the beginning of                            complete coursework arrangements must be
     class.                                                             made in advance with the course instructor.
    In the event of an absence you are
     responsible for contacting your Instructor                 ACADEMIC HONESTY
     regarding any required assignments. All                    Academic honesty is expected of all Career Quest
     assignments will be due on the scheduled                   Learning Center students. Academic dishonesty
     due dates.                                                 includes, but is not limited to cheating, plagiarism,
    Students are required to take quizzes and                  and theft. Any student found guilty of academic
     exams on the day they are scheduled. If a                  dishonesty is subject to disciplinary action.
     student is absent from school on the day of a              Disciplinary action against a student found guilty of
     quiz or exam, he/she must complete the quiz                academic dishonesty may include, but is not limited
     or exam on their first day back on campus. If              to: (1) a failing grade for the test or assignment in
     a quiz or exam is not taken on the first day               question; (2) a failing grade for the course; and/or (3)
     back on campus the score will be 0 for the                 a recommendation for dismissal from the school.
     missed quiz/exam.                                          Students may appeal the Academic Dishonesty
    Late assignments, projects, quizzes and                    determination by submitting a written notice of appeal
     exams will result in a deduction of 10% per                to the Executive Director within seven (7) days of the
     scheduled class day. All late assignments,                 date they were notified of determination. The written
     projects, quizzes and exams must be                        notice of appeal submitted by the student must
     completed within one calendar week (7 days)                document any mitigating circumstances that might
     of the original due date or will result in a               lead to the removal of the academic dishonesty
     grade of 0%.                                               determination. The Executive Director will notify the
         o Example: You have an exam                            student in writing of the outcome of their appeal
              scheduled for Thursday. You are                   within seven (7) days of receipt of the appeal. The
                                                           11                                            Vol. 1 / Edition 34
appeal and its outcome will be documented in the                may also be terminated for failure to uphold financial
student’s file.                                                 obligations as agreed upon with the school. Whether
                                                                termination of enrollment is voluntary or involuntary,
Plagiarism – Plagiarism is the use of ideas or                  students should realize that they will remain obligated
material taken from another for either written or oral          for the amount of tuition and fees due the school
presentation without giving credit to the originator.           based on the Cancellation and Refund Policy.
The offering of materials assembled or collected by
others in the form of projects or collections without           APPEAL - DISMISSAL
acknowledgment is also considered plagiarism. The               Students have the right to appeal dismissal decisions
faculty and students consider plagiarism as a serious           made by the school administration by submitting a
offense for which the student will be subject to                written request to the Executive Director describing
disciplinary action and failure of the course. All non-         any mitigating circumstances or conditions which
original material used must contain citations as to             warrant special consideration.     If the appeal is
origin and follow fair usage policies for academic              accepted, the student may be reinstated according to
work.                                                           special terms and conditions stipulated by the
                                                                Executive Director.
Dress Code – Students enrolled in some programs
may be required to wear uniforms. Electronic                    REINSTATEMENT
devices, such as cell phones, pagers, blue tooth                If an appeal is denied or if the student chooses not to
headsets, ear buds and iPods, are not permitted and             appeal the decision, an application for reinstatement
must be turned off when entering the classroom.                 must be submitted to the Executive Director no
They should be stored out of sight in a backpack or             earlier than 30 days from the date of determination.
pocket. Additionally, students are not permitted to             Students who do not pursue or win an appeal may be
bring food or drinks into classrooms.                           reinstated under special conditions.          A $100
                                                                Registration Fee and other charges may apply. A re-
PLACEMENT ASSISTANCE                                            entry will not be permitted within 30 days of the
                                                                student’s Date of Determination from previous
SERVICES                                                        withdrawal.

Students will receive placement counseling and as
                                                                GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS
their skills increase, assistance in preparing their
resume.      Assistance will also be provided in                COMPREHENSIVE TRAINING PROGRAMS
developing interviewing techniques and other skills             The requirements that must be met by Career Quest
that help in securing employment and moving into                Learning Centers, Inc. students to be considered for
positions of more responsibility as they move along             graduation are as follows:
their career path. The Learning Center’s placement
department will work with students as they approach                 1. Successful completion of all academic
graduation to obtain employment in their field of                      requirements of the program with a minimum
study.                                                                 CGPA of 2.0 within the maximum allowable
     While Placement Assistance Services are                           time frame; and
  available, Career Quest Learning Centers, Inc.
  cannot guarantee employment to any student.                       2. Meet all financial obligations to the school.

There are no Placement Assistance Services offered              All externships are required courses. The school will
to students enrolled in any of the Continuing                   establish a suitable externship site for its students.
Education courses.                                              However, it is ultimately the student’s responsibility to
                                                                successfully complete the externship course.
                                                                Externships can be either paid or unpaid. This
TERMINATION, APPEAL &                                           decision is decided by the externship site.
REINSTATEMENT                                                   Externships are evaluated weekly by means of a
                                                                completed time slip detailing the activities and
Students will be dismissed the earlier of (1) receipt of        procedures performed that week. A final evaluation
notification by the student of a desire to withdraw, (2)        is submitted to the school by the on-site supervisor.
date on which a progress review for a probationary              This final evaluation is used to help determine the
student indicates that the student did not meet                 student’s final course grade. A school representative
minimum criteria for being released from probation,             will supervise the externship experience and be the
(3) date on which a student is dismissed from school            liaison between all parties.
for failure to uphold school conduct codes, or (4)
failure to return from a Leave of Absence. Students
                                                           12                                            Vol. 1 / Edition 34

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