2 9 Discipline Documentation by 31W4s3


									                                       Discipline Documentation

When you discuss a performance concern with an employee, document the discussion and place a copy of
the documentation in the employee’s file.

 Employee Name                                                Date of Discussion

 Manager Name                                                 Date of Incident

 Nature of the Incident

 Witness(es) to the Incident

 Discussion Details (Be sure to include the employee’s point of view regarding the incident)

 Circumstances that may have affected the incident

 Discussion of expected outcomes or performance standards


 Consequences for repeated poor performance

 My signature below indicates that I participated in a discussion regarding the incident detailed in
 this report.

 _________________________                                    _________________________
 Employee Signature                                           Manager Signature
 Date:                                                        Date:

         Excerpted from Your Guide to Human Resources: Practical Tips and Tools for the Construction Industry.

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